If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Blackbeard would then go and break out several more of the most dangerous prisoners. The World Map of One Piece With over 800 chapters and each arc in a different part of the world, it is safe to assume that the world of One Piece is huge.

11 Favourites. It is located between the East Blue and South Blue. The Red Line is the only continent in the world of One Piece. • Reverse Mountain This map includes a location called Corkwood (コークウッド, Kōkuuddo? Sitemap. There are regions with pagan religions such as ancient Jaya, where people worshiped snake deities and later ancestral spirits. The next half, which is said to be much more difficult and dangerous than the first half, is the "New World".

Let's take a look at the paths our rowdy crew have walked. After the Void Century, the World Government was formed by these 20 Kings. Unknown to him while he was away, half of Jaya was knocked up to the sky. 500 years ago, Oars appeared and caused chaos in the world; he would later be killed by frostbite. Press Room One can sail to any destination you want with a regular compass. Similarly, the Firetank Pirates aligned themselves with Charlotte Linlin, and Capone Bege ruthlessly carried out her orders. As one of the longest running anime ever, One Piece has a lot of history.

Islands/locations within New World visited by the Strawhat Crew: [3] This is the oldest known recorded history that has been referenced in the series thus far. It is unknown how long the world has existed or how it was created. One Piece World Map *Slick Version* By Sharpsider Watch. The Sky Ocean clouds, however, are no normal clouds. It encompasses the stretch of the Grand Line from Mariejois to the other side of the Reverse Mountain. created by His crew became notorious across the world as they took down two Warlords of the Sea and the secret government organization CP9, as well as destroying the judicial island Enies Lobby. Are you still thinking what to wear on an anime festival day? Sekai During this time, the pirate Marshall D. Teach, better known as Blackbeard, captured Portgas D. Ace in order to become a Warlord of the Sea. • Skypiea They line the bottom of their ships with Seastone (the same substance that drains the energy of Devil Fruit users) which prevents Sea Kings from noticing their presence. The Sky Ocean is a place that is unknown to most people in the Blue Sea. As you said, it probably situates Marie Geoise in the center and it doesn't show some controversial locations like Ohara, Baltigo or any word about Laugh Tale. The reason for that is that the Sky Ocean is entirely made of clouds, which from the Blue Sea does not look like an ocean. Despite the lack of any explicit mention of real life religions, there are several references to Christianity and occasionally Buddhism, with many churches, crosses, cathedrals, shimenawas and people dressing up in a religious fashion appearing throughout the series, along with instances of mentioning God, the Devil and Buddha from time to time. Mariejois, the capital of the world, is the headquarters of the World Government. It has been stated that due to the unique climates of the Grand Line, island cultures can remain unchanged for tens of thousands of years. atlas blues grandline map one onepiece piece redline sea world worldmap lodestar onepiecefanart laughtale. The Four Emperors unofficially rule the New World. • Jaya New World is the second half of the Grand Line. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools.

10 Anime Mobile Games Perfect for Your Smartphone. NOVEL UNKNOWN, One Piece Chart by Takahashi Tsunemasa. It may be hard to imagine what the world looks like just by reading or watching the series alone. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes.

Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. 22 years ago, Ohara was destroyed by a Buster Call after making great advancements in uncovering the Void Century. [6], The Tontatta Tribe left their homeland and settled in Dressrosa over 900 years ago.[7]. Notice at Collection Afterwards, he disbanded his crew and turned himself in.

It stretches from the Twin Cape of Reverse Mountain up to Fishman Island. • Enies Lobby Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. World The strain from the Battle of Marineford was such that it convinced two renowned veterans of the Marines Fleet Admiral Sengoku, and Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, to retire from their duties, and convinced Smoker to transfer to G-5 to keep a closer eye on the New World.

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