They are also very popular on the local and international fruit and vegetable markets and most companies try to offer Iranian pomegranate fruit for sale. Most of these fruits distributed and consumed within the country. In early times, the bright flowers from pomegranate were regarded as a symbol of love, while the fruit was considered an image of fertility. Iranian pomegranates are extremely popular in these markets and sold in high market values. Iranian pomegranates come in a variety of shapes and colors, and each farmed for a different purpose. Vitarad Collection invites you to buy the best fruits. Dwarf Black Mulberries or White or Red mulberry Trees. (Photo by Nelson~Blue [license]), These plants are bursting out of their pots. Fresh Frozen Organic Pomegranate Arils by Northwest Wild Foods - Healthy Antioxidant Fruit Diet - for Smoothies, Pies, Jams, Syrups (9 Pounds) 4.2 out of 5 stars 27 $129.99 The companies make these boxes from cardboard and plastic, in different capacities. A wide variety of fresh pomegranate fruit for sale options … | [box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]You can see pomegranates and other fruit and vegetables of Vitarad company in or Instagram page:[/box], Our products Best pomegranate #vitarad_trading, A post shared by سجاد راد (@vitarad_trading) on Mar 12, 2018 at 12:08pm PDT. Australias own Finger Lime citrus. Privacy Policy The pomegranate is native to the Iranian Plateau, and has been cultivated in the Caucasus since ancient times. These amazing health benefits, along with the increasing global trend to eat and live healthier, have made pomegranates very popular on an international scale and all of the large fruit companies try to have pomegranate fruit for sale every year. Sale price: $29.99. Iranian farms are the best source of organic pomegranate fruit in the world and produce around a million ton of them every year. All rights reserved. Our line covers a wide spectrum of fruits. Fruit trees organised alphabetically from A-Z. Iran is the largest producer of Organic pomegranate fruit in the world, and accounts for more than 30% of the global productions. Email is our best contact. (Photo by Dieter Schlack [license]), All Rainforest and non fruiting categories, The entire tree gets covered in red flowers making a vibrant spectacle, Fast growing and known for their native vibrant flowers. Can grow up to 3m, but can easily be kept at 2m with pruning. Davidson plums, Lemon Myrtle and our own Macadamia nut originated in Australia and should be part of our backyards. Studies have indicated that the use of pesticides even at low doses can increase the risk of cancer. It also an important part of the Iranian culture and cuisine and tied with the daily life of the people in this country. At present, Vitarad Company aims to have negotiations and the initial correspondence with its external customers and could take a major step in the process of economic visas through the agreement. Local food also harvested when ripe and thus fresher and full of flavor and have a vibrant color. Dwarf Pomegranate Parfianka Split Open showing consistent edible red seeds By Australian Pomegranate Growers [All Rights ReservedUsed By Permission] (Photo Credits), Grown From CuttingLearn About Propagation Methods, Fruiting/Harvest Months March, April, May. As a plant will lose its leaves in the Winter to go dormant, it’s s important not to irrigate while the plant is dormant as that water will not be used. 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 Pomegranates among the oldest and most popular fruit produced in Iran, and have been a part of the Iranian agriculture industry and lifestyle, for thousands of years. Every year, the best fruit companies in Iran offer pomegranate fruit for sale as one of their top products. Flame Trees. The pomegranate tree can grow to 13 ft (4 m) and produces fruit with prismatic, rough seeds. Most of the exported Iranian pomegranates are sent to neighboring and Middle Eastern countries like Russia, Iraq, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates, but there are also minor exports to countries from Europe and East Asia as well. Early season Pomegranate. Regular price: $25.99. Fast growing and known for their native vibrant flowers. The botanical name for the pomegranate is Punica Granatum and is a fruit producing deciduous small tree or shrub that can grow between 15 to 30 feet. Since 1999, we have evolved into a year-round vertically integrated fruit company to guarantee quality extended from our farms to our customers. Pomegranate is a fruit collected before it completely ripens. Pomegranates are a true definition of a miracle fruit, people who constantly consume them receive many health benefits and protected from various diseases. Willis Orchard Company offers the six top varieties of pomegranate trees for sale to add to your home orchard. Standard: Classic- $5 Grand - $7 Deluxe- $9 Executive- $12 3 Day: Classic- $7 Grand - $9 Deluxe- $12 Executive- $18 2 Day: Classic -$10 Grand -$15 Deluxe - $25 Executive- $35 Overnight:Classic - $20 Grand -$25 Deluxe- $35 Executive -$55 Saturday: Classic - $30 Grand- $35 Deluxe- $45 Executive- $65 With the constant rise in the popularity of pomegranates, and them appearing in every super market product, producing high quality extracts is also a very profitable business.

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