Sinuous Spring System (No Sag Spring System) Sinuous Springs is a pretty good spring system as well, but only when it is done with high end quality. Zig Zag springs are a wire upholstery spring product, also known as No Sag springs, Sinuous springs, S coils, or Zigzag (zig zag) wire. The Supr-Loop® springs are the top of the seating system, ideal for backs and tight-seat applications. Tel +39 0341 420274 Fax +39 0341 422257 The outward projecting convolutions are disposed between the spring strips and are formed upwardly to extend over the element of the frame to which the ends of the sinuous spring strips are secured. zig-zag spring / no-sag springs. As illustrated in Fig. generation. 3 is an enlarged broken view of a portion of the structure illustrated in Fig. As illustrated in Figs. Bill E PS I have a 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan that consumer reports would say was a bad van. zig-zag spring / no-sag springs. 1 and 5, rows of coil springs 28 may be mounted on each of the sinuous spring strips 17 and 18 for providing a more re.silient top surface for the assembly. Sign up to receive information on events, product releases, industry news, and exclusive content. The invention embodies a base spanned by spring strips of sinuous form, which is made of wire bent in zigzag formation and rolled on an arc of small diameter. ***** No-Sag, S-coils, zigzag wire, zig zag springs, serpentine springs — all the same thing, but with different names. This provides a soft edge to the construction which may deflect under a lighter load than the central portion of the assembly. A spring assembly including, in combination, a frame, a plurality of spring strips secured to opposite sides of said frame and disposed thereover, additional spring strips alternating with the first said strips, resilient means supporting the ends of said additional spring strips above said frame, and means for securing coil springs to said strips. Action Upholstery Supply - Automotive Furniture Marine Home. Primary Class: 267/102. Accordingly, the main objects of my invention are to provide a sinuous element formed of wire having reversely bent portions at the ends of the 4 convolution aligned with spring strips and forming attaching means therefore; to bend a wire in sinuous form having one end of the convolutions anchored to spring strips, while the other end projects forwardly and upwardly to form a soft 5i front edge; to form a spring surface from spring strips, and provide a soft front edge thereto by a sinuous strip having each convolution aligned with and secured to a spring strip with the opposite convolutions extending forwardly and above 56 the frame; to form convolutions from a wire of pre-determined shape with the ends of the wire shaped into jack springs parallel to said convolutions; to form a seat frame from a plurality of sinuous springs and a sinuous wire strip having the inner convolutions reversely bent to form anchoring means with the ends of the wire shaped into jack springs, which are attached to the frame and with the upwardly and frontwardly extending convolutions joined together by a border wire; and in general to provide a soft front edge for a surface, which is simple in construction, positive in attachment, and economical in manufacture. This invention relates to spring constructions for seats, seat backs, chairs, davenports, mattresses and the... 5/717, 267/107, Click for automatic bibliography The springs are attached to the frame with padded clips and fasteners and re-enforced with horizontal metal tie rods. Within this seating system are three variations, and each are designed to eliminate sagging and increase firmness. They are basically saying drop in grids or sinuous springs are just as durable as 8 way hand tied. How to Measure and Cut ZigZag / No-Sag / Sinuous Springs ***** Please see "Important Shipping Information" tab (above) for good news on shipping rates!

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