One hour of this Mudra, if done regularly, can reduce ear pain and watering of the eyes. Udana Vayu Mudra is a hand mudra or gesture used for improving speech, respiratory system and the thyroid. Shunya Mudra (Mudra of Emptiness) It is a Mudra of emptiness or heaven, which reduces the space element in the body. This mudra is known to be beneficial for the throat related issues “(sore throat). In Ayurveda, the thumb represents the fire element, the middle finger indicates space element and the index finger, the air element and the ring finger indicates earth element.Udana Vayu mudra … Mudra for Thyroid: To form this mudra as shown in figure join the fingers of both hand in such a way that the thumb, fore finger and middle finger of one hand are crossed and properly locked … Chanting OM in this mudra … It heals thyroid … It improves hearing, strengthens the bones, reduces heart diseases and throat problems. Shankh Mudra for Thyroid. For people with thyroid problems, shankh mudra is most beneficial as it comprises chanting of the calming sound of OM. See More: Shunya Mudra For Thyroid. Thus, it is popularly known as shankh thyroid mudra… Practicing this mudra removes the negativity and fills the self and surrounding with harmony. Shankh Mudra Health Benefits: Here we will discuss about the benefits of shankh mudra.

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