[What do you want us to take home for you as a souvenir? [Waiter, could you bring me the menu, please? Only $1/month. The Spanish verb Traer is also part of some interesting idioms like traer entre manos (to be up to something), and traer y llegar (to gossip). ]|Movement of objects towards the speaker →, [I don’t know whether to take an apple cake or a chocolate cake to the neighbours. ), que yo traiga, que tú traigas, que usted/él/ella traiga, que nosotros/as traigamos, que vosotros/as tragáis, que ustedes/ellos/ellas traigan (that I bring, that you bring, that she bring, etc. Sally trae el helado a la fiesta. Yo traigo la pizza a la clase. 1 Answer. (are you going to be able to go to the movies today?) Answer Save. ), yo traeré, tú traerás, usted/él/ella traerá, nosotros/as traeremos, vosotros/as traeréis, ustedes/ellos/ellas traerán (I will bring, you will bring, he will bring, etc. tu vas a poder a ir al cine hoy? ), yo traía, tú traías, usted/él/ella traía, nosotros/as traíamos, vosotros/as traíais, ustedes/ellos/ellas traían (I used to bring, you used to bring, he used to bring, etc. ¿Tú traes un lápiz a clase, no? 1 decade ago. Movement of an object towards the speaker → traer|2. ]|Movement of an object away from the speaker →, [It’s recommended that you take enough water to the mountain. Practice Translating Spanish Sentences With Traer. Maggiemoon08. ]|Movement of an object away from the speaker →, [For this pilates class you have to bring a towel and socks. There are some beautiful necklaces made out of lava from the volcano. The progressive tenses use estar with the gerund, trayendo. ]|Movement of an object towards the location of the speaker →, [It’s advisable to take warm clothes when doing this excursion. [We’ve brought the tent and we’re going to camp on the beach one day. Relevance. [We’ve had some fantastic days and I’m sure we’ll take home a lovely souvenir. Search. ]|Movement of an object towards the speaker →, [I have to take this suit to be altered, it’s too big for me. alegar to bring forward, adduce traer ejemplos - to adduce examples publicar to bring out, carry este periódico traía un artículo sobre el escándalo - this newspaper carried an article about the scandal traer a mal maltratar to abuse, mistreat ; molestar to annoy, pester ; traer al mundo to bring into the world ; traer … ]|Movement of objects towards the speaker → traído, Daniel me ha  traídollevado de sorpresa para celebrar mi cumpleaños. (We are studying the possibility of bringing in more specialists. Traer is an irregular verb with some interesting irregularities in its stem, so pay close attention to the following tables and examples. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, Conjugation of ‘Empezar’ and ‘Comenzar’ in Spanish, Conjugation of the Spanish ‘Conocer’ and Similar Verbs, Volver: How to Conjugate the Spanish Verb, to Return, How To Conjugate ‘Conducir’ and Other Spanish Verbs Ending in ‘-ducir’, Conjugation of 'Pedir,' 'Servir,' and 'Vestir', The 2 Forms of the Imperfect Subjunctive in Spanish. vas a traer tu novia al cine hoy? Movement of the speaker away from current location → llevar, Hemos  traídollevado la tienda de campaña y vamos a acampar algún día en la playa. ]|Movement of an object towards the speaker, past participle →, [Today a colleague has taken a cake to work because it’s her birthday. Create. En Madrid es invierno, pero aquí solo hemos  traídollevado ropa de verano. ]|Movement of an object towards the speaker →, [What do you want us to take home for you as a souvenir?

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