After that, clay turns into marl as could be expected. Because, if the blocks are hand made, it changes the entire history, and not just for this area. For me, there was no doubt. He had spent some time analysing that stone, and all he told me in the end was, "It is hard to say. The pyramid was constructed in two phases. Like many things, The Pyramid of the Sun is made of golden rock. I wrote more about it in my series of books called Alternative History. "Professor, we have a design of a pyramid here!". Mix of marl, sand, gravel, and young clay - all of it brought together seemingly by human effort. Spheres made of stone in Bosnia... energy torrents from the sky... all of these resemble the case of Costa Rica . Spheres made of stone in Bosnia... energy torrents from the sky... all of these resemble the case of Costa Rica . A meter deeper, at 3.10 meters (10.17 ft.) several types of rocky materials were found - very firm ones. She claimed that it was hard to tell, but she thought that "in 90% of cases it is a natural material". He used the shape of the pyramid, modified it slightly, and hundreds of tons of soil were transferred so the right shape could be obtained. The Avenue of the Dead. So, we entered the basis of marl mixed with gravel, sand and stones. It is with great pleasure that I announce to the world that in the heart of Bosnia, about 30 km (18.65 mi.) At the top of the pyramid (in a place of today's town of Visoki ) was a shape of a long, rectangular temple. Planned research will not, in any way, endanger the environment or a medieval historical monument – our town of Visoki . After a detailed and extensive research by Mexican archaeologists it was confirmed that the hill was a pyramid with the largest surface in the world. The Museum considered the letter at the board meeting on August 1, 2005 and decided that this project would go ahead as a routine procedure, with me completely taking over the financing of the Project. Graves of children have been found in the pyramid. It is a flat-cut block an in both cases, thickness is 10 cm (3.93 in. The original Pyramid of the Sun was built the Great Elders who toreDanu Talis from the seabed. Periodically, research results will be published to government (Institute for Monuments Protection) and the media. B 5 and B 6 – Holes number 5 and 6 on the entrance plateau of the Pyramid, at 100 to 150m (328.08 ft. to 492.12 ft.) from the first hole and the beginning of the grove. Ancient men knew the shape of the pyramid and the effects on human energy levels. Four sides of the pyramid have an orientation to the North, South, East and West. The team working inside the pyramid Credit: SWNS:South West News Service ... "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. It is not logical, not even if we assume that it was a natural turn over. We also found a non logical (from nature's point of view) mix of marl and gravel as stone material. At the entrance plateau of Visocica, there are several types of rocks that catch attention, just as this brown treated rock. At 3.60 meters (11.81 ft.) stone mixed with marl was found, which is also not logical. Several millennium inaugurals of Illyrian and Basque-Caucasian people left behind genius facilities in the form of pyramids, monolithic towns formed in stone and complex energy harvesting systems. On the contrary. I found this incredibly odd, being as he had been recommended to me as an expert. It is also the location of the final battle of Danu Talis. Sample of cemented stone in which we found several types of material. The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest pyramid in the ancient city of Teotihuacán. Nature rarely shapes hills in symmetrical and regular geometrical form. Of course, the location of these holes wasn't accidental: I assumed that there would be a stone stairway built to the entrance plateau of the Pyramid. I showed the picture to Hodovic. The central part of Visocica, as it can be seen, has a pyramidal shape. They did not know what was under the surface, but it was as if they had felt the importance of the location. Then, at a depth of 7.30 meters (23.95 ft.) there are black trails (organic material, fossil remains, coal?). The previous Great Elders and Elders, though rarely, gathered in the Pyramid for councils and important hearings and courts. I sent a letter to the Native Museum in Visoko regarding interest in initiating research on Visocica Hill, or rather what was underneath it. Early Bosnian stone-pits have produced impressive, polished blocks of sand stone. It is believed that the children were sacrificed to consecrate the building. Thinking aloud " beneath us is the Pyramid of Moon, and at the moment, we are at the top of the Pyramid of Sun," I interrupted professor Hodovic for a moment. At 14.80 meters (48.55 ft.) is a stone covered in marl. That remark caught my attention. The Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Wiki, Ranging a few hundred kilometres from river Sava to the Adriatic Sea, Bosnia and Herzegovina was considered one of the most outstanding areas in Europe at that time. Inside the Sun Pyramid at Teotihuacan, Mexico: 2008-2011 Excavations and Preliminary Results a very important anomaly is found: marl, sand and black trails (organic material) are mixed. It is a stony block, integrated with natural materials, used for building the walls of the Pyramid. After a warm welcome in the Museum, commissioner and professor, Mr. Senad Hodovic, took us to the top of the nearby Visocica Hill. Canals radiated from the circle like spokes on a wheel." Stones that are present in the Pyramid are not all of the same age. And, as Cortez built his cathedrals on top of the pyramids without ever knowing what was underneath them, so Bosnian monarchs built their first capital town on Visocica. However, I was interested in a much earlier period. The more I found out, the more I felt that this phenomenon needed to be explored. The Structure OF The Sun’s pyramid. These hundreds of medical experts publish a newspaper with c... Foundation’s Team in action: Principal Investigator Dr Sam O... Excerpts from “The Bosnian Pyramid of Sun”, by Semir Osmanagic; published by Klepsidra Sarajevo, October 2005, first edition. Now, dozens of other anthropological questions arise. They also knew of metals that affected and increased the energetic flow. In short, there is a possibility that a natural material was used for building. Engineer Dževad Valjevac contacted Sarajevo's Zemaljski Museum , because I went back to Houston after the drillings had finished. The town was built on the top of the pyramid that was so old that it was completely covered with forest and layers of soil. B 1 - Hole number 1; between 11.65 meters (38.22 ft.) and 11.90 meters (39.04 ft.) is a brown layer. More The Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Wiki, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Wiki. WHY A PYRAMID, AND NOT A NATURAL CREATION? Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. Therefore, I apply to you for endorsement of further research over a 5-year-period. The four sides of the top of the hill completely match the world's sides: East, West, North and South, which is a typical characteristic in the construction of the pyramids. (a comparison with pyramids in Central and South America ). Bases are made of gravel, sand and stone. From that distance we could see Visocica in its full size. We also found a non logical (from nature's point of view) mix of marl and gravel as stone material. Stones are a flat block on which were later used for building and foundations. Beneath is a marl that was, logically, a firm base for supporting buildings (in our case for supporting the Pyramid). Many thousands of years after its construction (the end of the last ice age), layers of soil that were 2.5 m (8.2 ft.) or even more thick were formed. Sand stone would not have been difficult to get a hold of. This stone, which I assume was a "decorative" floor tile stone, is present in other two holes, too. The solution is more logical if we look at potential human interference; water canals, filtration? With special methods they would flatten the surfaces, making them shinier. And not only that. It is only right to want to know more having come so far. This is another important part of Osiris's and Isis's plan with the twins. Cortez decided that the largest church would be built on the top of that hill. It's one of the best-preserved tombs ever discovered in Teotihuacán, and suggests more tombs inside both pyramids. There was a photograph of one of the Mexican pyramids on that page. The second phase consisted in adding an altar and a big statue at the top. We were looking for cement stone, as we call it. Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the Adriatic rim has been important as a potent energy source for them. The Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. I focused my observation onto the Pljesevica hill. This helps explain what seems inexplicable, the anomalies as we have called them, which were mentioned in previous chapters. Well, it did mean a lot for Bosnian state, especially during the period between XI and XIV century, from Kulin Ban to King Tvrtko I. A little deeper, from 15.20 - 15.40 meters (49.86 ft. and 50.52 ft.) is a mix of clay, marl and smooth stone.

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