Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Bunzl Distribution is the largest division of Bunzl plc, an international distribution and outsourcing group headquartered in London. L&R Distributors was founded close to 60 years ago as a general merchandise and specialty distributor. Vernon, CA 90058 Tel : (323) 585- 6700 Fax : (323) 585-6711 • How will that industry evolve between 2018 and 2029? In general, a profile gives the following information: • Overview of the company’s services and operations • Analysis of recent financial performance – annual revenue for services, including data on operating profit and margins • Revenue forecast from 2019 to 2029 • Assessment of developments – activities, acquisitions, production capacity, deals, new service offerings and collaborations • Sales Force Structure. Worldwide sales are in excess of $8.5 billion. Welcome to Cotton Valley LLC, the online wholesaler and General Merchandise of the Edison, NJ based wholesale company . One CityPlace Drive, Suite 200 St. Louis, MO 63141 Telephone: 314-997-5959 Toll Free: 888-997-5959 Fax: 314-997-1405, 1440 W. Taylor Street Chicago, IL 60607 Office: 1-800-367-0076, 700 N Valley St. Suite B PMB 23878 Anaheim, CA 92801 Office: 1-800-367-0076. The pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution market is vital, providing access to life saving drugs to vast number of people in a timely manner. Advance carries products for dollar stores, convenience stores, beauty shops, wholesalers, and retailers. In this brand new 253-page report you will receive 157 charts– all unavailable elsewhere. The 253-page report provides clear detailed insight into the leading pharmaceutical wholesale & distribution organizations. Numark OCP Ohki Health Care Holdings, Inc. Oncology Therapeutics Oncoprod OptumRx P.J.D. However, number of people suffering from hypertensive has increased very significantly from last few years. ICM operates in an office/distribution center in Twinsburg, OH a suburb of Cleveland, OH. Bunzl Distribution USA, Inc. supplies a range of products including outsourced food packaging, disposable supplies, and cleaning and safety products to food processors, supermarkets, non-food retailers, convenience stores and other users. Would you like to get the latest Visiongain pharma reports catalogue? Initially our primary products were educational resources for schools and home educators. Required fields are marked *, canopies, gazebo, carports, green houses, outdoor furniture and plastic products, High end protective and technical clothing. Your one stop shop for best selling merchandises at the best prices. Bunzl Distribution owns and operates more than 100 warehouses that serve all 50 states and Puerto Rico, as well as Canada, the Caribbean and parts of Mexico. The company was purchased in 2006 and moved its distribution center and IT functions to Twinsburg, OH. Pharmaceutical companies have sought to take advantage of the... Any specific country, geo region, market segment or specific company information? • What are the market shares of main segments of the world pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution market? Visiongain’s study is intended for anyone requiring commercial analyses for pharmaceutical wholesale & distribution market. Buy our report today Top 30 Pharmaceutical Wholesale & Distribution Organizations 2019: Branded Drugs, Generic Drugs, Leading Companies. 5.2.10 The Threat of Industry Consolidation 5.3 Social, Technological, Economic and Political Factors Influencing the Market, 2018-2029 (STEP Analysis) 5.3.1 Political Factor: The Impact of Recent Regulatory Changes in the EU 5.3.2 Political Factor: Combating Counterfeit Medicines The US and E-Pedigree: Becoming Law in California European Pedigree Legislation Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies in Other Markets: The Chinese Government is Attempting to Address the Challenge Serialisation for Wholesalers: Opportunity or a Challenge? We put this list together to save you some research. ICM operates in an office/distribution … If you are launching a new product or seeking new distribution for your current line, we want to speak to you. In the respiratory Inhalers market the top three... Visiongain forecasts that the biosimilar drugs market will grow with a CAGR of 40% from 2018 to 2028. 4.2.4 Cardinal Health: Revenue Forecast, 2019-2029 4.2.5 Cardinal Health: Strategic Moves & Developments, 2018-2019 4.3 AmerisourceBergen: Third Largest Global Pharma Wholesaler and Distributor 4.3.1 AmerisourceBergen: General Information AmerisourceBergen, Pharmaceutical Product Category AmerisourceBergen: Sales Structure AmerisourceBergen, Management Member Names 4.3.2 AmerisourceBergen: Historical Performance, 2008-2018 4.3.3 Will Contracts with Walgreens and Alliance Boots Drive Future Growth? 