Aged hard cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano taste saltier with stronger flavors. Because Italian wines have such unparalleled richness and vibrancy, they pair wonderfully with almost anything you can throw at them. Select other items for your charcuterie board only after you have chosen your cheeses, meats, and wines. So your wine pairings will need to compensate with bolder flavors or contrasting fruit flavors. Cook, turning halfway through, until the panini are golden brown and the cheese … Select a variety of cheeses and charcuterie. For example, consider the creamy texture and buttery flavor of pâté compared to hard, salty dry cured salami. Similar in appearance to bologna, mortadella is a deli meat, made entirely of pork meat, speckled with chunks of pork fat and pistachios, lightly spiced, with a mellow aroma, in a signature cylindrical or oval shape. Your daily values may Meanwhile, the Salame Felino (known colloquially in Tuscany as “finocchiona”) softens the thistle tang of the cheese and the tannic bite of the wine. This article is sponsored by The Italian Trade Commission. These animals generally grow larger than their counterparts and have better marbling and muscle competition. For example pairing an Oregon Blue Cheese with an Oregon micro-brewery Stout brings out the best in both. But all blue cheese features blue veins of mold throughout that bring sharp and tangy flavors. “The final product has a clean texture and flavor without the greasy residue often found with faster cooked and lower quality alternatives. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Heat a panini press or griddle. Texture is important with cheese and beer. “The bubbles also help balance Bergamino’s decadent texture,” Joyce says. Select bread and crackers based on the types of cheese and charcuterie you are serving. Don’t be afraid to seek out unusual cheeses or pairings, says Carol Johnson, Certified Cheese Professional and Cheesemonger at Monger’s Palate in Brooklyn, N.Y. “I love the unusual and delicate Lou Bergier Pichin paired with a Marzemino wine and Salame Felino,” Johnson says. The other components of the board will play a supporting role to the wine, meat, and cheese. Sangiovese is another ideal pairing, while Francophiles may opt to go with a Côtes du Rhône. A few tips in choosing which cheeses to pair with which beers: The last half decade has seen the emergence of cheese and beer pairings as a popular way to enjoy both. Bold charcuterie is a great option if you want to open a bolder wine with higher tannins. For example pairing an Oregon Blue Cheese … Types of Semi-Hard Cheese: Gouda, Gruyère, Swiss, Emmental, Colby, Provolone, Halloumi, Wine Pairing Styles: sparkling wine, light-bodied white wine, full-bodied white wine, light-bodied red wine, medium-bodied red wine, Wine Pairing Examples: Cava, Champagne, Silvaner, Chenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, Cabernet Franc, Carménére. Select a variety of cheeses based on texture, saltiness, fat content, and acidity. If this was not done, the fat would melt during the cooking process. The sausage is made with ground beef and pork with added pork fat and seasonings. “The salt and fattiness of the cheese really boost Sangiovese’s ripe plum and fig flavors,” Schwed says. WSET certified international wine writer with a passion for rare varieties and cellar hand experience in both hemispheres. The pieces are then moved to a pre-mixer and to two meat mincers. After baking, the Mortadella Bologna is sprinkled with cold water, then sent to stabilize in a cool chamber to give it its signature firmness. The name rolls off the tongue – just like a wafer thin slice of the silky smooth pork luncheon meat that melts in the mouth. Set them on the preheated press or griddle. It’s top quality, delicious on its own and can be the centerpiece of any charcuterie platter,” he says. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Veroni mortadella only uses Italian pigs raised without hormones and is lactose and gluten free.”. Veroni uses the fat from the jowl and neck areas of the pig because it has a rich flavor and buttery texture, while holding its definition during cooking, allowing for the distinctive appearance of white chunks of lardons in the pink meat when sliced. Why it Works: Full-bodied whites nicely match the richness of fattier pâté or full-flavored jamón. Copyright ©2000-2020 Full-bodied whites offer the weight and texture to match the cheeses’ richness. of Moscati d’Asti unadorned, with nothing but your stemware and a smile as accompaniment. “The larger diameter products allow for slower cooking times, up to 20 hours, which create clean aroma and appealing texture and flavor.”. If you don't have Mortadella you can substitute equal amounts one of these alternatives: Brand: Taste Real Italy: pork, pork fat, salt, spices, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite*. Tell us in the comments below. Those spices complement your Pecorino wine and cheese pairing, bringing notes of fennel to the mix. The paste is then packed in either pork or beef casings of the desired shape and size—mortadella comes in all shapes and sizes, some up to several hundred pounds—and baked in special dry-air ovens. This will set the base of your composition. sizes in regular and 13 kg pistachio versions. Honey is ideal drizzled over piquant blue cheese and mustards are great with pâté. “The robust Aglianico grape delivers on tannins, so it’s best balanced with rich pairings.”, Belmont suggests pairing it with Coppa salami. Together, their flavors marry to resemble the lightest cheesecake you’ve ever had — ripe, glistening fruit, decadent creaminess, and a bit of sweetness. Why not pair it with La Tur, a cloud-like cheese made in Piedmont with a blend of cow, sheep, and goat milks? For example, dried apricots when serving Viognier or dried cherries and fresh raspberries alongside Pinot Noir. Fruit jams are delicious with creamy, tangy cheeses, and salty mild charcuterie. She thinks its fruity, “crunchy” quality can stand up to strong cheeses and salumi. The two go beautifully together, with the mild, almost citrusy notes of younger, semi-firm Pecorino cheese playing off of the wine’s floral minerality. Serve atop grilled slices of crusty bread. Again, select a variety of charcuterie based on texture, fat, salt, and spice. “Traditional mortadella is sprinkled with pistachio nuts, but is increasingly popular without them due to nut allergies, which impact how it can be sliced in supermarkets,” Adelson says. The traditional sausage is air dried in Italy but must be … So, while they’ll go with softer cheeses, harder cheeses can be just as wonderful. With truffles or beef (bresaola), bolder and more structured reds make the ideal pairing for the stronger flavors of the charcuterie. This classic mortadella is made with prime cuts from the leg, shoulder, and belly, carefully trimmed by hand. A PDO mark on a product like mortadella identifies a product originating in a specific place, region or country with quality or characteristics essentially or exclusively due to a particular geographical environment with its inherent natural and human factors, the production, processing and preparation steps of which all take place in the defined geographical area and are in line with the strict production regulations that have been established. And bolder flavors need bolder wines. For wine pairings, focus on the food’s main components of salt, fat, and acid. Here are four things to keep in mind when pairing Italian wine with cheese and charcuterie. A well-curated charcuterie board is a work of art. Hard cheese are typically salty and sharp with nutty flavors, becoming saltier with age. But always consider the boldness of flavors and spices in the charcuterie when selecting a wine. Serving two to three wines with the charcuterie board will ensure there is a wine for every palate. A Tuscan Chianti complements the richness of the mortadella. Cut the panini in half and serve hot. In its manufacturing process, Principe takes select meat cuts and puts them into 20-25 kg (44-55 lb.) Types of Charcuterie: Speck (smoked Prosciutto), guanciale, lardo, chorizo picante, coppa or spicy coppa, pastrami, peppered salami, foie gras, Wine Pairing Styles: fruit forward light-bodied white wine, fruit forward light or medium-bodied red wines, full-bodied red wines, Wine Pairing Examples: Sauvignon Blanc, Verdicchio, Soave (Garganega), Beaujolais, Cabernet Franc, Montepulciano, Nero d’Avola, Zinfandel.

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