The same form of equations may be used to model the steam conditions for the main turbine of a power station, where the pressure may be in the range 10 to 16 MPa. The greater spread of average specific heat at higher steam pressures may, however, require two or three values of specific heat to be used in equations (16.63) and (16.64) if the same level of accuracy is to be retained. Includes 53 different calculations. Dry Saturated Steam Line. By contrast, the temperature of superheated steam is not related to its pressure. important, as any damage to turbines can be catastrophic to both the process and the is not exhausting into the atmosphere but rather into a closed vessel at vacuum, the condenser, where the remaining heat energy in the steam is cooled, making the steam condense to water. Given the saturation temperature in °C, the following third-order polynomials give the specific entropy (J/(kgK)) of saturated steam, s g, and saturated water, s f: (16.77) s R = 9157.7 − 24.9496 T c + 8.105556 x 10 − 2 T c 2 − 1.2192501 x 10 − 4 T ε 3 Such a system can be designed to have a much greater temperature and pressure difference between the steam entering the engine (or turbine) and the steam exhausted. When the slurry loses fluidity and begins to lose part of its plasticity, it is initial condensing. Choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, set the background color, widget divider color, activate transparency, a top border or fully disable it on desktop and mobile. temperature isn’t as easy to maintain with pressure as saturated steam, posing a difficult The temperature of saturated steam is directly related to its pressure, meaning that controlling it is as easy as increasing or decreasing the pressure. If the hydration reaction takes place in a stable slurry with definite fluidity, the mixture is gradually becoming thicker and thicker until it loses fluidity and condenses and hardens. But there’s cost of the machine. Equations displayed for easy reference. An ideal saturated steam state, refers to the temperature, pressure and steam density of the three one-to-one correspondence, Know one of the other two values is fixed. Average specific heat at constant pressure (J/(kgK)) may be approximated up to 4 MPa by the linear formulation: The accuracy of these formulations may be judged by Tables 16.2 and 16.3. can be found here: Electronic Temperature Control of Saturated Steam. Besides, unique dual probe design SSP(Spectral Signal Processing) make sure in high accuracy in 1%RD and capable of working where there is vibration. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. It is important to note, however, that the moment that saturated steam becomes It will be seen that the approximating functions produce values close to those given in the steam tables, despite the approximation inherent in assuming specific heat is independent of the degree of superheat. at Various Pressures WARNING: Steam … When water is heated beyond the boiling point, it vaporizes into steam or water in the gaseous state. The temperature of saturated steam is directly related Table 16.2. This leads to a cheap plant, but the efficiency will be low, typically 5%. challenge to its users. The calculations were performed at three points for each pressure: close to saturated conditions, then at a superheat of about 150°C and then at a superheat of about 300°C. paper shows the results from simplified equations for saturated steam properties. Final condensing refers that the slurry finally loses the plasticity and forms a structure with definite intensity. Briefly, the value of pressure and temperature are correspondence, but not for superheated steam. Saturated Pressure (working) =(B18+273.15)/647.096 [cacluates Tr from C] =EXP(9.56756 + 5.39806*LN(B19) - 6.16183*(LN(B19))^2 + 1.49572*(LN(B19))^4 + 0.433*B19^5 ) Saturated Temperature (not working) =B15/22064 [calculates Pr from kPa] =EXP((0.00937817 + … That means that once the steam is heated over its boiling point for that specific pressure, it will become

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