I'm sorry i didn't help you yesterday. "If it hadn't been for his sister, I probably still wouldn't know," he mused. This is used to express a possible situation in the future. 1. Enago Academy offers comprehensive and up-to-date resources for researchers, publishers, editors, and students to learn and share their experience about research and publishing. If he does not take the inheritance, we will not have a home. If Sarah thought she understood Yancey's moods, she was mistaken. If the boy had been his, how would his good intentions have made her husband feel? She hesitated a moment, wanting to tell him, but thinking she would be betraying Yancey if she did so. 1. It means  that the expected actions depends on a condition. If you run into Peter, tell him that he owes me a letter.. 3. Rewrite the sentences below, using wish or if only to express wishes. I guess if he thought it was any of my business, he'd tell me. Exercise 1: Rewrite the following sentences that keep the same meaning. Can you remember any breakfast that I've had today? 2. Jonathan and Alfonso were playing with the sticks as if they were swords. Do they make Banh chung three days before the festival? At least he hadn't lied about the house... if it was actually his, and if the mother and daughter existed. the teacher wishes you worked more than talked, john wishes he would be an astronaut when he grew up, i wish you had given me a chance to tell you the truth, mary wishes she would be able to attend your wedding next week, we wish we had had enough money to buy that house, the teacher wishes you were more studious, i wish he would get over his illness soon, i wish i had enough money to buy this book, we wish we wouldn't have to work this Saturday. Oh, he's running so ............................. that I can't catch up with him. English Grammar Practice Test: Rewrite Sentences 1. Mrs.Lan went to shop and she bought a lot of souvenirs. For my part, if we manage to get out of here I'll be glad it isn't the way the dragon goes. Word formation: 1.His parents are very(pride)....of him … => I used ... 6) '' I will buy a new car '' said Jack. I didn't think about how it might affect you if I got hurt out there. Glancing around to see if Yancey was gone, she spotted him disappearing around the bend, on his way to the house. You talk more than you work. If this was what defined a vacation away from home, she'd just as soon stay at home. She loved the specialities in one of the restaurant in Chicago. 3. Of course, if you prefer, we can wait until you come home from work and make it a fun family event. Nadal April 5, 2016 Grammar Tests, Beginner, English, Grammar, Intermediate No Comments. In other words, the main clause only happens when the events in the if-clause happen. 6. If I did, I wouldn't be bringing you back here. If Howard had not been able to find anything on Yancey, it was probably because there was nothing to tell. his mother asked. ), (Future tense or etc. I will come if I have time. Also for unreal or improbable situations now or in the future. "Certainly," she replied as if it were a social visit. Conditional clauses consist of two sentences. You may come to America and be poor, but if you work hard, your children will have a better life and a better opportunity. By continuing you agree to our use of cookies. Jonathan would be disappointed if we left before Christmas. That would have been more convincing if you hadn't been so willing at first. "It is possible," agreed the Wizard, "if this proves to be the path she usually takes. 2. My sister is coming to stay here ......................... 19 December. 4After the boss had explained the problem, he asked the employee to solve it. Maybe it would hurt Sarah's feelings less if she simply told the truth. 筆をマスターする. Getting Your Manuscript Edited by Professional Editors: Why is it Beneficial? Even if we should come to unpleasant places on our way it is necessary, in order to reach the earth's surface, to keep moving on toward it. 1) Peter didn't study hard, so he failed the exams. A. accessible B. pressure C. illness D. success, 1. Examples (affirmative and negative sentences) If she hadn't been there in his arms only minutes ago, she never would have guessed he had been so aroused. But if you could trust him this way and there was no electricity, would it still be love? 1. If she had asked about the building when we passed it, I might have figured she had never seen it, but she pretended she didn't notice. Maybe we would have felt this way with them if things had been different. I told Julia and Rachel that I'd come back if I didn't find you here. if example sentences. If you don't want me to use the pool, just say so. If he did, he would have called or visited. My sister started learning english 5 years ago. If she focused on the past, he would be encouraged to hide things in the future. If she was invited, it was as a guest of Alex, so he would tell her when and if he decided to go. Look at a couple of examples: This is one of the most common participle clauses. Her knees were trembling as if they were going to give way at any moment, and her face felt devoid of blood. 3. "It wasn't exactly a fun party, anyway," he continued as if none of them had spoken. If he wanted the relationship to end, she wasn't going to cling to him shamelessly. The doctor called today to see if my condition had improved with the medication. If they presented a united front, Tessa might back up. When the next company of Gargoyles advanced, our adventurers began yelling as if they had gone mad. It’s common to have the passive structure having been + past participle as an alternative to a since-clause (reason): Participle clauses can also follow prepositions or conjunctions: after, before, instead of, without, when, while, etc. Because he didn't study hard enough for his exam, Ryan couldn't pass it. It seemed as if no one saw that coming because, frankly, no one could conceive of it happening. 4. he continued, as if nothing had happened. And he won't run - not even if you flog him. 8. The sentence can begin with an if clause or a main clause. I went to the USA and my accommodation included in the ticket price. 4. Lưu ý: Các trường hợp cố tình spam câu trả lời hoặc bị báo xấu trên 5 lần sẽ bị khóa tài khoản, Video HD đặt và trả lời câu hỏi - Tích lũy điểm thưởng, 2Our main(produce)......to export are rice,coffee and rubber, 1. If Clauses – Type 1 is used to express a possibility  in the future (It is not certain that it will happen, but it is possible). The four main types of conditionals are: At this point, if you follow my reasoning, we have established at least the possibility of a bright future. If he can produce but seven, then this is not the piglet that was lost, but another one. In the first place, I tell you we have no right to question the Emperor about that, and secondly, if the Russian nobility had that right, the Emperor could not answer such a question. Table of Contents. Our main(produce)......to export, 1. If he knew who Alex really was, he probably knew more than Alex did. 2. They began to wonder if there were no people to inhabit this magnificent city of the inner world. What if Señor Medena had three boys instead of three girls? I'll let you know if I hear something I think you need to know. Lisa hesitated, not wanting to pry and not sure if the conversation was supposed to end there. It will be different this time, he said, cuddling her against his chest as if she were a child. is the main clause (the result). But if I were trying to defend my honor, you'd be the one I would choose to take up there. B. was manufactured by Toyata in Japan last year. So, if you can find a way to fix it, we'll be much obliged to you. And what would you have done if it had been a bear? 2. Once someone from church came by to see if she needed help. I will go there if you don't call me. If you feel that way, why did you come all the way out here to see me? If Giddon was involved in a drug ring, Tammy needed a way out. If so, why didn't he simply voice his objection? We can use –ing participle clauses to refer to the present or the past. 3. If he trusted her, he wouldn't have been snapping at her as if she had done something wrong. On the other hand, if Sarah was telling the truth, there was another side to Giddon - a loyal brother. If God thought it was wrong, nothing we could have done would have been successful. John would like to be an astronaut when he grows up. I can neither punish him if he does wrong nor reward him if he does right. Prince Andrew shook himself as if waking up, and his face assumed the look it had had in Anna Pavlovna's drawing room.

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