Quentin gave Laurel Jansen's address, and she went to wait in the Arrow's headquarters as the Arrow, Arsenal, Nyssa, and Diggle went to investigate the address. After leaving the precinct, Laurel found Nyssa waiting for her outside in an alley. Frustrated that her criminal past caught up with her and hurt that her "friends" had not believed her, Laurel donned her Black Siren persona and contacted an old friend. Actor This leads to Chance (who happened to be disguised as judge C. McGarvey) to have the reasonable doubt that he needs to acquit Oliver of all charges, despite the rigged verdict from the jury that was paid off by a Diaz. Images. Tommy also became upset with Laurel upon learning of her work with the vigilante. After Laurel was injected by one of Werner Zytle's Vertigo-filled throwing darts, which caused her to see a hallucination of Sara and was almost killed by the latter, she finally realized that Oliver was right (that she was using vigilantism and adrenaline to avoid facing the fact that Sara was dead and she was never coming back); Laurel finally came clean to her father about her sister's death which cost her her relationship with him, though they admit they'll always love one another. Laurel has double piercings in her right ear and triple piercings in her left ear. She also noted an incident where she found that Laurel students had difficulty securing funding to visit historically black colleges and universities and didn’t face the same problems visiting other schools. Ted told them that both are related to a hotel where a drug dealer got killed before he stopped being a vigilante. Oliver refused, saying that he had too many lies in his life, revealing he did in fact still have feelings for her. Ultimately, to appease Thea, Malcolm agreed to use the Lazarus Pit on Sara. Mari's suspicions proved correct as Laurel and Ray restrained Kuasa. Back at the Arrowcave, Oliver accepted Laurel as a member of Team Arrow. Laurel, founded in 1896, is an all-girls school with campuses in Shaker Heights and Russell Township, in Geauga County. That night, Laurel met up Sara, who had just arrived in Starling City, at a rooftop. [11], In 2005, Laurel was attending one of Tommy's private college parties when Sara snuck into the event so she could spend time with Oliver. However, Moira still decided to testify and Laurel had to reveal the affair, making a strong case for a guilty verdict. Later, Oliver comforted Laurel, which Tommy saw and misconstrued, though he did not say anything at the time. [54], Following his injury, Quentin was taken to the hospital and placed into a medically-induced coma, in which he stabilized. Nonetheless, she ended up following them. Oliver was reluctant to leave her, but Laurel pointed out the city needed him more than she did. As a grieving Sara hugged Felicity, Laurel turned away visibly teary-eyed and heartbroken by both Quentin's death and Oliver being taken away. Laurel was still cold to Oliver in court, sarcastically affirming his innocence on the basis that he would never want to actively make a difference like The Hood. Laurel asked why and he said he remembered doing it. Felicity encouraged Laurel to use that as her driving force behind Black Canary instead of trying to be like her sister. She talked with her father who questioned her relationship with her trainer. Later at the Arrowcave, Oliver and Felicity briefed Laurel on Ray's survival and imprisonment. Horrified by his violence during the confrontation, Laurel came to agree with her father that The Hood was a remorseless killer. Sara noticed Laurel's canary necklace, a gift from Oliver, which triggered a reaction from her. Oliver comforted Laurel as she broke down. Black Siren reveals herself to the public; claiming to be Earth-1 Laurel. As the ADA, Laurel conducted a prison search in Damien's cell at Iron Heights in order to locate the idol but was unsuccessful. Daily's charges against Laurel were dropped but she was fired by Donner for her substance abuse. Laurel and Quentin had an argument, with Quentin furious with his daughter for contacting The Hood while Laurel was angry for being set her up and placed in danger. Before Kelso could say more, he was killed by Komodo, who shot an arrow through his heart from the building across. Original multiverseTeam Arrow (in secret; formerly)Star City (formerly)CNRI (formerly) Arriving back in Starling City at Palmer Technologies, Laurel and the group were confronted by Oliver and Nyssa. They discovered proof of his involvement in Moira's death in the form of a press release offering his condolences to the Queen family, dated the day before Moira was murdered. After speaking with Peter at Iron Heights Prison, Laurel grew to believe in his innocence and agreed to take up his case. Both Oliver and Quentin attempted to get through to her but failed, the Canary, revealed to be Laurel's younger sister Sara, was seen watching over Laurel. Quentin persuaded Laurel to attend a family dinner, hoping he could reconcile with Dinah. Despite seemingly agreeing, Laurel contacted Felicity to meet her at Verdant so she could tell Team Arrow about what she learned from Kelso., Using Laurel's intel, Felicity discovered an Amertek board member named Tom Weston had authorized the payments and theorized Komodo was paid to stop the deal. The petition calls for alumnae to pull donations from the school until administrators get problems under control. Moved to tears, Laurel apologized to her sister for putting her through this. As Diaz was about to shoot Laurel in front of Quentin, Oliver and the FBI arrived, forcing Diaz to flee. While they defeated the thugs, Diggle, who was still angry over Oliver kidnapping Lyla, began to heavily beat up one of the thugs until Felicity calmed him down. So we are certainly open to the feedback from our students past and present, that it certainly helped us to reach higher to ensure that all students feel that they belong, and that they’re empowered to succeed. [88], Following Oliver's proposal to Felicity, she is hospitalized due to an attack by Ghosts and Oliver began to greater risks in his pursuit of Damien, going so far as to capture Lonnie Machin and imprison him, causing Laurel to call the police to apprehend Machin to prevent Oliver from torturing him. When Quentin angered the serial killer he was hunting down, the Dollmaker, the man targeted Laurel, kidnapping her and attempting to kill her while Quentin watched.

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