Safari Crafts Jungle Crafts Circus Crafts Animal Crafts For Kids Vbs Crafts Camping Crafts Art For Kids Nature Crafts Carnival Crafts. Shared below is a Paper Plate Lion craft that will make kids roar! Today, we want to share an easy paper plate lion! You can create a pretty cool Paper Plate Lion and place it on a platform or table for fond reminders. Lion Paper Plate Craft. Posted on September 6, 2020 September 6, 2020. by Patricia. 763. 2 black circles. This activity is recommended to anyone who loves art and making beautiful objects. Paper Plate Lion. I allowed him to attempt cutting the mane himself, but he wanted me to do most of it. Start by cutting the edges of the paper plate like a “mane.” You could also do this after painting, but you’ll have to wait for it to dry, of course. This is a ferocious but so adorable lion paper plate craft for kids! Article by Holly Homer. Safari Crafts Jungle Crafts Circus Crafts Animal Crafts For Kids Camping Crafts Cute Kids Crafts Paper Plate Crafts For Kids Toddler Crafts Preschool Crafts. Paper Plate Lion. All you need to do is Draw, stick, and apply a bit of glue. We didn’t have time for that, so we went ahead and cut before. RARRR! Paper Plate Lion. Such a great idea for even young kids! Orange strips. Lions are from Africa but most kids see their first lion at the local zoo. This summer, we have gotten to go to several zoos and animal parks! Paper Plate Lion Craft. As summer comes to an end, we decided to bring some of that animal fun home with a few jungle animal crafts! Good Luck! Lion Paper Plate Craft For Kids. The majestic lion is the king of the beasts. It's perfect for zoo camps, school, home, or wrapping up a homeschool unit on African animals. This activity contains: 1 paper plate.

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