Mystery snail babies are safe with their parents, but fish will sometimes eat the smaller ones. Whoa there! That's all I got! Thread starter alix2.0; Start date Sep 13, 2008; alix2.0 Active Member. I introduced some new plants a few weeks ago, they came from a tank that had snails. I started with a few Trochus snails, in addition to some Nassarius snails. Don't worry though, if an unforseen shipping delay occurs, we still guarantee it, even if it is the carriers fault! Even snails that cannot reproduce in freshwater, such as and especially nerite snails, lay eggs (except livebearers). I love the nassarius snails! Don't be too worried, definitely not the end of the world. The snail knows where to lay them. breeding eggs lights mystery-snails snails #2. mjrkiller308. They work well with Cerith Snails; as Trochus Snails will stay above the sand line when cleaning glass, while Cerith Snails will clean the rest of what they missed. The best for algae control, my favorite is the Mexican turbo hahahaha. So my mystery snail laid eggs under the water and i was wondering if they w... My mystery snail laid some eggs just above the water in my t... Mystery snails & Cuttlebone... My snails seem to be fine with new shell gro... How often female betta lay eggs? Snails are a type of gastropod. I put the light on and the rocks were covered. My guess would be fan worms. They need to be moved to a salt water environment. I took the snail mom out and the eggs are on top but just slightly still in the water. Assuming that if they are eating and growing they are good to go. Member. I kinda need like... 4 or 5 mystery snails and I don't know which color to buy. I love my snails that are part of my CUC. My daughter has 2 mystery snails in her 5 gallon tank, she has the same type of tank with the acrylic lid and neither of the snails have gone out of the lid. I just have a mystery snail and have done a TON of research on them. More options . We seems to have a thriving environment. Snail eggs. Reply. Trochus snails are such awesome algae eaters! My mystery snails mysteriously laid a ton of eggs on the underside of my tank's hood and a small batch on the glass a little above water. I took 50 snails to the pet store.. gave multiple snails away.. and I still have a ton. They are much smaller than the Conch Snail, but they can do a lot as they sift through your sand bed. Aquarium Forum. Gracie. As with most living things in this hobby, captive-bred or aquacultured is the preferable choice. You can avoid this by having other empty shells for hermit crabs to live in. Chances are you’ll find the ones on the front glass panel of your tank but miss the eggs stuck to plant leaves or driftwood. They will also eat film algae, diatoms, and Cyano. But I refer to it as weeding out the dumb ones. Although not each will do it, there is a group that will. They work well with other sand sifting snails too. For some hobbyists, this is not a major issue, but others may not think it is worth it. HTH. They also have a poky tail, although it is rarely seen. While these are great, hard-working snails, they have some downsides. Make sure to flip them over if they are on their back some species can actually flip themselves others can’t. the egg bunch that my snail laid fell into the tank and is now at the bottom. Snails appear to be stupid because they are perfectly adapted to survive in a natural environment. First, they are great algae eaters with large appetites. http:///t/397866/avoiding-snail-eggs#post_3548116, http:///t/397866/avoiding-snail-eggs#post_3548123, http:///t/397866/avoiding-snail-eggs#post_3548145, http:///t/397866/avoiding-snail-eggs#post_3548152. They are found in freshwater, saltwater, and on land; they are called snails! There is a saltwater snail for almost every kind of algae. Love watching snails in my tank. My tank now is a land fill of empty snail shells and I am down to a dozen left. My guess would be. Required fields are marked *. If you have a tight fitting hood that prevents evaporation, the under side of the hood should be warm and moist. It’s crazy how they move about and also how they can climb the rocks. Your email address will not be published. does anyone know the easiest way to keep the fry alive and/or how many kids a guppy could have in one go.

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