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The course in turn has become more rigorous but the students are better positioned to succeed. The 5th edition of the text, as expanded and reconfigured, serves as a more comprehensive source where information flows more logically than ever before. ��3�i0ΡdFz�!�����E��+��-Ԛ��O�O������k��W�[[_� ��׻Z����0����M?�v�va_�톿���ݯ�0�O��0���k���ah0����0�4���0��`�� h �-���0A���#�0B'j0@���6�"�@ˆ��� i�����i�0� 4�!�g;�P�ȁ���g% ���"vR�(�����e:����n��GXC���������SJ����������W^?������-���&�@�#���U�: �B�@�t�t����W��f[D;*�2�O� © 2009-2020 Real Estate Financial Modeling, LLC. 덋����?�?���U[�� ��o��^�.�`{���\{�O����o��Mma��_�S�i�4��A�9XQ0DtN ��������DDDDDDDDDDH�@��x29r����*�I*����H��K�I�Q�*�CL(0@– �6q��:�aHr�6D�L��{{��ޞE�Ȕ|7�� ��߿�����a���/n��o�R�U����)���������������_����_��� � A����������/� ��CH�@���0��i����O ȡ� �(;� D� ����"46� �� � ��mA6�nxA� �M�t4��xA��m��� � � ��zn������:O�v�i 6��i�6�zt\&�xO�v��$�i��Ӵ��*v��I�W]i%l&�zӋӤ��Z����w���;��_�NW��O��>��~�������K�����꟧��I_����WWֿկ���$��k�����_���������~���-:�dP U���pW���ـm��_���z��#����_��`�_�]&���+��;�=%�/��/�d@,�����w_߂��)o����Q�K��ຮ����9� ���]�/��D��L/�� _~{���"g�����@���*#Z��C^����� ��" ����%��_���Q����z�����H/��z�@����A����^���/�K�����_��/�K������������������%�K������)�}k����K��]���_�4�W�_��{�}�����u���v�޿��������w�������������}��~�����������޾���ҫ_��w�����׿���������������������������������޵�����������k��{o������z����_n�_����d�k{k�m?�v������.�k������m������0����^�i~� ��v�g����l,0V�_���� ~� ��8a�a���0��0M��W��_��o� p;RS��������@0����� �+�A� ���ֿ�����}�� ��&��ڡ8x�aS��w��W����rD�y�|�S�s\|Rqz�AM��I5�A�@� B�3:2\9�g�o� �0A��Zz� � Carey School of Business, Arizona State University. Prior to Wharton, Mr. Kirsch performed quantitative equity research on the technology sector at The Capital Group Companies. %PDF-1.2 %���� 0000000708 00000 n 0000000653 00000 n He has been married for over 40 years and is an exercise enthusiast. Based on his Wharton classes, this book reflects Dr. Linneman’s frustration with texts that concentrate excessively on theoretical detail and literature, while ignoring important aspects of financial decision making. The book serves as an excellent primer on general real estate concepts and provides in-depth analysis of asset valuation, deal structuring and capital market considerations. 0000025352 00000 n This book focuses on what to do after you have mastered the basic financial tools. Mr. Kirsch holds an MBA in Real Estate from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he was awarded the Benjamin Franklin Kahn/Washington Real Estate Investment Trust Award for academic excellence. 0000021015 00000 n v����b�Ջ�_J���~�6���|%����I'��/����~I����%��_J��i�~U�j���^+��_��O����`�x_��}��,t�[�� /��x/ۂ��X/�������بy�P*��zo������~��/m���}�_�/���߂�x/�#��^=����}�/�m��a�m6��e���2���W���A[�x@����o������~���mB �_�� �_���D5����� ����� _�t�����ށ�/��_�������H�������K߷�� �/���n����A�/�����/�_~��7���K�޿��o�����m��������w����_~��}�u���צ�������������ת���?��n��߿�o�߻_������~������������o�����u��o�޿�������z�����w�{���w�ۻ_�^e�޽�������m���z;���픪��^�a�/ݧ�i�ڷa>�mzMv�m}��v�����O����gw�"���� ���4���� ��dX3� z xjz�VɎ�Wd��_��v��+ 0000018834 00000 n The book is an exploration of the key concepts of real estate finance and investment strategy. This book balances the “real world” aspects of real estate finance without compromising key theoretical underpinnings. It takes students above and beyond the mechanics of entering data into a spreadsheet and challenges them to think logically and economically. Judgment comes one mistake at a time. 0000023191 00000 n Students can listen to author interviews and review key glossary terms from wherever, whenever. 44 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /L 468272 /H [ 828 196 ] /O 47 /E 26553 /N 8 /T 467348 >> endobj xref 44 19 0000000016 00000 n ^��^��T� WK_���_� at������zV `������!! It is concise (no-nonsense), easy to read, merging seamlessly the industry practice with academic discipline in a logical way. 0000024272 00000 n financing real estate. �w���J�j)��g;������ݳZS��Y��x��p�=��BA��.��ŏ�X}�j��%��> >> stream All rights reserved | Trademarks, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Prerequisite I: The Basics of Discounted Cash Flow & Net Present Value Analyses, Prerequisite II: Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Prerequesite III: Amortization Fundamentals, Chapter 1 | Introduction: Risks and Opportunities.

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