The padding liquor contains: Sodium hydroxide solution (32.5%) – 10-30 ml/L (Depends on the shade depth), Wetting agent eg. Most importantly, good dye-fiber bond stability! Reactive dyes are applied either from a solution with high pH or from neutral solutions that are later alkalized through a separate process. 13. << 58 0 obj Low affinity, poor crystallinity of the fibre, small molecular size of the dye will favour this stage, though negatively affecting dyeing solidity and liquor exhaustion. Broadbent AD, Dyers So, Colourists. Raise temperature by 1°C/min up to 80-85°C during addition of salt. Now the material is batched up to a roll. Add pre-dissolved dye for 5 minutes and continue for 10 minutes, Add rest salt according to the following table and run for 15 minutes. Chapter 5: Reactive Dyes and Their Application By J. R. ASPLAND, School of Textiles, Clemson University, Clemson, S.C. F rom the year 1856, following Perkin’s discovery of the first synthetic dye, the growth of organic chemical knowledge paralleled that of the dye manufacturing industry in particular, and the chemical industry in general. �[7���a�X"�NO0��U�A���E�2�~=�o�~����m��k8J���o�te�CZ�2ץ};N�#b�x杪q���d�� Actually, this is pretty similar to the exhaust method because almost all the dyebath is involved with the substrate at ambient temperature. Hence, pad (with alkali) – dry sequence is enough for this. Choudhury AKR. H�|WͲ�(~��.M� %� o03˩�Ν�1$a��Ф������x�� ���t��LUE�ӿ Ixt*�JrN�(�N�����Ox:-����#D�I)IR������r��9}���T_��e[���?������{NR�3m}��`yZ5�?��I����+��#h&��������O�)F�d:%pm��y��rJD��b�Ԏl�Wpr)""�2�R�O����0����iĸ�ﲽIS�~y�!�9mN�Pr\���mS��vPm��{1�5�S_�x�%�Le�_�3�q)����ƷJ�:�TWI��j쭨MT�����GS鲫�P�)ɒL���G��9 �3�-sBP+��>�ar��. Compare the contrast between the treated and untreated sample with Grey Scale for changing color of dyed sample and staining of adjacent fabric in a color matching cabinet. The role of time is very important in case of Dyeing because accurate or proper fixation is depand upon time. For a level dyeing the materials should be prepared very well. partial stripping is obtained by treating the dye fabric, with dilute acetic acid or formic acid. Difference between Quality and Reliability, Difference Between Buying House and Trading House, Properties & Classification of Reactive Dyes. Continuous process: Continuous process involves impregnation of materials with alkali and dye, either in a single or two stage which is followed by a draining or steaming process. However, here, dye hydrolysis rate also increases, leading to deactivation of part of dye resulting in dye wastage. Download preview PDF. The washing liquor to goods ratio is 50:01, The rinsing, drying, or pressing methods used to restore the sample after the washing test. This process can be used for staple fibre, yarns and fabrics. It decreases the hydrolysis rate of dyes. They can create a wide range of shades with excellent brilliancy. Evaluation the contrast between the treated and untreated white rubbing cloth with grey scale and rated 1-5. At the same time, the liquor flow in contact with the material is spread homogeneously and allows a good distribution of the dye in all the areas of the textile surface; this enhances the dye consistency with the same operating times. The Chemistry of Synthetic Dyes, Volume VI, Reactive Dyes, other words, it is also called dye fixing agent. 1h�'���C?��W�)��ط�e�b,3)�����W6�r�&��u$W1Q�x�d�&�p�Ǧ��ײ>��$V�'�~+��)���t�CMO3�*�=�{P���g�C� `{��Y�n�w��E�����ħd�p��e��6΄�%��5��A�9(Y�lw=Tv�!e�Ў�$et@̆A�,>��k`2I�9)A�*'6G�P��j�S^/b ,��P��T�� 7$�F�ou�Z��I��S�Im�)kr�ۼ�4XM0Ϭ�I)��� �u��j��^�x�� \�@)N�K^ߎ���ֲ�b��� Y��e}�u�G� cH�$.�^��GH*~���q�J�):+�;����:�$�%l�$;g��|�����a�{�^N��P0�)s���o���p8~ͻ��4UnZ鿯UӁ����`�v>w���`��0��s��(R�p�ߵ�� ��m�` $��>궝)�fv���լ(5�6�]��(���9v����D;�pܮiF�$Y������P�\w��T�Z�c��{�� ,!mDY*����FJ|.n��}�w����^�6����-x�f��"��TN����pt��t;?%L��Z�g[�m�f��U�s�9z{xî��|�#�\�/U�@v�:���73z��Ȅ WP�hm~vC�b=L���9TЎ�F����`q�c�(�J�]�H6���5��o7�4���o��RKp_�]U���w���B��o��zاDLs)�K��WH�c�0p��\���v:o���(���Ҙa����^#1� ���|�3��\�Ǧ\¾��_�,��S]�E�~!Ev7�Ü�4^���7ݛ�A��W�a�4��?���� ��@��Dq�(�[e�Q�܆� ���������> 3����.؇%����ai���w�;4������7-,��b�1���z+�q�5�(L�Bo�*Y�S������v��xVjF�ǎޑ$�ɏG]���(�03�1Ѯ%+�����Lm1F dL�;`���W�3�����+���&�G�h�@��|��_�` n�� If, on other hand, dye reactivity is decreased, extent of hydrolysis can be reduced considerably that, how ever results in slower reaction rate with fibre also. >0�[���3����F�,�z�>��Ɇ{>jo @axJ�}�n������A� 9�x�����=�Fj�oJI�Il��87M�-R����us�/�i�^�ݗ��7�W)�F��V���s(:wǿ����+����'"���9RT Dye absorption and reaction with fiber continues until no dye is taken up. endobj >> the dye molecules and the OH hydroxyl group of cellulosic fibers, on between the dye molecules and the terminal -NH2 group, substrate to form a covalent dye substrate linkage, is know. As strong alkali caustic (NaOH) is used to create pH 12-12.5 when the dye is of lower reactivity.

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