The thick-skinned fruit is the about size of a lemon and has a tart flavor that goes great in food and drinks. Stella T. This is a good time to add Bio-tone starter fertilizer to the soil and mix thoroughly. The Persian Lime Tree, adds a tropical twist to brighten any space. categories. in Pots: 4 - 11. (store manager) – August 17, 2020. But of course, the ultimate test to determine the readiness of the Bearss lime fruit is by tasting it. • Fruit tastes better than anything you'll find at a local gourmet market • Fills the air with a wonderful citrus scent when it blooms in spring Giant, Delicious Limes The Persian Lime Tree is what most of us picture when we think of a “typical” lime, though frankly the taste of this lime is not typical; it is delicious. This wonderful tree was commercially cultivated in Florida starting around 1882. These are great for pots! We have seen many mail order companies come and go in our time but we are still here! (verified owner) – March 9, 2020. We do not recommend using straight topsoil or compost as a back-fill soil because more times than not these products will retain too much moisture and cause the root system to rot. Why is Better The top benefit to our Bearss: We’ve grafted and greenhouse-grown our Lime Bush for absolute best results. Before you buy a Persian Lime Tree, make sure to read about the recommended care instructions to keep this plant healthy and thriving. Citrus will look fuller with occasional pruning to shape leggy branches, and can be shaped as desired. At 30°F they will become damaged and below 24°F they die. These branches will only take away the nutrients much needed by the healthier parts of the tree. No backyard citrus tree collection is truly complete without a lime tree. Place the tree in the hole and backfill around the plant’s roots with a mixture of the native soil and high-quality planting mix that has washed sand and organic fertilizer. Veasna Rare Fruit Trees. • If you aren't happy, neither are we; contact us immediately! A wilted tree that perks up within 24 hours after watering indicates the roots got too dry. A 2-3 year old citrus tree typically wants to grow in about a 12” diameter nursery pot. Place the tree near a sunny window and pick fresh fruit throughout the winter. The limes are 1 1/2 inches in diameter, with a thin rind and an acidic, flavorful flesh. Watering frequency will vary with soil porosity, tree size, and environmental factors. It is self-pollinating and proves to be quite easy to grow. The leaves are oval, dark green and glossy, and can linger on the tree as long as three years. Cliff W. Don’t be afraid to completely prune off an erratic branch if it is too irregular or crossing another branch. I also had a few general tree care questions that I emailed to the customer service address and I received quick responses. Citrus trees require soil that is moist but never soggy. These tips will help you to properly care for this tree and turn it into a heavy yielding fruit tree. To stop the growth of black sooty molds, you need to stop the spread of aphids. Depending on the quality of your existing soil, you may need to add a locally sourced compost or topsoil to the back-fill soil. Arrived in good condition. Thank you very much for your great review. Consistency is the key with citrus watering. So you can shop with confidence. Bearss Lime (Citrus x latifolia), commonly known as Persian lime or seedless green lime, is the most popular lime sold in California markets and in much of the world. This will also prevent broken limbs. In planting, the hole must be at least twice the size of the root ball and the root ball should be in a mound above soil level to create better drainage. Bearss Limes, also known as Persian Limes, have a spicy aroma and savory lemon and lime … With this tree none of those issues occurred. (0) Deep water the plant until it flows from the holes at the bottom of the pot. Fertilize citrus trees with a balanced fertilizer. Please call 866-216-TREE (8733), Shipped in a Black Growers Pot with Soil3 Year Warranty, Special Price Watering the Persian lime tree/strong> is highly dependent on the weather condition in your area. We ordered a persian line tree and the one that came to us looked completely different from the picture. Use spaces to separate tags. The Persian “Bearss” lime tree is a citrus tree that does well in warm climates but can survive cold temperatures; the dwarf lime tree can be grown in a pot if you live in colder areas. Meyer Lemon Tree. Persian Limes are thicker-skinned and larger than key limes. This ornamental and low-maintenance tree is an asset to any Florida gardener or amateur chef. All Rights Reserved. It was great working with this company. Create a water well or basin around the drip zone to collect the water for the tree’s roots. The plant features glossy evergreen oval foliage, and golf-ball sized seedless limes, and fragrant white flowers. Unlike lemons, citrus tree does not have large thorns on its stems, making it more pet friendly as a houseplant. Use single quotes (') for phrases. It has a trademark vivid lime-green fruit that is elongated and has rounded base with a short neck and a rounded apex with a short nipple. Prune fruit trees in the Winter to maintain size and shape to prepare for Spring growth. adroll_current_page = "product_page"; This citrus tree has a spreading form, nearly-thornless drooping branches, broad green leaves, purplish young shoots and white blooms. adroll_pix_id = "5YH5INRZ45CMPC55LNF3CM"; (Some Restrictions Apply, We use industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools. We are happy that your tree has a great home, and we appreciate your business. call  866-216-TREE (8733). We appreciate that you took the time to leave a review! Use a citrus fertilizer on your in-ground or newly potted Persian lime tree once every 6 weeks to promote healthy growth and to replenish the nutrients in the soil. Also known as the Tahiti lime tree, this tree produces the limes that are most commonly found in grocery stores. Cut off any new growth below the graft or very low in the tree, this will direct the plant’s energy to its main branches. Low Maintenance The Persian Lime Tree should be watered regularly after being planted. In the Tampa Bay area, Persian Lime trees are often simply referred to as a lime tree. (verified owner) – March 2, 2020. May have some leaves yellowing but expected that. Thank you for your prompt delivery. Join our community and get exclusive offers, care tips and more! This is a very loose estimate, so please read the directions on the fertilizer before applying it. Excellent delivery. Other fruitful branches will replace it. (0) COPYRIGHT 2020 © Paradise Nursery. Our plants are guaranteed to be true-to-name as labeled and in good condition when received. The Bearss lime has a distinct spicy aroma and a tasty savory blend of lime and lemon minus the bitterness or acidity. A bubbler system can provide enough water in 6 minutes while a drip system would run for 2 hours to saturate the soil. Essential add-ons to ensure the health and growth of your trees. Bearss Persian Lime Tree for sale online is a nearly thornless plant with drooping branches. Snip away any brown, dead or diseased branches at a 45-degree angle using sharp pruning shears to make a smooth cut. The Persian Lime Tree is a flowering fruit tree that grows vigorously, producing fruit all year long, although it usually matures in the fall.

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