If you were to stick to your MIS major, I would encourage to supplement your formal education with online coursework in Python or R, Data visualization with Tableau and some Database Management. Some in my class are focussing on the business part, some are directing to IT and some are in the field between business and IT (business process management, requirements engineering, project management). What Are the Courses in a Doctorate Degree in Management Information Systems? What are the Top Schools for an Associate's Degree in Information Systems Management? This amounts to about 546,200 new jobs, with particular demand in the areas of big data management, information security, and cloud computing. A good business shows appreciation for this kind of thing in the form of bonuses. Press J to jump to the feed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The field is great because you have to opportunity to align yourself with many different fields such as analytics, security, erp implementations etc. I mean there is basic coding, etc required. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Graduates can pursue MIS opportunities in businesses, tech companies, IT consultancy firms, and government agencies. Software can be changed almost anyway you need it changed, assuming you have time & money. Thanks! I'll be starting with one of the big 4 consulting firms in IT Consulting. They make sure that databases and systems are running smoothly and accessible to users while putting security measures in place to protect data from unauthorized access. The machine just needs to work for 3-4 years and then its recycled or sold. Those job positions put you right in the face of business internal-customers that want something specific. Learn more about these popular information systems jobs below. So I will not hold that $10K bonus you just got against you. MIS- Management Information Systems Jobs. But after you deposit the $6K after-taxes from your bonus, invite the key Technical players out for lunch or drinks as a thank-you. My only concern about the degree, however, is that it is too broad, and thus is not fit for a lot of jobs that require a specific skill set (since it is a major that focuses on both business and information technology). An example: "Our business unit just got crushed in a professional trade journal for having the worst call center hold times in our market segment. Any company with half a clue distributes either laptops or small form factor desktops to employees. 2. Go forth and fix this. System Engineer. We would very much like a solution implemented for your findings by end of year. share. Master's Degrees in Management Information Systems: Career and Salary Facts, Management Information Systems Master's Degree. I would like to do something hardware related in my career whether its system or network administration, data center, or some sort of high tech support or IT management role, etc. If you have graduated, or you know someone who has graduated with this degree, was it difficult to find a job? I'm pretty sure it's what I want to do. BA in IT is a business degree. I'm a double bachelor in business and IT and have no clue what route or job I should be looking at. Careers in Information Systems Management, Online MBA Degree in Management Information Systems, Transportation Schools and Training Programs, Confectionery School and Training Programs, Fire Inspector Certification and Training. r/Jobs is not for job listings. Not only is it important to listen to the person paying, but the end user must be considered. Java, C#, whatever if you focus on programming logic and like the techie side of MIS, there is no reason why you can't program like a Computer Science major!

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