2027 Leo Ave. Commerce, CA 90040 Phone:(323)888-8880 Toll Free: 1(888)995-9935 Fax: (323)889-1880 Email: Web: 4.3.4 AmerisourceBergen: Revenue Forecast, 2019-2029 4.3.5 AmerisourceBergen: Strategic Moves & Developments, 2017-2019 4.4 Walgreens Boots Alliance: The Largest Drugstore Chain in the US and Global Wholesale and Distribution Network 4.4.1 Walgreens Boots Alliance: General Information Walgreens Boots Alliance, Pharmaceutical Product Category and Brands Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), Sales Structure Walgreens Boots Alliance, Management Member Names 4.4.2 Walgreens Boots Alliance: Historical Performance, 2011-2018 4.4.3 Acquisitions and Future Strategies of Walgreens Boots Alliance 4.4.4 Walgreens Boots Alliance: Revenue Forecast, 2019-2029 4.4.5 Walgreens Boots Alliance: Strategic Moves & Developments, 2018-2019 4.5 MEDIPAL HOLDINGS CORPORATION: Japan’s Leading Pharmaceutical Wholesaler 4.5.1 MEDIPAL Holdings: General Information MEDIPAL Holdings, Pharmaceutical Product Category MEDIPAL Holdings, Sales Structure MEDIPAL Holdings, Management Member Names 4.5.2 MEDIPAL HOLDINGS CORPORATION: Historical Performance, 2008-2018 4.5.3 Future Strategies of MEDIPAL HOLDINGS CORPORATION: Revised Business Portfolio with Diverse Sources of Earnings 4.5.4 MEDIPAL HOLDINGS CORPORATION: Revenue Forecast, 2019-2029 4.6 Phoenix Group: Biggest European Wholesalers 4.6.1 Phoenix Group: General Information Phoenix Group, Pharmaceutical Product Category Phoenix Group, Sales Structure Phoenix Group, Management Member Names 4.6.2 The PHOENIX Group: Historical Performance, 2011-2018 4.6.3 Future Strategies of the PHOENIX Group: Selective Acquisition 4.6.4 The PHOENIX Group: Revenue Forecast, 2019-2029 4.7 SINOPHARM: The Leading Pharmaceutical Wholesaler and Distributor in China 4.7.1 SINOPHARM: General Information SINOPHARM, Pharmaceutical Product and Business Category SINOPHARM, Sales Structure SINOPHARM, Management Member Names 4.7.2 SINOPHARM: Historical Performance, 2011-2018 4.7.3 Future Strategies of SINOPHARM: Provide Comprehensive Services and Wider Business Coverage 4.7.4 SINOPHARM: Revenue Forecast, 2019-2029 4.8 Alfresa Holdings: Second Largest Pharmaceutical Wholesaler and Distributor in Japan 4.8.1 Alfresa Holdings: General Information Alfresa Holdings, Pharmaceutical Product and Business Category Alfresa Holdings, Sales Structure Alfresa Holdings, Management Member Names 4.8.2 Alfresa Holdings: Historical Performance, 2011-2018 4.8.3 Future Strategy of Alfresa Holdings: To Focus on Expanding Business Fields and Increasing Footprint 4.8.4 Alfresa Holdings: Revenue Forecast, 2019-2029 4.9 SUZUKEN CO., LTD: The First Nationwide Wholesaler of Japan 4.9.1 SUZUKEN CO., LTD: General Information SUZUKEN CO., LTD, Pharmaceutical Product and Business Category SUZUKEN CO., LTD, Sales Structure SUZUKEN CO., LTD, Management Member Names 4.9.2 SUZUKEN CO. LTD: Historical Performance, 2011-2018 4.9.3 Future Strategies of SUZUKEN CO., LTD: Five Growth Initiatives and Special Focus on Diabetes Field 4.9.4 SUZUKEN CO., LTD: Revenue Forecast, 2019-2029 4.9.5 SUZUKEN: Strategic Moves & Developments, 2018-2019 4.10 Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding: China’s Second Largest Wholesaler 4.10.1 Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding: General Information Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding, Pharmaceutical Product and Business Category Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding; Sales Structure Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Management Member Names 4.10.2 Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding: Historical Performance, 2011-2018 4.10.3 Future Strategies of Shanghai Pharma: Expansion of Three Leading Regions in China 4.10.4 Shanghai Pharma: Revenue Forecast, 2019-2029 4.11 Morris & Dickson Co. LLC: Serving More than 175 Years 4.12 Smith Drug Company: Serving More than 1400 Customers in U.S. 4.13 Anda Inc. 4.13.1 Segment Overview 4.13.2 Anda Inc. Strategies: 4.14 CuraScript Specialty Distribution 4.14.1 Curascript Speciality Distribution Strategies: 4.15 Mawdsley-Brooks & Co. Ltd. 4.15.1 Mawdsley-Brooks & Co Company History: 4.15.2 Mawdsley-Brooks & Co Company Strategies: 4.16 North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug: 65 years of service 4.16.1 Mutual Wholesale Drug Company History: 4.16.2 Company Strategies 4.17 Prodigy Health 4.18 Fortissa Limited: 20 years of vast experience 4.19 CR Pharmaceutical 4.19.1 Company History 4.19.2 Company Strategies 4.20 Hygen Pharmaceuticals Inc. 4.20.1 Hygen Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Key Strategies and achievements: 4.21 Fff Enterprises Inc. 4.21.1 Company Strengths: 4.21.2 Fff Enterprises Inc.Strategies, Development and Achievements: 4.22 Rochester Drug Cooperative 4.23 Auburn Pharmaceutical Company 4.23.1 Generic Product with Launch Dates 4.24 Capital Wholesale Drug Company 4.25 Realcan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. 4.26 Profarma Distribuidora de Produtos Farmaceuticos SA 4.27 Dakota Drug, Inc. 4.28 Zhejiang Intl Group Co., Ltd. 4.29 Ohki Health Care Holdings, Inc. 4.30 Kingworld Medicines Group Ltd. 5.

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