(877) 223-8858 1978 saw the release of the first 8078 which their first large format console and featured up to 72 channels. Invest in Audient. In this video, Tony Masteri compares the Waves version of the two types and describes the G to be more midrange forward and better for rock and roll and the E to be rounder sounding and better for Pop, R&B and Hip Hop. Adding a recording console to your studio setup can take you from the minors to the big leagues. Shop the largest selection of Recording Large-Format Consoles at Vintage King Audio. If you’ve ever wondered what happened to those Boeing 727s that were once so ubiquitous at US and European airports, you will find many of them, along with a bunch of McDonnell-Douglas MD-11s, Lockheed L-1011s and BAC One-11s, plying passenger and cargo routes in the Third World, still capable of lifting a payload, though often with a few missing parts and some gaffer tape here and there. Based upon two consoles from David’s first job in 1967 at the now legendary Advision Studios in London, punch and 'vibe’ to the consoles mix output. If you’re looking for that vintage REDD sound, you’re in luck, Chandler Limited has cloned the preamps very well. With all good comes some bad and using a console has its fair share of cons. Still, the ability to touch a console with your fingers and express your sonic desires physically, moving faders, twisting knobs, and pushing buttons, cannot be emulated with a computer or touch screen. By George Petersen Published: 10/01/2000 Many studios simply could no longer afford the capital or the ongoing parts and maintenance costs in big-frame desks; in an era when much of the hardware of music production was rapidly losing its intrinsic value to software plug-ins, the biggest consoles were losing it at an even faster rate. If you want that Neve sound and don’t have $5,000 to shell out for a single channel of the original, you can buy one of the bazillion clones that vary drastically in price and quality. No matter what your engineering style, your recording console has everything to do with the sound of your recordings. At Butler... EX’PRESS DELIVERY FROM PAD: SSL 9000 J TO EX’PRESSION COLLEGE FOR DIGITAL ARTS The Challenge: Provide this leading Bay Area digital arts school’s students with an additional SSL 9000 J console for a world-class experience. Within a year they had produced the REDD.1 console which was their first dedicated stereo mixing system. Web site designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS. That’s why we made the ASP8024 one of the only modular consoles on the market - to best fit your requirements! Please call for price. One console wound up as a prototype and found a home at Kingsway Hall, another EMI recording facility. 199 Winter St. The G Series equalizer used steeper filter slopes and incorporated a variable proportional-Q design, which automatically adjusts the Q value as you boost or cut. So it’s becoming with the massive monoliths of the analogue-era studio. The result of SSL’s effort to accommodate the needs of the industry was the XL 9000-series Superanalogue™ console; a recording/mixing desk built from the ground up for surround sound with bandwidth that surpasses that of 192kHz recorders, plus a dynamic range well beyond 24-bit ADA converters. The B Series was the first desk to integrate a studio computer system with a console. It requires a lot of space, energy, and patience to run and maintain such an enormous piece of gear properly. “In some cases the individual parts are worth more than the entire console in one piece,” he says. 24 channels of 33122/a mic-pre/eq modules with Belclair transformers 4 x am6/17 compressors. There were only four REDD.51 desks made and they were eventually phased out in the late ’60s for the transistor based TG series. We at Audient take your privacy very seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and provide technical support and other services you have requested from us. To maximize flexibility and display the system's enhanced graphics — including new Advanced Photo-Realistic Total Recall™ — the center of the console is fitted with a multi-angle, high-res TFT screen. EDACS to original BBC GPO patch bay. The purchase of a Yamaha C7 concert grand has even drawn in several new jazz clients. He has worked under renowned engineers and producers Jim Sabella (Marcy Playground, Nine Days, and Public Enemy) and Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Spacehog, The Ramones and The Lemonheads). "For years, studios have been asking for a new analog Neve," explains. These consoles usually come loaded with varying numbers of 31105 microphone/line preamp and EQ modules. the Heritage Edition provides ultimate flexibility for the modern recording studio. Malekpour says the turning point for the big rigs came around 2005, a few years after the CD began a precipitous decline that took much of the old-school record business and its generous studio purchase orders with it. Full 5.1 mix bus, master fader, mix compressor, Monitoring and metering 6-channel monitor insert, Support for three external 6-channel sources, Integral LFE Filtering for Dolby™ and DTS™ encoding, Focus control and surround routing on echo return, Full, simultaneous fader access to all mix busses, K Series automation computer with on-line mix compare feature, Solid State Logic XL-9080K Recording Console, Slate Media Technology Raven MTi2 Touchscreen DAW Control Surface, Dark Pines Studios in Graham NC installs first Custom Series 75 Console, Neil Finn buys classic restored Neve "Ramport" console, Clive Davis Department Built at NY University, BUTLER UNIVERSITY INTENSIFIES AUDIO EDUCATION, EX’PRESS DELIVERY FROM PAD: Solid State Logic 9000 J TO EX’PRESSION COLLEGE, PAD helps to create Vatterott College ex’treme Institute by Nelly, North River Community Church upgrades to Midas X32, Duo 8 MiniMains at Woodshed Studios, Malibu, Snoop Dogg's Augspurger Quattro Active Main Monitor System.

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