The result is both uplifting and comedic – and it’s a shining example of creativity going the extra mile. Doubtlessly, it has been a challenging time for marketing departments. Browse the entire seasonal offering as it comes in. - Sallie Burnett, Customer Insight Group, Inc. 5. We are aware and Heineken is aware. It’s shocking, gripping, and in parts, horrifying. Many companies are using this time to display corporate social responsibility (CSR) by giving back and supporting communities. This was combined with a multi-channel marketing campaign, including OOH ads, social media promotion, and an accompanying video ad. This situation, of course, has come with consequences. Marmite: ‘Breakfast Means Breakfast ... As should probably be expected, this creative ad campaign was somewhat polarising – while millions praised the message and the polished delivery of it, many felt it was anti-men. This situation, of course, has come with consequences. They were not late for stay home campaigns either. Playing off of its slogan, ‘The Best a Man Can Get’, Gillette released this purpose-driven campaign, ‘The Best Men Can Be’, at the beginning of 2019. Airbnb hosts from all over the world had to stop hosting. These times will be over and what companies do now will be remembered in the future. And, exactly as intended, it resonated with a huge range of people. This year, one retailer went all out in an attempt to shift as many cinnamon buns as possible (with the bonus of a whole lot of brand awareness along the way). The best beauty campaigns in 2018 celebrated people of all ages, sizes, and with so-called "flaws" like acne and body hair. On the TV. Because we are people and we love to hope. A rock in a storm. At the same time, Carlsberg introduced new packs and glassware aimed at reinforcing the changes and the pilsner’s new, more premium, positioning. How does the fashion industry heat things up when the weather outside is frightful? Essential KPIs and Metrics to Track for Startup Marketing, Inspiring Social Media Case Studies from Reputable Brands and Digital Agencies. All of that means it can be hard for brands to capture attention, stay relevant, and be remembered later on. Armed with beautiful cinematography and a message to get behind, the brand’s video ad presents powerful examples of toxic masculinity – from bullying in childhood all the way through to harassment as an adult. - Todd Maxwell, eMaximize, Successful PR, media strategy, creative and advertising executives from Forbes Agency Council share trends and tips, © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Lead ads convert to leads at a 2.07% higher rate than landing pages. Bear with us here – this one’s a little outside the box. You're now subscribed to our mailing list to receive exciting news, On social media. And be sure to keep checking back as they continue to roll out. “Through customer surveys, we know that the reason they enjoyed their first Majestic experience was due to our expert store colleagues. The ad itself is an examination of American perceptions of Mexico, presented with a fun twist – the people interviewed in the ad (some of whom are decidedly anti-Mexico) are given a discount on flights to Mexico based on what percentage of their DNA is Mexican. Heinz took a smart action to benefit from this trend with this creative campaign: We are staying at home and saving lives. Ask the supplier: How to make the most of crisps and snacks? #shareasquare - Lori Paikin, NaviStone®, 8. Company Number: 10788661 It’s the perfect example of creative advertising with purpose at its core. By using this website you are consenting to the use of cookies. In this case, Microsoft’s creative excellence is not only in its ad, but in the change the brand has helped to implement. No one could have guessed that there is going to be a pandemic to affect the whole world and staying home would be the best way to avoid the illness. I consider their digital ad creative. The virus that causes COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 was first identified during an investigation into an outbreak in Wuhan, China. Purpose-driven? - Kelly Samuel, Kelly Samuel, 9. The message is powerful because it connects with everyone's basic desire to feel accepted. Created with the help of ad agency Ogilvy, this video ad is far more than a surface-level promotion of what Mexico has to offer tourists. The empty packaging is accompanied by a moving video, which uses artful storytelling to showcase the experiences of older people who feel alone. Check. It will take longer than we expected. The true weight behind it isn’t just in the quality of the ad, but the direct and measurable impact that accessible products have had on individual lives. This season's offering is equal parts playful and chic. They say: Wherever you live, your home is now a McDonald’s. Never miss the latest fashion industry news. The entire campaign is in support of Age UK, with 30p from each bar going to the charity. We will see you in the pub when it's safe. It’s a great example of reactive marketing done right, and the resulting social media engagement proves it – when one of the responses to your creative ad campaign is: “Can we replace the PM with a jar of Marmite?”, you know you’ve probably tapped into that good old British humour. The Devils didn’t just use them all willy-nilly, though. Tagged with: advertising campaigns alcohol convenience stores majestic wine. Here are 10 recent ads that were on the money, showcasing innovative ideas and a whole heap of creativity. We packed a whole lot of insight, expert opinion, and handy hints into our Marketing Leader’s Guide to Campaign Planning – grab your free copy to start squeezing the most out of each and every campaign. opened its first store in more than five years, Government intervention needed to protect long-term access to cash, ACS says, Fewer Scots deaths thanks to Minimum Unit Pricing, Family-run store celebrates century of trading, Co-op to open new-look Dolgellau food store, James Hall & Co helps deliver protective equipment, Link and PayPoint hail free cash withdrawals pilot, Day-Today Express retailer named Retail Hero, Consumer confidence hit by personal finances concerns, Henderson Group implements new cash recycling solution in Northern Ireland stores. - Elyse Flynn Meyer, Prism Global Marketing Solutions, Amazon impacted me this week. We’ve gathered together an inspiring round-up of trends and predictions from the advertising, digital marketing and graphic design worlds to give you the heads up. Browse the entire seasonal offering as it comes in. The video ad, created by agency McCann New York, tugged on the heartstrings of viewers as they presented several case studies of children with disabilities, who are now able to play video games thanks to Microsoft’s specially-designed hardware. They remind us the important fact that we are staying home to save lives. They also doubled-down on their commitment to clients. in Industry News The best, most memorable campaigns are those that perfectly combine creativity and data – but how is it done? And brands with memorable and creative ads will definitely be remembered. 1.5 million people downloaded the Burger King app as a result of the campaign, and it has since won several awards, including a Grand Prix award in the Direct Lions. Brands for outdoor activities are also affected badly by social distancing and staying at home. Re-live the best beauty ads. Goal ; Get sign-ups for a trial. What happens when you have to stay at home? Still, a strong reaction to this thought-provoking work was probably what Gillette set out to achieve in the first place. At a time of rising anti-press rhetoric, the New York Times swung back – and boy, was it a hard-hitter. It checks all the boxes: creative? This website uses cookies. Employees in around 300 stores wore the strange-looking contacts on the day. - Elliott Phear, Night After Night, Guinness had a great campaign — not the typical somber, violin, self-promoting COVID commercial. Heineken announced that they will donate directly to help local bars remain open after the crisis. While so many others were anxiously hand-wringing, they exuded clarity of purpose. - Michael Fox, Corberry Digital, Brands must thread a carefully crafted needle when communicating about social and political issues. He has a son to support who sees all the Amazon vans in town that support his father's role. Nike shared their open and honest view of where they stand on the current situation in America. * I agree to receive communications from Attest. In this multi-channel, creative ad campaign, Spotify capitalised on the powerful draw of nostalgia to remind people of listening trends gone by – and in doing so, it proved itself to be a brand with its finger on the proverbial pulse.

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