Definitely good looking, and very pleasantly surprised by the price.

The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Also fairly fast, at just over an hour. And when you do cut high enough, you’ll be cutting the serial number off the package. This looks like it could be it for me for a pocket keychain flashlight. thing is that the side LEDs are behind the plastic shell. It is ultra compact and lightweight with a 500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and a USB charging port. Build quality is good. What can I say about the TIKI LE that I haven't already said about the RovyVon Aurora series. Hmm. Let’s not talk about their gimmicky “Bullet” Illuminex designs. But if you want runtime, I don't think it would be a good idea to choose a keychain light. Low defaults to high when turned off) Between the clear and smoke, I like the smoke body better – if the red/blue secondaries work for you and body color makes a difference…. My MecArmy SGN-3 is better at that. The 2 seconds delay of the Tini seems to be pretty annoying.. Rovyvon's site has runtime information for the Aurora. NOTE about shipping time: Personally, I'd recommend spending a bit extra and going with one of the recently released Nichia 219C Aurora models - the A8 with the new and improved UI, or the more budget-friendly A3 Nichia. And the comparison you should be most interested in. seems interesting but order on banggood u can forget for now.. As a stand-alone pocket flashlight, it’s acceptable. Press J to jump to the feed. Pros: Solid performance, Hi-CRI model, mode-spacing. Nitecore TIP CRI? Unfortunately, it’s not particularly good at being any of them. 2.

It doesn't surprise me in cheap chinese knock-offs, but I'd thought NiteCore would be above that (unless RovyVon is in on this, in which case, very cool). Thanks. The Hi-CRI LED is the icing on the cake. Most of their other products are dubious, but a good number of their keychain flashlights are rather competent.

Rovy Von is brighter, better tint, easier to use, and has much better UV performance than the Nitecore TIKI. Rovyvon AXx: Rovyvon captured lightning in a bottle with their original Aurora series, and unfortunately the “upgraded” models don’t bring much to the table. Yes, i’ve seen it.

I asked RovyVon about this specifically and they were very clear that this was in no way whatsoever a collaboration in any format. What would you choose? Built with durable Polycarbonate materials,provide a maximum output of 55 lumens key-chain light. In the end I will most likely have my good old Tube on my keychain anyway; that’s all I need.

I would buy a few of them! I thought it was common knowledge that 365nm light does not (or hardly) pass through plastic, but apparently a revered flashlight brand such as Nitecore did not know this. Not strictly a bad keychain flashlight, but there are better options to be had for the price. The new models low looks like 1 lumen or less to me. The clip attaches on the tailcap, making this a very dedicated keychain light.

Prometheus Lights Beta QR: I can see this working for the aluminum iterations, but the copper and brass versions are too heavy. Looks very similar to the Rovyvon, but the UI is quite a bit better in the nitecore IMO. Mode spacing is arguably worse than before, the boot is slicker which makes actuation difficult with gloves, and the rubber USB port doesn’t seal as nicely. Pros: Small even for a keychain flashlight, and with decent performance. The sole drawback was the proprietary battery it used. How is the beam and brightness compared to it? Apparently both the Rovyvon and the Tiki lights have very visible PWM on the lower modes.

The TINI will accidentally activate at every opportunity if you have it in your pocket. Mecharmy Illuminex (Aluminum/Copper/Brass/Ti): A well-built, mainstream design that’s overpriced for what it is.

I think I saw a coupon price that reduces price by a couple of dollars. . If it’s much cheaper than RovyVon, then this Nitecore has my vote for small keychain flashlight. It’s definitely affordable, unlike the pretty Rovyvon lights of similar shape and size. I asked Nitecore about this specifically, and they declined to respond. With a max output of 500 lumens, the TINI2 is a Dual-Core Intelligent Keychain Light equipped with a multifunctional OLED real-time display as your best EDC choice with a compact and lightweight body. Gear High CRI Model Hunting Law Enforcement Military Outdoor/Camping Search. [Back to Top]     [Home]     [Privacy Policy], Best EDC between Fenix PD36R or Sofirn SC31 Pro 5000K, ZL SC62(w) | Jaxman E2L XP-G2 5A | Purple S2+ XPL-HI U6-3A | D4 w/, WTS Brand New Timex Expedition Vibe Shock Camo Watch (USA only),

