2010, Soldevilla et al. Congener-Specific Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Cetaceans from Taiwan Waters. Linear scars on Risso’s dolphins can often cover the majority of the body surface. 2009). Anderson, R. C. (2013). teeth only in lower jaw. Marine mammals: a review of status, distribution and interaction with fisheries in the Southwest Indian Ocean. The snout has an ocher color, and between the pectoral flippers, there is a light spot with an anchor shape. 2016, Modest 2015). Size: 3.2 m; Diet: Squid, octopus and cuttlefish; DESCRIPTION: A large bulky dolphin with a bulbous head, no beak, a tall curved dorsal fin and elongated flippers. Working Party on Ecosystems and Bycatch (WPEB). Most sightings of Risso’s dolphins in BC are of groups with less than 25 animals. During the daytime, the species usually seems to travel, socialise or rest, while most feeding occurs at night (Smultea et al. Like other deep divers such as beaked whales, Risso’s dolphins are likely to be affected by disturbance from noise from various anthropogenic sources such as that generated by military sonar and seismic surveys. Movements This dolphin has a wide distribution in temperate, tropical and subtropical waters of the oceans of the world between the latitudes 60° north and 55° south. Description: Large, robustly bodied dolphin species. They communicate through clicks, whistles, grunts and squeals and use echolocation to get an image of their surroundings. On the European continental shelf, the abundance is estimated to be approximately 11,000 individuals, with highest densities off eastern Ireland and north-western Scotland. (In Norwegian with abstract in English). 303-323). Special attention is given to endangered and vulnerable species, including endangered and vulnerable migratory species specified in appendices. Indian Ocean Tuna Commision. Mammalian Biology, 76(4), 385-400. doi: doi.org/10.1016/j.mambio.2010.06.003. c/o Ehret.Grau.Partner Steuerberater mbB Available at: University of Amsterdam, Visser, F., Hartman, K. L., Rood, E. J. J., Hendriks, A. J. E., Zult, D. B., Wolff, W. I., Huis, J. 1999). Bearzi, G., Reeves, R. R., Remonato, E., Pierantonio, N. & Airoldi, S. (2011). This website uses cookies. Risso’s dolphin Grampus griseus (G. Cuvier, 1812). Risso’s dolphin sightings during SCANS III (Hammond et al. 2018). Introduction to Risso’s Dolphin. Vol. Occasionally they feed in cooperation with other dolphins. Risso's dolphins have a robust body with a narrow tailstock. 56-68. The social habits of Risso’s dolphins offer another peculiar characteristic of this species. This has caused observers to confuse them with killer whales and sharks when seen from afar. Within the Delphinid family, the species is closest related to false killer whale (Pseudoorca crassidens), melon headed whale (Peponocephala electra), pygmy killer whale (Feresa attenuata) and pilot whale (Globicephala sp) (Hartman et al. Risso’s dolphin. Available at: IOTC-2013-WPEB09-30. No image, video or sound file (in whole or in part) from this site is to be downloaded, copied, duplicated, modified, sampled, redistributed or archived without the written authorization of Ocean Sounds. Recently, observations suggest an extension of the range northwards to Faroese waters (Bloch et al. 2012, Syvertsen et al. Journal of Zoology, 244, 71-77. doi:10.1111/j.1469-7998.1998.tb00008.x, Marsili, L. & Focardi, S. (1997). Grampus griseus. If only its dorsal fin appears above the surface of the ocean, it can be confused with a bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) or with an orca (Orcinus orca), since the shape of its fin resembles that of orcas and Tursiops truncatus.Weight and size.The length of its body is on average 3 meters, but some individuals reach up to 4.3 meters. Distribution, encounter rates, and habitat characteristics of toothed cetaceans in the Bay of Biscay and adjacent waters from platform-of-opportunity data. Due to the blunt faced nature of these marine mammals they can sometimes be confused with pilot whales, therefore to identify this species it is advised to look for scarring on the body, caused by prey.

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