I found out that all the images are clear. All of the examples and problems I reviewed are culture and gender neutral. This text is a standard presentation of the material drawing references from travel by car, psychology, engineering, biology, physics, and economics, which seems typical. I did not find any navigation problems or issues with visual features. I do recommend viewing the PDF file of the book as it links the index to appropriate page in the text easily. There are two digital versions: a downloadable PDF and an HTML version accessible online. Definitely good up-to-date applications and approaches. On p.386, Example #11 contains an error in the solution. I did not find any grammatical error in the text. The organization of the topics and the ideas within each topic follows a logical succession, while the modularity allows for any sub-topic to be studied with as much independence as possible. The text develops the standard terminology around functions, models, and graphing consistently. read more. Overall, the typography and design of the PDF version is cleaner, easier to scan, and similar to most professional textbooks, while the online version, though clear and readable, is clunkier, harder to scan, and lacks key labels like page numbers and example numbers, and most distressing, the exercises are not numbered. Sign In. It also provides some advanced contents that are linked to Calculus. Reviewed by Barbara Shipman, Associate Professor and Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Texas at Arlington on 4/11/17, More important than the generous selection of topics that this text includes is the inviting way in which the mathematics is presented, through engaging and colorful pictures, tables, graphs, and examples from real life (for example, in... Very good overall. Topics are presented in a logical and clear fashion. I have not found any error/mistake except one minor one. The examples are varied, from modern everyday life, and they come across as truly relevant (rather than contrived). Examples are inclusive and carefully chosen. Most examples avoid gender by referring to people by their role (scientists, hikers, etc. The "How To" boxes are generally helpful, but at times they reduce creative thinking to an algorithm without ample explanation for why it works (as for example, in finding the vertex of a quadratic function). The text is conveniently divided into smaller sections that can be easily located and studied at any point in the course. Technical terms are introduced in boldface in the body of the text and then defined more formally in easy to locate text-boxes. It introduces standard notations well and uses them consistently. The text is organized in a way that I would structure my own Precalculus course. Since precalculus courses vary from one institution to the next, we have attempted to meet the needs of as broad an audience as possible, including all of the content that might be covered in any particular course. The textbook covers all standard area and ideas for a Precalculus course. David continued further and wrote his first open textbook, Math in Society, a math for liberal arts majors book, after being frustrated by students having to pay $100+ for a textbook for a terminal course. read more. In addition, the PDF file suitably displays colorfully the different topics and titles of each chapter. Most of the topics that appear here have already been discussed in the Algebra book and often the text here is a verbatim copy of the text in the other book. It flows well and less formal than some, making it, I believe, more likely to be used by students for learning. I used Sullivan' Precalculus (9e) as a standard for comparison. Due to the nature of the topic, I cannot consider any such issues. This is a book that I can see as a truly helpful learning companion. Terminology is consistent. We use the the notation “Solu-tion.” to indicate where the reasoning for a problem begins; the symbol is used to indicate the end of the solution to a problem. Reviewed by Michael Garrett, Faculty, Mathematics/Statistics, Physics, and Early Childhood Development, East Tennessee State University on 4/26/19, I used Sullivan's Calculus (9e) as a standard for comparisons. The textbooks is well organized and written. Glencoe - Advanced Mathematical Concepts - Precalculus.pdf. Situations were mostly urban and academic and would be familiar to White America. The material is presented logically and laid out well. I used Sullivan' Precalculus (9e) as a standard for comparison. Common names are more often White American, though there is some variety. It also provides some advanced contents that are linked to Calculus. I did not find anything that I would be considered culturally insensitive or offensive. The engaging style is essential to building an understanding that is comprehensive not only in breadth of topics but also in its relevance, interest and hands-on feel for the student. I recommend it as a completely functional text for a serious pre-calculus course. The content is well organized, presented in a coherent way. Openstax will also be releasing College Algebra and Algebra and Trigonometry titles tailored to the particular scope, sequence, and pedagogy of those courses. The text lists about 50 credentialed content reviewers including faculty and teachers. A few cultural references may become dated but could easily be updated as they are isolated and not threaded through the material. The chapters in the book are subdivided into more specific sections, and each section also provides full concepts for the topic under each section. The real-world applications help make the mathematics more clear. I found most of the application problems that I read relevant. Cengage's WebAssign supports this text. Topics in each chapter and section has consistent lay out, which makes easy to navigate. Reviewed by Pavel Sikorskii, co-Director of Undergraduate Studies, Michigan State University on 10/14/19, Overall very good selection of topics, coherent, includes many engaging visual features and excellent real world applications. Sullivan pulls together some topics into an appendix as a review while this text does not. The PDF is nicely laid out to professional standards and displays well on a tablet. Solutions to selected exercises and "try it" problems are available from a button under the problems. If it also covers a little bit of reviews such as basic factoring and other topics from Algebra, then it... All of the chapters that I reviewed and problems that I worked, I found to be error-free and unbiased. I used Sullivan's Calculus (9e) as a standard for comparisons. It has the clickable links of the PDF, but pages, examples, and the exercises are not numbered and are not tied well to the PDF version. The chapters and sections of the book is well organized and designed in a comprehensible manner. This consistent lay out allows instructors to easily re-order the chapters and topics according to their needs. Graphs are larger online and can be zoomed in using the browser interface. Glencoe - Advanced Mathematical Concepts - Precalculus.pdf. Each chapter presents a glossary with give brief, well written definitions and key concepts, and the concepts include clickable links back to examples in the text. Overall very good selection of topics, coherent, includes many engaging visual features and excellent real world applications. The PDF is a good stand-in for a printed book. This text is designed to be modularized. In addition, the book suggests access to online resources for additional instruction and practice with topic of each section. It would be nice to see more application in computer programming and data analysis and to simulations. I do not expect any problem to use this textbook as the main textbook of my Precalculus class.

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