#1 How to Draw a 3D Apple - Step by Step with Colored pencils - YouTube Colour the stem by using your colour C520 (Dark Brown) to create the shadow edge just in from the right side. Using a minimum of colours and in just 8 steps you'll create a drawing of a realistic apple. We are committed to giving you the most entertaining and comfortable moments Please subscribe to our channel so we … On the left side of the stem add some C610 (Dark Teracotta.) How to draw a realistic apple with colored pencils. Create some circling strokes through the centre of the apple, with the same colour pencil laid on the side. Welcome to our channel ! Add some of the same blue to the area at the bottom of the apple. Dec 30, 2018 - Learn how to draw a coloured pencil apple in this beginners free online drawing lesson. Color Pencil Drawing For Beginners Realistic Color Pencil Drawing Tutorial Of Apple – Youtube.

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