4. Triple click to go straight to aux led works well for me too. I haven’t had the chance to play with this model yet, but the specifications and functions seem nearly identical to some of the Rovyvon Aurora models. Nitecore TIP 2: Solid performance hampered by haphazard design execution. We discuss quality flashlights and lights of all types including: Did you get the Tiki? 1. Power and Runtime. I’d buy the pocket clip and call it a day as a pocket flashlight instead – of course, that’ll cost you even more. I test output and such in PVC tubes!! Because the holiday of Chinese Spring Festival is coming, most orders will be shipped in mid-late February. As IP66 rated, ultra lightweight and little finger sized, the TIKI GITD has a primary max output of 300 lumens constructed from phosphorescent PC (V0) materials. it is the best keychain flashlight i have used so far, especially for the 14 Euro i payed at the time of its launch. This Rovyvon has a nice bright light. on Nitecore TIKI LE Keychain Flashlight Review, Nitecore TIKI LE Keychain Flashlight Review. Rovyvon's site has runtime information for the Aurora. I would go for a Rovyvon if I were you. Cons: Build quality is poor, so expect to buy a replacement in the foreseeable future. To be fair, the RovyVon light design isn't that special, in my opinion. It offers different secondaries (UV and High CRI NW). The cover is press-in, and feels pretty secure. With a max output of 720 lumens and IP67 rated, TIP2 is Dual-Core Magnetic Keychain Light with a CNC machined shell. Also noteworthy is that the updated RovyVon fixes many of the issues I’ll mention later…. I'm looking for a small, simple flashlight for the keychain, USB charged.

The clip attaches on the tailcap, making this a very dedicated keychain light. you must be doing something right to have nitecore unabashedly copy you feature for feature for ~10 features in a single product. Impressive performance and decent functionality overall. Since it’s built in and the light isn’t really able to be disassembled, the TIKI LE will essentially be disposable. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I really don’t understand how they both could be so …. Basically brief summaries of all the other keychain flashlights I’ve played with and why I don’t think they don’t belong on this list. These beamshots are always with the following settings:  f8, ISO100, 0.3s shutter, and manual 5000K exposure.

If you want the absolutely tiniest between them all, go with the X4S. When charging finishes, the light goes off. The output is stable for over a minute, which is good, and almost hits the output specs. I own both a MecArmy X4S and a RovyVon Aurora. Your email address will not be published. EDC, keychain, headlamps, lanterns, weapon, work, and many others. I really don’t understand how they both could be so …. There’s also the TIKI, which I’ll cover later. If you have been looking for a quality lightweight keychain flashlight, I can happily recommend the TIKI and TIKI LE from Nitecore. I currently have the TIP, but I would prefer something a little smaller to have in my pocket if the light is as useful. Top that off with some of the worst parasitic drain I’ve seen, and you have a trainwreck. Fun fact, the TIP 2 is (subjectively) worse than the original TIP.

This guide is solely on keychain flashlights, and unless specified otherwise, they all have integrated USB charging. Your opinions are very valuable to us and will be highly appreciated.

The buttons are on the side of the flashlight, and they’re not flush.

It’s that simple. That line you see on the bottom right – the scissor mark – doesn’t actually denote where you’ll need to cut. For the money, the TIKI is a GREAT light! I ordered this Rovyvon A1x with the Nichia LED along with the Nitecore TIKI. Thanks a lot, I didn't know the new models. You can also find a more detailed runtime breakdown in this review by /u/zeroair. TIKI LE: 10.5g. Price of the Tiki is $39, which is the price of a Stainless A2x. Thanks for the opinion ... that sounds good, although I currently tend towards the Aurora for the keychain... hard choice haha :), What about the Nitecore TIP CRI? (something that is not a compliment). Other brands are starting to copy the format. The stepdown is claimed in the manual to deal with the heat produced. Since there’s no clip, it’s not possible to use the light on a hat.

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