Duration: 2:25Janos Ungvary (A), Scott Paterson (T), and the composer (B) play on the recording. maybe be played over as desired, gradually fading away, perhaps as performers recede from the performance space. It is composed of 12 "cells." The Hirajoshi scale (do-mi-fa-la-ti) furnishes a melodic palate limited to five "white" notes (no flats or sharps), making this little essay feasible for players at any stage of development. Duration: 1:45The Prince Consort is heard on the accompanying recording.Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, All and Some (SAT) by Anthony St. Pierre, October 2008This very easy modern harmonization of a late medieval English carol is but half a minute long. ), And here Val is playing her Paetzold Great Bass Recorder on Brother Edmund, a tune she composed for The Green Children in which The Hosepipe Band accompanies some poems by Martin Newell. (Don't forget to remove it before proceeding to the Gavotte! Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Wombats' Waltz  (ATB)by Anthony St. Pierre, December 2005The title is just an alliterative gimmick — wombats do not waltz! On a Christmas program, it may be presented to good effect with other more conventionally harmonized carols. Intermediate players will find this music quite accessible. These two worlds eventually form a cohesive whole in the final movement, finally resolving the intrinsic search for identity which follows the piece. Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Three Ayresby Ray Braswell, 2016Three original motets for recorder quartet. It is more a study ("etude") in compositional technique than in instrumental skill development. Duration: 2:55The composer (T), Janos Ungvary (B), Scott Paterson (gtB I), and Takayo Shimoda (gtB II) perform on the accompanying recording.Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Salicet Sarabande (ATB or TBgtB) by Anthony St. Pierre, 1997 (arr. 2004 Trad. However do read on as there is much more to the recorder than that! 1. For ease of movement between the low g-sharp and f-sharp at the end of the piece, half hole with the pinky for both notes, relaxing the ring finger as much as possible; do not allow it to bear down. It was an absolute joy to play in groups and also to learn musical theory at the same time. (No. The A sections are in the phrygian mode, while the B is in the mixolydian. Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Conversation #1by David E. Kemp, 2017This is an exploration of a fugue subject that I remembered from a waking dream. The instrumentation is two alto recorders, piano, and long-suffering cello. Preview Download, Four Lutheran Chorales for Advent (SATB) by Anthony St. Pierre, October 2009Inspired by numerous modern organ settings of Lutheran chorales, the composer has set four of the best known for Advent. Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Dans un bocage (sSAT) by Anthony St. Pierre, April 2007Dans un bocage (In a Grove) is a set of stylized birdsong motifs that may be combined in any manner and over any duration. It was there that recorder playing was taken more seriously and I managed to gain my grade 5 Treble (Trinity) when I was 9. To facilitate page turns, print the three-page score single sided. If you haven't got an MP3-player, ... Norwegian folk music and recorders - an introduction to Norwegian folk music and the use of recorders with it; A link to a YouTube choral performance of the Perotin is provided here as well.Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 fileYouTube (Perotin Ave Virgo), La Folia à 3 (ATB) by Anthony St. Pierre, July 2018The ARS website offers the composer's Folia variations for unaccompanied solo recorder, alto recorder with piano, for SA, and for SATB. 6 requires quick breathing; a low b appears in the tenor in Var. Upper intermediate to advanced level. Duration: 7:30.Scott Paterson (A), the composer (T), & Takayo Shimoda (B) perform on the recording offered here.Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Chaconne à 3 (ATT) by Anthony St. Pierre, June 2003The structure of the four-bar ground is: quartal triad; augmented triad; 7th triad; major triad. Duration: 15:00On the accompanying recording are the composer (S), Anne Massicotte (A), and Scott Paterson (B).Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Chorale Bicinia (various pairings: S/A/T/B/gtB) by Anthony St. Pierre, 2010 - 2014In this set of well known Lutheran chorales, the composer employs modern contrapuntal techniques, yet all eight duos are modeled on the chorale bicinia of Michael Praetorius. However his Traditional Irish Music for Treble Recorder published by Peacock Press is still a best seller, and features in the ABRSM syllabus C list pieces in grades 1 – 5. Emily Askew This article was originally written for the Recorder Magazine which is distributed nationally to members of the Society of Recorder Players (SRP) and also members of The European Recorder Teachers Association (ERTA). Players at the incipient intermediate level will find all three chorales within scope. Duration: 2:30Performers on the recording here are: Scott Paterson, alto; the composer, tenor; and Takayo Shimoda, bass.Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Douce dame (sST) by Anthony St. Pierre, July 2008The composer has freely adapted this lively virelai by Guillaume de Machaut (1304?-1377) in a modern idiom, while retaining its exotic, medieval character. As a member of ERTA, I wrote this as an invitation to teachers and students to explore more folk music. (No, I don't listen to the radio as an alarm.) The first theme for this cheerful piece of swing was suggested by the brief ditty that plays when you complete a crossword puzzle on the New York Times website.Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Envelopeby Steven A. Jent, August 2016An oddly melancholy piece for alto and tenor recorder.Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, 145 Ways To Goby Michael Shonle, Oct. 14, 2013This piece is a simple solo featuring a repeating theme and a set of variations. Technical challenges are minimal in this essay of 2:45 duration.Performers on the included recording of St. Pierre's instrumental setting are: Scott Paterson, alto; Takayo Shimoda; the composer, bass. 50 indicates finger vibrato.The brief transitional passages in the fourth movement (bb. Glissandi are executed by sliding fingers on and off the tone holes. Absent any meter, the main challenge lies in maintaining a steady tempo. The piece will prove quite straight-forward for an ensemble at the intermediate level. They are well suited to school concerts. The fermata and cut before the last rondeau section is optional. Some recorder players tackle ambitious classical music. Using C-fingerings, one may play on the alto quite satisfactorily.The composer plays on the recording. In recital, any or all may be played in whatever order seems fitting. Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Plain and Fancyby Gary Betts, July 2018This is a whimsical piece in rondo form for SATB recorders. Part 2, And No Umbrella, is published above. Upper intermediate to advanced level. Features include quartal harmonies, parallel triads, and hemiola. Beautiful haunting melodies and equal distribution of material between the parts make this a piece to have a good cry over with a friend who's still with us.Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Tango Para Maraby Marvin Levine (1928 - 2016)Written for his wife Mara, this duet for AT is suitable for upper intermediate players with fun syncopations and delicious tango feel.Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Wild Man Rooney (at Six in the Morning)by Bradford Wright, May 2017Lively and jazzy, just like our cat Wild Man Rooney. Any or all of the pieces may be played in any order. Recorder Enthusiasts, Sacramento Warm-up Fugueby Glen Shannon, 2004An easy 4-part fugue that I composed for the Sacramento Recorder Society when I was conducting them for the first time. This is one of three Irish folk tune settings St. Pierre has made available to the ARS through this website. (An earlier subtitle, appearing on the SoundCloud recording, was Il Aggiornamento, meaning an "updating" or "renovation.") This piece is especially fun to play in a lively acoustic where players are distributed throughout the performance space. Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, Sussex Carol (S[S]ATB) by Anthony St. Pierre, October 2005This is an easy setting in which the tune (lyrics: On Christmas Night all Christians sing) is backed by a campanilian accompaniment. Here is Sarah, with the band: You can get started with any these folk flutes for only $20 or $30 USD. Repeated notes marked with dashes under a slur are to be articulated with a gently pulsing breath (equivalent to louré bowing) rather than with the tongue. Chromatic passages present some challenges. It is fundamentally in the German high baroque style. I have had different ones over the years- I am a great fan of maple rather than fruit wood too. Preview Sound SampleDownloadMP3 file, "La Folia" Fantasy Variationsby Anthony St. Pierre, May 2018Anthony St. Pierre (b. Schenectady NY, 1956) has composed well over a dozen Folia variation sets for diverse media, including sets for 1, 2, 3, & 4 recorders, and one for alto recorder & piano. We have also received this on the subject of folk recorder from Sarah Holmes from SkylarkingHaving been spotted at Infants school as someone with musical inclinations (neither of my parents were in the least musical) I was promptly put on the chime bars!

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