In this case, the idea of a compound exercise has been taken to the extreme. David Sandler, MS, CSCS is the director of StrengthPro, Inc., a Las Vegas-based sports-performance consulting group. All the supplementary exercises in the world are great, but if you want to improve this lift, you need to practice it! They are frequently referred to as the “gold standard” of power development training; the thing "real" athletes do; the Holy Grail of strength and conditioning. I know that a lot of people have their favorite of the big Olympic compound movement style lifts and they usually will say that their favorite is the squat or the deadlift, and, while I like both of those lifts for sure, there is something about the explosiveness of the power clean exercise that I just love. Video is not supported by your browser. If your sport involves sprinting, jumping, throwing, hitting or lifting, you need power. This is most apparent in CrossFit. Power Clean. Exercises for Power Development . The Power Clean is an explosive full-body exercise that can help any athlete in any sportâ if it's performed correctly. An Olympic weightlifting move that looks every bit as impressive as it feels – but let’s face it, you don’t work out just to impress the other blokes at the gym. The power clean is a compound exercise, which means that it trains more than one muscle group and more than one skill. The clean has become a regular movement for experienced lifters well versed in the basic lifts. Do two clean pulls from above the knee, and on each rep, notice how the bar "wants" to travel up to your shoulders, but for now at least, you're not letting it. Classification. Comments. No exercise requires the biomechanical and coordinative demands like the power clean. Execution Begin the lift exactly as you would the clean. It is one of the biggest ‘bang for your buck’ lifts for a cardio hit. Begin the exercise by forcefully extending the hips and knees. Note that every week starts with the Power Clean. Power cleans work it all, majorly firing up your abs, hip flexors, glutes, and legs while simultaneously involving your shoulders and upper back, says St. Gerard. How often you should do the Power Clean in a training week depends on your training goal, as well as what your focus is (the training focus changes from pre-season to competitive season for example). However here are the 5 best warm up exercises; Jumping jacks Use the following routine to build power cleans into a strength/power day. The clean pull is a very basic but very helpful exercise, and can be used in a number of different ways to elicit different specific effects. It’s a unique exercise that blends sudden strength, power, and coordination to build a high performance, show-and-go body. Solution: The best way to fix this issue is to practice cleans from different starting positions, such as above the knee in the power position, just below the knee, or from blocks or plates that elevate the bar to a higher starting point than the floor. Shrug shoulders and pull barbell upward with arms, allowing elbows to flex out to sides, keeping bar close to body. 5 – Power Clean From Blocks. Drill 3: Clean Pull / Power Clean Complex From Above The Knees. Both the muscle clean and the power clean can be used (and often are) by various level lifters to increase pulling strength and performance applicable to the full clean. First Pull. The Power Clean is one of the best exercises you can do to improve your strength, power, and speed. Ultimately, training for power requires that you do exercises in which the speed of the exercise movement is relatively high, includes a load, and is executed with some explosive intent. Clean pulls are another exercise that can be used in conjunction with the snatch and clean (full squat or partial squat variations) to increase peak power.

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