The sensitivity of the signal detection can be adjusted using potentiometer. 232-3816 2 Figure 1 Power dissipation derating Figure 3 Resistance as a function of illumination Figure 2 Spectral response *1Ftc=10.764 lumens. The Luna datasheet for the NSL-19M51 gives the following figures. LDR Features. Can be used to sense Light; Easy to use on Breadboard or Perf Board; Easy to use with Microcontrollers or even with normal Digital/Analog IC; Small, cheap and easily available; Available in PG5 ,PG5-MP, PG12, PG12-MP, PG20 and PG20-MP series; Note: More technical Details and sample circuits can be found at LDR Datasheet given below Updated April 25, 2020. LDR NSL-19M51 opto electrical specifications. The cadmium sulfide (CdS) or light dependent resistor (LDR) whose resistance is inversly dependent on the amount of light falling on it, is known by many names including the photo resistor, photoresistor, photoconductor, photoconductive cell, or simply the photocell. Light Sensing Module - LDR Detects if there is light or dark around, adjustable digital output trigger level, Analog+Digital output Product Code 4589 Available We dispatch same day if ordered by 1PM (excluding holidays), then courier usually takes 2-5 days. Note the wide variation in resistance at 10 lux – 20 to 100 kΩ. Note a “typical” resistance at 100 lux of 5 kΩ. HC SR501 is a widely used PIR motion sensor module, in this post you will find the pinout, components, working details of this module. Data Sheet. The output of the module goes high in the presence of light and it becomes low in the absence of light. The LDR Sensor Module is used to detect the presence of light / measuring the intensity of light.

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