The goldeye has a limited distribution in BC, occurring only in portions of the Liard and Fort Nelson River systems. BC Ferries River Levels Sunrise/Sunset Tides Weather. In 2018, the Province established the Wild Salmon Advisory Committee (WSAC) to develop management options and undertake community consultations on strategies aimed at recovering salmon populations and addressing related community economic factors. This set of keys is an attempt to provide rapid and dependable field identifications of BC freshwater fish. Taylor, E.B. BC Fish Species BC Mollusc Species BC Invertebrates BC Marine Mammals. Rainbow trout represent the majority of fish stocked in BC lakes and rivers. Black crappies prefer clear water with little current, submerged material and or weeds and muddy or sandy bottoms such as one might find in ponds and small lakes. E-Fauna BC: Electronic Atlas of the Fauna of British Columbia []. Typical range in length for adults: 60 to 90cm     Maximum: 150cm, Typical range in weight for adults: 1 to 5kg      Maximum: 33kg. Within reach is some of the best freshwater fishing in North America. Additional research is required to better understand the nature of these populations in BC. BC Ferries BC Highways Capilano River English Bay. Typical range in length for adults: 15 to 30cm      Maximum: 34cm, Typical range in weight for adults: 0.35kg            Maximum: 0.7kg. The walleye is resident of streams and lakes in northeastern BC where it favours warm, shallow water with high turbidity. For example, the Hadley Lake stickleback species pair has been assessed as Extinct, the Nooksack dace as Endangered, the lower Fraser River population of White Sturgeon as Threatened, and the Columbia Sculpin as Special Concern (see for more information). Specific populations of Chinook, Sockeye and Coho salmon have been categorised by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) at varying levels of concern from Not at Risk to Endangered although no populations have yet been designated under the Species at Risk Act. Sterile and single gender stocking ensures that these fish do not interbred with native populations or establish home territories on their own. and of the Hadley Lake (Lasqueti Island) stickleback species pair are notable examples. The first three extent back millions of years and continue to the present day; the most serious human activities are limited to the past 200 years or so (the “Anthropocene” see below). Freshwater sport fish . Eric Taylor teaches a course at the University of British Columbia on Diversity and Evolution of Fishes.  Read more here. In BC, one of the most profound effects of the Anthropocene has been the introduction of non-native fishes. Introduction to the Freshwater Fishes of BC, Cnidarians (Corals, Sea Anemones and Jellyfish), Crustaceans (Barnacles, Crabs, Shrimp and more), Introduction to the Cladocerans (Water Fleas) of BC, Introduction to the Decapods (Crabs, Crayfish and Shrimp) of BC, Anomura (Mole Crabs, Hermit Crabs, King Crabs, Porcelain Crabs, and Squat Lobsters) of BC, Astacidea (Crayfish and True Lobsters) of BC, Thalassinidea (Ghost and Mud Shrimps of BC), Introduction to the Ostracods (Seed Shrimp) of BC, Echinoderms (Sea Stars, Sea Cucumbers and Sea Urchins), Molluscs (Clams, Octopus, Snails and more), Introduction to the Aplacophora (Sclerite-bearing deep sea molluscs) of BC, Introduction to the Bivalvia (Clams, Scallops, and Mussels) of BC, Introduction to Cephalopoda (Octopus, Squid and Cuttlefish) of BC, Introduction to the Gastropoda (Snails, Limpets and Abalones), Introduction to the Land Snails and Slugs of BC, Introduction to the Polyplachora (Chitons) of BC, Introduction to the Robber Flies (Asilidae) of BC, Families of Lepidoptera in British Columbia, Mecoptera (Scorpionflies and their relatives), Orthoptera (Grasshoppers, Katydids, Crickets), Psocoptera (Psocids, Barklice and Booklice), Thysanura (Bristletails, Silverfish and Firebrats), Additional Bird Species in BC (PDF Articles), The Ecozones of BC, with Special Reference to Lepidoptera (PDF), Introduction to Alien and Invasive Species in BC, Exotic Introductions into BC Marine Waters, Marine Protected Areas and Climate Change (PDF), Mountain Whitefish (Prosopium williamson), Typical range in length for adults: 15 to 25cm     Maximum: 70cm, Typical range in weight for adults: 0.05 to 0.2kg      Maximum: 2.9kg. Extensive volcanism from 23 – 3 mya helped to produce the heavily sculpted waterscapes of the central interior of BC. The brown trout displays a number of life strategies including river-based, lake-based and sea-run. Typical range in length for adults: 30 to 75cm     Maximum: 90cm, Typical range in weight for adults: 1 to 7kg         Maximum: 9kg. It has been suggested that the longer snout may confer advantages for foraging as mountian whitefish are primarily bottom feeders. The management of salmon fisheries in B.C., in both tidal and fresh waters, is the responsibility of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO). has declared a state of emergency. Lake whitefish are a prey species of burbot, lake trout and northern pike, thus playing a key role in the life cycles of these species. freshwater invertebrates (e.g. In all cases, coastal cutthroat trout return to their natal stream to spawn. In:   Klinkenberg, Brian. The bull trout follows four distinct life history strategies including, stream resident, river migration, lake migration and ocean migration. INTRODUCTION TO THE FRESHWATER FISHES OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, Professor, Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia. Known as an aggressive predator, the northern pike favours ambush tactics, waiting motionless for extended periods then striking prey after a sudden burst of speed. Biological Invasions 8: 13–24. Traditional keys are not very useful in the field, since they are designed for use on preserved specimens - a definite drawback when working with rare or threatened species. 8��}���U�3�lw7M��th���aj���7g��o�?��ԼY�lǮy�no���a:��v3O�q�k�������A�O-j3����mN�w�)m�;���n�Ny����j\o��n|�p��������������Z=[������*v�]^�K����;��T�雓��P��0��0�����O�)ƪ Steelhead (oncorhynchus mykiss) Typical range in length for adults: 50-85cm Maximum: 120cm. 2004. There were three principal glacial refugia that provided postglacial immigrants to BC via now extinct inter-watershed connections: the Bering Refuge (unglaciated areas of the Yukon River valley and adjacent areas of eastern Russia), the Pacific Refuge (unglaciated areas of the lower Columbia River valley and adjacent areas), and the Great Plains Refuge (unglaciated areas of the upper Missouri River east of the Continental Divide). While most lake trout eat a variety of invertebrates, fish and even small mammals, some populations depend entirely on plankton.The lake trout is solitary by nature and may wander extensively within its habitat.The lake trout is known to be particularly sensitive to pollution, particularly insecticides. Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative, Releasing White Sturgeon - The Gentle Way, Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society, COSEWIC  Assessment and Status Report on White Sturgeon. Interestingly, two different versions of the mountain whitefish have been identified in some populations, the typical example and a "pinocchio" version which possesses an elongated snout. aquatic insects and crayfish) in streams as bait unless a bait ban applies. Typical range in length for adults: 30 to 40cm     Maximum: 112cm, Typical range in weight for adults: 0.5 to 1.8kg      Maximum: 8.7kg. While direct management of wild salmon saltwater and fresh water fisheries falls under the mandate of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), British Columbia has significant social and economic interests in, as well as key responsibilities for habitat management for all five species of Pacific Salmon.

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