“And I was pleasantly surprised. And that’s it. "I'm sure everybody will be very familiar with this; it's the Line 6 DL4. I am going to tell you what this one does: it's a Basic Audio Gnarly Fuzz. It’s a very creative pedal and actually a great tool for songwriting. "Widely used in this band for all of the early records [2009's Before The Fire and 2011's Pressure And Time] is the Keeley Time Machine Boost. I find they’re a great way to layer sound and add in this tractor sound, I’ve got a setting that sounds like a monster truck. “We tune to Eb, but in the past I’ve needed extra guitars for songs in D. The Drop shifts it for me and has cut my rig down from six instruments to two, which as you can imagine, makes life a lot easier!”. So, click - and, indeed, drool - through our gallery of the best pedalboards on the touring circuit to get the inside track on some of the guitar world's premier gear hounds, but be warned: we can't be held responsible for any post-gallery pedal spending sprees. I just touch them here and there, it’s for peace of mind that they’re in there if I need them, it’s just for effects. I use it on the intro of Yesterday Went Too Soon, it’s really just set for that but it’s not in the set for tonight.”.

This is the only pedal I’ve ever seen that’s got a bpm-controlled tremolo. I don’t use a lot of effects, but it does exactly what I want it to do. It's not that exciting, but it's a Dunlop volume pedal and it works great.".

[Kevin] will pop it on or off for certain things just to fatten a couple of things up. “The pedalboard that I’m using... well, I’m not much on effects anyway, and with Extreme it’s always about the real minimalistic approach. All those pedals are fantastic.”, “I haven’t used it before this record, but it’s on a lot of the kind of lead stuff; it’s just in there a little bit, so the main riff on Hurricane, it’s on there, and it’s on the guitar in the verses of Stay With Me. You’re saving the sound guy some time by doing it. In the studio I use that pedal in front of an unmodded Marshall 800 from 1985/86 and  I blended that in with my Rivera for tracking.

It’s mainly used for clean parts - it will get used on Hell’s Kitchen. "The options you can get with the delay on the TimeLine are ridiculous. "I've had it modded, if you can see, I don't want any of the knobs, except the gain knob, so he plugged it up for me.

“With the EBow, using slides or bends or the manner of approaching the strings, it can create various expressions of sustain. There’s some weird stuff happening on there – and it's all this pedal.”. If you keep your guitar in a case in an environment which has a constant temperature, and use the same gauge and brand of string, you may hardly ever need to adjust the intonation. “When I went to develop it, they had sent me all the other signature ones… I tried them all and took notes about the things I’d liked about each one. I’ve had this one for about a year and, to tell you the truth, it didn’t replace anything on my pedalboard – it replaced four guitars! It ends up sounding like an analogue synth filter section.

I use it at the beginning of Duality.”, Kevin: “It has a square wave filter on it so it sounds extra zippery and fucked up.”, Mick: “Fucked up was what we were going for.”, Kevin: “He wanted something more fucked up so… we fucked it up.”, Mick: “It’s so over the top we have to dial it back a little bit, but it’s a shit ton of fun and I can’t wait to be in the studio with it because I know it’s going to end up somewhere. And we finally bought some backups - so I’m feeling good about that! “It’s basically a Big Muff , but you can really mess around more with the high mids. The more often you set up your guitar, the easier it will be for you to get it stay in tune, and it will also train your sensitivity to its tones. I have a mixture of a pre-recorded loop and then throw another live loop on top of it.”, Akai E2 Headrush Looper and Saturnworks Mixer, “This has got be my most essential pedal. It can just boost a melody so it shoots through in a way that works really well - like when Munaf and Michael are playing really heavy chords on songs like The Only Moment We Were Alone or Greet Death, I play this pedal for the melodies.”, Mark: “This is brand new. It just adds a little mojo.”, “That’s just my distortion, overdrive, whatever you call it. And when you’re trying to condense that into a very compact box like this one, you’re going to start sacrificing some of the sound. “Back home I have a switching system so I don’t have to do so much tap dancing. There’s a HOG2 now, which I think is much smaller. And then the other side is the IC Big Muff; it's got a switch on it that takes the tone control out so it just gets more woolly but really, really fat.”, “This is real volatile, horrible; it's not nice. “I found that for my clean stuff, I was digging into the strings and breaking a lot of strings, because my guitar wasn’t thick or loud enough. ", "Then is goes into the Saucy Box, which is essentially a Klon overdrive sound. I mean, right after the third!

You can even make your guitar warble as it plays back. Even when we do our older songs, I try to put it on when I’m playing things like octaves, so it’s not so abrasive. If I’m not kicking in distortion or reverb, this is what it’ll be!”. There have been times before when I’d go through and bank everything, adjusting the effects levels, but I find it varies according to the rooms we’re playing sometimes. But I don’t do that, I use it purely as an effect. I’m actually wearing two packs on stage – one for acoustic and one for electric. I like the modelled tape sound that it has, so it’s a little softer sounding. Of course, this is probably the 15th one I’ve had to buy, because they tend to break too easily, in my opinion. The only reason being the Carbon Copy might be a little too mild for my needs, almost a bit subdued. “I just picked this up from the MXR guys in San Francisco. “This is my newest pedal, I got it pretty recently. “That stacks on top of the other ones, so it’s a lot of stacking. It’s kinda funny because I’m up there playing this mirrored Explorer on My Name Is Jonas and it comes out sounding like the most beautiful acoustic.”, “This is a little fuzzier than my other pedals, I use it primarily for Back To The Shack, which I felt needed a bit of a creamier sound.”, “This thing sounds great for the solo I do in Beverly Hills.

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