Just shake it a bit, and it’s good to go. The casual cannabis community, Press J to jump to the feed. They claim immediate results, but I imagine with thicker resin it’s going to take some soaking time to get it clean. no. To clean a bong you need to utilize 90% rubbing alcohol and coarse salt to break down all of the gunk in your bong, leaving it nice and clean. This stuff is made from nothing but Fruit extracts, vegetable glycerin, purified water and citric acid. It’s an alcohol-free cleaner, so you can expect that it’s a lot easier on your glass. This is another formula brought to us by Orange, that’s not quite as good as their Chronic cleaner. Rapidly cooling your hot glass can. This formula is better for pipes than bongs because you have to submerge the piece for it to work, so it takes a lot for a bigger bong. Just a bit stronger than alcohol, this bong cleaner does a good job. Don’t forget to pre-clean your dab rig or bong! This means more cannabinoids, like THC, reach your lungs and your bloodstream. Open Studio Saturday Episode 2: A PodCast, DJ Sets, And More! Nail polish remover that's actual nail polish remover (i.e. Instead, arguably the best way to clean your bong is with 99% ISO alcohol that you can pick up at the grocery store and some salt. Note – Make sure you do this in a well-ventilated area because no one likes to self isolate in a chemical cloud. Randy's Black Label Bong Cleaner is one of our favorites. I like that it’s clear and there are no added colors. Now, it does lose its strength the more you use it, but hey, it’s more than we get out of most cleaners. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you only smoke once in a blue moon, you might consider dumping out the water between each use. The moral of the story is that the dirtier your bong, the less intense the experience. Traveling with the smoke, these microorganisms move from the water into your body. Read our full earning disclaimer, 80 percent of infectious diseases on the planet, The Best Glass Blunt: Twisty Glass Blunts Review, How Much Water to Put in a Bong & Percolator Water Level, The Best Weed Subscription Box: Top 10 Cannabis Subscription Boxes, 10 times more effective a cleaner than alcohol, plus it doesn’t have the strong scent, Little crystals in solution can get stuck in carb holes, No effort needed, just allow to soak overnight, All-natural, made from fruit and plant extracts, Might need to use a brush rather than leaving to its own devices, Not the greatest for getting off gunk caused by dabs, Really effective in cleaning waxy oil rigs, Only cleaner to pass Colorado Health & Safety Tests, Doesn’t have added colors some other cleaners, Makers of reputable bong cleaner, Formula 420, No need to soak piece thanks to AbrasivAction technology. You need to fill your glass beaker bong with Grunge Off and let it soak overnight. Together, they grow into something called a biofilm. 100% acetone) is just as efficient and will clean as well. Your bong water is the chance they have been looking for. Laura. Acetone (nail polish remover) does a great job cleaning your bong as well. No more notes of blueberries, pineapples, and pine. Like with everything, there’s a happy medium. No scrubbing or anything, you’re bong or dab rigs will just be good as new. After boiling it for awhile, don’t remove it until the water cools down. Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice. I started using multiple sclerosis (MS) herbal remedy i purchased from Mayaka Herbal Clinic January this year. The liquid that’s left over after cleaning is disgusting. So that might be as long as this paint job lasts.. until I clean it… but I'm pretty confident all the nail polish will come off and the bong will be as good as "new", back to basic. Are you looking for something to just clean your dab rig? There is some serious health risk from smoking out of a bong filled with dirty, contaminated water. My question is A. did i fuck up by cleaning it with nail polish remover, like will it taste bad or is it bad for you? I was on Capaxone for months, i was extremely weak, i was barely able to walk. But, these caps save you so much time and mess when you’re cleaning that they couldn’t be left out. Well, not only do the caps stop that from happening, but thanks to them you can vigorously shake your alcohol filled bong to get rid of that stubborn resin in its percolators. If so, then there are a couple of options available to you. Contamination, these little microorganisms, can just as quickly make your lungs their home as they can the bong. Resin water is already dirty enough; we don’t need it to be any worse should we spill it all over the floor. If you smell something rank, it’s time for a cleaning. Just fill your bong with the alcohol, add a good amount of salt and shake the crap out of it. And that’s why a few of our top bong cleaners were tools that worked hand in hand with alcohol. Acetone was the go to for cleaning the sticky resin gunk in the machines, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The go-to subreddit for anything and everything cannabis. Common illnesses triggered by dirty bong water include: Fungus infection caused by Aspergillosis. Their cleaner is 10x better than alcohol and smells nice too. This is a bong cleaner that will clean any of your pieces. Acetone (nail polish remover) does a great job cleaning your bong as well. You only need about 30 minutes for this cleaner to do its job—you don’t even have to shake anything. There are three things wrong with a dirty bong: Dirty bongs are ‘dirty’ because they have started to grow a little ecosystem of microorganisms.

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