All rights reserved. The third and the last one lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet include eggs also. To make muscles, you need to eat up to 5-6 eggs in a day and for beginner eat at least 2-3 eggs in a day. : Grilled chicken, chapattis, pineapple slices. It is full of protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B Eat mutton once a week but try to make sure that mutton fry is not done. Today, the body building’s craze is growing very fast. Day 3 Breakfast: Two fruits like apple or banana, 1 cup of tea. You won’t get all the essential macronutrients if you are totally dependent plant-based products. Plant-based products whether it is nuts, cereals, fruits, and vegetables they are all rich in fiber. This, in turn, causes excess weight gain hampering the health of our body. Dinner: Grilled chicken, chapattis, pineapple slices. The egg should always be eaten by boiling. : 2 chapattis or a small bowl of rice with vegetables. Meat products harm the environment also, as these products when thrown in open spreads various diseases and pollute the water when left open. : 5 Digestive biscuits with tea (Try green tea, which is highly recommended for weight loss and health.). Foods in the non-vegetarian category are highly rich in proteins and vitamins which help our body to grow its strength and also keep us healthy. : 1 bowl Poha or Upma or Idli, ½ a bowl of sliced tomatoes. Required fields are marked *. Non-vegetarian Diet Plan: 7 Days Weight Loss Diet Breakfast: Two fruits like apple or banana, 1 cup of tea. Lunch: Fat free beans and 1 chapatti with vegetables and cucumber slices. Talisman offers the most Luxurious and Affordable Jewellery for every Occasion. Doctors do recommend the vegetarian food in illness and chronic diseases. Invite us to associate/ organize/ feature  startup events, product demos, video interviews at your Workplace and Institution, contact us at Genie[at]LivePeppy[dot]com, Your Name (required) 2. It will help in keeping your. Include both in your diet. Apple or banana topped with a teaspoon of honey. Breakfast: Two fruits like apple or banana... Non-vegetarian Diet Plan: 7 Days Weight Loss Diet Mount Woods Studio Founder’s journey proves Life is not a Cake-Walk! These foods are also rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine which have their own benefits to your health. Dinner: Light dinner of salad or a whole wheat bread sandwich. Your email address will not be published. Breakfast: 1 idli or chapatti, with vegetable curry. A non-vegetarian food is not only rich in proteins but it has all the essential macronutrients. Most non-vegetarian diets lack fiber and its deficiency can lead to digestive disorders, colon cancer, acidity, constipation and other diseases related to digestion. Dinner: Fish, steamed broccoli or any leafy vegetables and fat free ice cream. : Fat free beans and 1 chapatti with vegetables and cucumber slices. A person’s diet is a combination of foods undertaken to get proper nutrition for the body. The non-vegetarian keto diet plan doesn’t rely solely on the calories in, calories out a concept because of the makeup of those calories matters due to the hormonal response to different macronutrients in the body. Day 1. The Disadvantages of Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian Food. Let’s face some truths and burst some myths about Organic Food! Day 1 In truth, following a vegetarian diet that is balanced and nutritious has … Fiber is an essential macronutrient for our body. Egg. A vegetarian diet is full of vitamins, fibers, healthy fats, etc. TDF Founders’ Journey: Childhood Dream Turned into a Business! What are the child and the old man, who is looking at the same gym and sweating hours? For bodybuilding, you have to stop eating sugar, carb, and extra fat food.

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