Watching this lecture renewed my interest in the lecture series. One should be able to to hit guess the key points for revision. Good for a student into research PhD, yet not for students doing medical degree or USMLE. I feel the material could go in a bit more depth (but perhaps later lectures will). I need more time to think about what my work schedule to fit my study and payments. Very well made, all the important thinghs to say are dealt. //-->, , Home | About | Totally recommended! I became so excited while listening to his presentation. As the organism is opportunistic, it causes disease mostly in immunocompromised patients such as those going through transplantation, chemotherapy or leukemia. Thanks a lot lecturio, the tone of voice and eye contact good just like in a classroom. I belive that it's important the Microbiology for doctors and it's great that we have access at it's information, I would love to give a higher rating but many important pathogens are not covered. The material is presented quite well - in a logical manner. March 2017 for Microbiology: Introduction, By TINKU S. on 21. The clarity of the information being delivered is extremely satisfactory! Physicians need to familiarize themselves with all members of this bacterial group and their treatment strategies. Helps to review. Excellent, clear, interesting and informative presentation which facilitates comprehension and memory of essential material. … April 2018 for Bacteria, By meghdad a. on 22. Lecturio Premium gives you full access to all content and features. February 2018 for Bacteria, By Sara D. on 02. November 2017 for Microbiology: Introduction, By Alberto G. on 29. So nice and well explained with great doctors ???? I got a A (first and only one to score a A) on my first exam in microbiology where the majority of the students got 60% and under. Also, thank you for making all content related to COVID-19 free for everyone including non-members. Students with or without a professional background in medicine will receive an introduction to the medical application of microbiology. NCLEX®, NCLEX-RN®, and NCLEX-PN® are registered trademarks of July 2017 for Viruses, By Pierfabio C. on 18. March 2020 for Microbiology, By Mathel`o R. on 24. Get to know different morphological criteria, important facts concerning structure as well as reproduction and growth of the most important microorganisms. I like that professor tells very interesting and useful information. I would probably give this series 5 stars, however, I'm currently studying for the USMLE, and I feel half or more of the review questions are extremely low-yield. September 2016 for Microbiology: Introduction, By Lynn F. on 22. easy to understand. I think it would be great if they had the ten second mark or arrow so that it would rewind or fast forward the lecture. Good for clinicians and med students. What Can COVID-19 Antibody Testing Really Tell Us? sir , the way you talk about microbes ,inspire me to learn more. Amazing stuff but doesnt differ the exotoxins into the four forms of them. Become a member of the family Click Here to Join Our Ambassador Program. short and sweet concepts. I'm a foreign medial MD internal medicine specialist and I came to us I just felt lost but when I find this tools my life just changed! October 2018 for Bacteria, By Nada M. on 16. First virus video seems to talk about Baltimore classification as if already covered, so I’m not sure if sequencing of videos is correct either. April 2020 for Microbiology: Introduction, By Neuer N. on 26. And even with the bacteria taught ( streptococci, staphyloccci , vibrio , e.coli , shigella, salmonella) lacked a tremendous amount of depth. He even takes time to recap when it is necessary so that the learner can stay on right task. Pneumonia or pulmonary inflammation is an acute or chronic inflammation of lung tissue.

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