My unit is too far from an outlet. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … However, comparing room size against the BTU is the best indicator. We researched the standard tests designed by the Department of Energy for rating BTU capacity in air conditioners, and we discovered that there’s a long-running fight over how to test and rate these things. BTU: 14,000 | Noise (dB): 52 | Cooling area (sq ft): 550 | Weight (lb): 74 | Fan speeds: 3 | Remote control: Yes. It features an oscillating air vent, compact design, and other useful features to make your home more comfortable. Failure to do this may result in electrical shock, fire, or death. Reviewed in the United States on August 15, 2019. I just used the oval cut-out section to attach to the inside of the board to attach the hose. None of our reviews are sponsored. RolliCool 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Alexa-Enabled AC Unit with Heater, Dehumidifier, Fan, Mobile App (COOL100H), Rollibot. If you want to know more, see our post about how portable air conditioners work. We’ll be happy to look into this and answer any questions that you have. The higher the BTU rating, the quicker the unit will remove the warm air. I am beyond frustrated and just want them out of my house!!! 8,000 Btu Portable Air Conditioner with Variable Fan Speeds. Thank you for notifying LG of the experience you have encountered thus far. For users who need to cool a relatively small space, the 8,000 Btu on this model will get the job done. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews delivered to your inbox. LG LP0817WSR Portable Air Conditioner. Dehumidification: Log in, LG LP0817WSR Review – 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, LG LP1215GXR Review – Portable Air Conditioner, Honeywell MF08CESWW – small portable air conditioner review, Honeywell MN12CES Review – Portable Air Conditioner, BLACK and DECKER BPACT12HWT Review – portable AC and heater, Whynter ARC -14S Review – Portable Air Conditioner 14000 BTU, BLACK+DECKER BPACT12HWT Review – Portable AC and Heater, Whynter Elite ARC-122DS Review – Portable Air Conditioner 12000 BTU, Honeywell MF08CESWW Review – Small Portable AC unit, TOP 6 The Best Portable AC unit 2020 – Reviews. BTU: 8,000 | Noise (dB): 46 | Cooling area (sq ft): 200 | Weight (lb): 51 | Fan speeds: 2 | Remote control: Yes. We also calculated the estimated cost to run a unit eight hours a day for a year using the national average cost of electricity. I made it so that the exhaust hose was still inside the screen and the board that I used is much more secure than the flimsy plastic material supplied. Most of the complaints were related to the vent hose, that it is hard to install the window kit, or it doesn't match the certain window type. In an air conditioner, the number tells you how much heat can be removed from a room in an hour: the higher the number, the more powerful the air conditioner. In February of 2020 I reported a no heat situation, which was diagnosed as a refrigerant leak. They use motorized fans and compressors that create a flow of air. The department of energy now rates portable air conditioner capacity with a “seasonal adjustment,” assuming 80% of the time you run an air conditioner it’s 83°F outside. In general, portable AC units aren't as efficient as other types of air conditioners, but they are great for cooling specific areas in your home or apartment. You may have to trim window kits that are bigger than your window’s opening or add plywood frame for those openings that are bigger. Many of LG’s wall air conditioners feature a 24-hour timer so you can pre-determine how warm or cool you want your home. We value your privacy. It's weightier than some, at 74lb, but comes with wheels for easy movement. Thank you for notifying LG of the experience you have encountered thus far. Executive Services representative acknowledged that because of the recall service being performed without successful repair, the warranty period should be extended. Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2019. I cut an oval hole in it, painted it and installed the air conditioner. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. But this will work without using as much electricity as bigger units, also making this more affordable in the longer term. We value your privacy. Thank you for notifying LG of the experience you have encountered thus far. That should mean that it saves you money on long-term running costs while also keeping its weight down to an easily maneuverable 60 pounds, despite 12,000 BTU of power and a 1,080W system good for 400 square feet.

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