Both varieties can be used interchangeably in recipes, and a unique feature of anjou pears is the unchanging skin color. They have distinctive characteristics that set them apart from other pears. Red Anjou pears retain their deep maroon hues when ripe and ripen from the inside out. The skin of a ripe Asian pear is a creamy brown color with slightly risen white dots. Because you see pears … Recently, SELF shed some light on how to tell if a pear is ripe or not, with the insight of Randy Davidson, global produce field inspector at Whole Foods Market. Bosc Pears. They are also easier to harvest and prepare. Once you have become familiar with a particular variety, you may learn to distinguish ripe pears of a particular variety by the color of the skin. Ripe Asian pears can be kept in a refrigerator for weeks. There should be no give around the thicket part of the middle of the pear or the pear has already soft inside. The French D’Anjou is a green, bell-shaped pear that’s perfect for snacking, baking or sliced into salads. The best way to tell if a pear is at it’s peak, is if you apply gentle pressure to the neck of the pear and it gives a little. Many enjoy Bosc crunchy yet tender flesh and their sweet-spiced flavor. There are many different varieties of Asian pears, so selecting a ripe pear based on the appearance of the skin may not work well. Asian pears are still very firm when they are ripe. They are overripe if they are soft, wrinkled, bruised or darker in color. "The best way to tell if a pear is ripe is by feel," said Davidson. Fully ripe prickly pears no longer contain their prickles. Ripe pears will smell sweet and strong. To determine when the pear is ready for consumption, slight … If a pear has six or more brown spots, it may be too far gone for fresh eating. Smell the pear for sweetness and a floral scent. Unripe pears that are in danger from early frost can be brought inside and kept in a cool, dark location for a few days to ripen further. Bosc are an elegant variety. Brown dots are indicators of bruising or over-ripeness. The Bartlett pear skin color brightens as it ripens, unlike other types of pears that show little color change as they ripen. Watch their color change from green to a solid red or yellow color. How to Tell When a Pear is Ripe. Place a few fingers down on the "neck" of the pear (close to the stem) and press down to see how much it gives in; if it gives in a bit, the pear is ripe.

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