This was a great read and super informative. Great read. While I’m also disappointed it wasn’t addressed more, I see why it was done. That’s a part of the Mirage back to at least Tacitus. Iceland being “a land without kings” is pretty much historically accurate in and of itself. (A bit off-topic, but Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a nudity toggle and mine is on because I’m an adult human, yet none of these people are nude. Player’s won’t be barred from these high-level areas should they venture into them, but they’ll soon find out when one-shotted by a spear-wielding Saxon. The ‘trading’ settlements the Danes were setting up at Grantebridge would almost certainly have captive Saxons as one of its primary exports and it is very likely that our little settlement would have made heavy use of captured locals as enslaved labor. Our sources are very clear that this was not a particularly pleasant process for the existing population and the surviving English kingdom of Wessex responded to it with a series of reforms that radically militarized the kingdom. If they were asked in secret, that might even be true of Ubisoft workers. There are handfuls of side objectives and raids players can go on to boost their overall XP and gain easy skill points. If you want underdog, have them go there and have people come after them causing trouble. In Valhalla, they wanted to tell a different story, so they skipped the parts that weren’t germaine. When I head back to the nudists, they repeat the same lines. Be careful not to venture into overwhelming territory though. So far at least, this depiction is frustratingly unvaried. Turn Off Character Nudity: A few characters in Assassin Creed Vahalla have fewer clothes, and that might not be suitable for some players. The only hint that this could be a mission is a tiny white dot on the map. In the first, the bad guy is a cross-wearing Saxon who has suborned a traitor among the Danes there (this is the area where the Danes built up a nice trading town during infrastructure week); his forces are Christian (made explicit during an interrogation) and evil. There’s absolutely no way that a company like Ubisoft would make a game whitewashing the British conquest of India in the same way as ACV whitewashes the Viking invasions of Britain, and if for some reason they did, the negative press would be overwhelming in a way that it obviously wasn’t for ACV. But would there have been traders from far off lands in England? I am fine with that. Raid camps, complete quests, win drinking games and kill members of The Order. Since the criticism in the article is specifically about how *Christianity in particular* is treated as an ‘acceptable target’ for colonialist Norse to dismiss and overwrite with their own culture, China is relevant to the piece in that context. Oswald, mentioned above, even straight up says the trope, complaining that East Anglia is a kingdom of farmers and merchants, not warriors. That happens to be consistent with Quebec’s experience of Catholicism, in the 20th-century period leading up to the province’s Quiet Revolution ( Anyway, that’s how this little side mission is set up. There is a ‘flail’ type weapon, despite – as we’ve discussed, actually – flail chain weapons being both not of this period, poorly attested in general and also not common in this part of the world in any period. You scour the swamps for a longship used to escape. In Valhalla, the developers have opted to use clothing color to signify faction (friendly Danes wear green, the Norse blue, hostile Danes red, hostile Saxons yellow) and to keep non-combatants in drab colors. Select the "Let's Get These Clothes Off" dialogue with the heart icon after getting oil for Alkibiades. All of them. I think this is the kind of thing the developers were after. As I have argued here many times, fiction is often how the public conceptualizes the past and that concept of the past shapes the decisions we make in the present. What of Ivarr? Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Book of Knowledge Locations GuideAssassin’s Creed Valhalla - 100% Instructions - This guide will lead you to all Abilities and Upgrade Locations of your Ranged- and Melee Abilities. Alkibiades will answer the door and ask for the oil. (yes, the odd decision to use and then not use the Oxford comma is preserved from the original). Especially in these depictions, I would contend that historical accuracy is an absolute defense (there are exceptions to that rule, to be sure, but I don’t think this is one of them); I don’t ask for censorship or prudishness here, but for courage. Some of the Norse and Danish wear is ‘hollywood barbarian’ (lots of rough fur, inexplicably low-coverage clothing in freezing climates, lots of random leather) which remains truly frustrating. In terms of clothing, it is both hit and miss, but a bit more hit than miss compared to equipment. Which brings us at last to the conclusion: Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is a well-designed game; it is also a deeply irresponsible game. Let me be frank: I fully understand the desire of the developers to deviate from history on some of these points in order to make a more inclusive game. But it also doesn’t shy away from the society being built on slavery, or the violence of raiding.

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