If yeah she wins that round, if not she loses due to speed equalization. If they aren't, WW has the advantage here. but she is susceptible to piercieng damage. And as I said before, it's doubtful that a woman that, among many strength feats is strong enough to lift part of the infinite weight of the Spectre, pull Martian Manhunter out of a black hole, and survive a black hole HERSELF is going to be held down by anything Erik does. No BFR. He’s more likely to just rip their clothes off. Magneto. Even if we pretend he cheats and activates his shield before the fight starts... against some one as strong as the Earth, maintaining it would require every drop of power he has, and even then it eventually it breaks... No way in Hell he's stopping a thousand plus Super Strength Punches a second And and Blood Bending at the same man... Let me just ask... Who in your opinion would beat Magneto then? Magneto (X-Men Apocalypse & Dark Phoenix 2016-2019) VS 2. Yeah, they wear armor. So if you could site the specifics one that are relevant... What you explained was completely inaccurate to the point where it doesn't even make sense.. And I've read the things you've written; are you really arguing that Magneto's thought process is faster than Amazo's super computer brain-backed up by Superman and Diana's speed reaction time? I wanted to see those goodies. If all else fails he can remove the iron out of their blood like in one of the movies. Years later, that incredible display of skill and speed was surpassed by Diana-after withstanding THREE CONSECUTIVE IMPS-lassoing Zoom which is a remarkable thing since, at the time she was BLIND. Fair enough? If he miraculously got a shield up in time (when he barely got it up in time to block Cyclops who is as slow as a snail compared to the Amazon) there's nothing stopping her from using her FTL speed to instantaneously go through the floorboards and come up on him on the other side of his shield---then chop him to cat meat before he's realized it happened. His attention will not be elsewhere.. Ww very well could win which I have said a thousand times already but not by insta speed blitz. You are indeed where you belong. The fact that neither of them can fly and he can keep them levitated in the air is pretty clear one insurmountable advantage. Just preparing my intro and will post them later. Is there anything stopping Magneto from running Diana through with her own sword? but Quick Silver was in No way time traveling in that scene. In fact she once created a Super Magnet herself and used it to disarm two Alien criminals. If you move so fast that the rest of the world appears to be frozen in time then you are not traveling forward or backwards in time and DC Heroes do it regularly.. On multiple occasions, it has taken the full might of the X-Men to defeat Magneto, and while Wonder Woman is powerful, she would struggle and eventually fall to the power of the Master of Magnetism. The fight would last as long as it takes Wonder Woman to pick up a rock and throw it at 500x the speed of sound at Magneto's head. @allcreation: he can't be caught off guard if he knows he is fighting or his attention isn't elsewhere.... Qs or whomever can start out of sight and blitz him because he has no idea the fight is going on. Location: Apocalypse vs X-Men Fight Location (X-Men Apocalypse 2016 Movie). Pre/New-52 Wonder Woman. With the way you're describing this instantaneous shield, blood bend combo, It's like you have it in your head that only high tier Reality Warpers can deal with Magneto. 1 Could Defeat: The Flash Connected to the … But evidence indicates he is not formidable enough to beat Wonder Woman. This fight would totally depend on the distance of these two and reaction speed. Press J to jump to the feed. There are plenty people more powerful than mags and prethera of ways to beat him, I just disagree that speed is one of those ways... @allcreation: OK I am going to try this one more time... You are confused because you look at marvel and dc as the same,, you think thought process is relative to how fast physically a person is which is not the case. If he couldn't react fast enough to use his shields in any of these instances then why would we assume that he could do so against Wonder Woman? In his prime, sneaking up on or ambushing Magneto is something even Wolverine and the X-Men have consistent trouble with. Wonder Woman is very good although i've never seen her in action before. Throwing shit really hard at Magneto's shield isn't going to accomplish much of anything. WW's speed is her only chance at victory, she could throw a non-magnetic object far faster than a bullet travels. Arthur and Diane are both clad in armor I don’t see why Magneto couldn’t just toss them both into the stratosphere and be done with them. Takes place on an indestructible planet. @krisboyuk: yeah wally has done things similar,, but wally and barry and even superman can break the time barrier which is actually by definition faster than instant,, but in terms of a speed blitz its not the same and ww can't do it... @newecho: From BEHIND, Wonder Woman chased, caught up to, and pulled Jesse Quick out of The Speed Force; according to Wally West Flash, one must achieve FTL velocity or greater to reach this "dimension".

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