Sensitive topic ahead! And where exactly can one get a yellow ribbon? - - - - - - - - - Following the Sewol Ferry sinking, yellow ribbons became a prevalent symbolism in South Korea, its significance evolving from hopes of return and mourning to activism and democratization. Introducing Esquire's Winter cover starring @BTS_twt. - 140 pages. Korea is still mourning over them. The court concluded that Cho, who was flustered by the ship turning faster than expected when he was following Park's order to turn to 145 degrees, was attempting to turn to the left when he took Park's order to mean a turn in the opposite direction. Sewol was carrying only 580 tons of ballast water, much less than the recommended 2,030 tons; this would make the vessel more prone to list and capsize. [102] During this time, Lee told passengers to stay in their cabins. One of the survivors was Kang Minkyu, the vice principal of Danwon High School, who committed suicide a few days after the disaster and wrote in his suite note: "[...] Scatter my ashes at the site of the sunken ferry so that in the afterlife I may become a teacher to my students who have not been rescued.". We will not forget. Cables were attached to the lifting beams and strand jacks gradually lifted the ship to 13 metres above the surface, where it was then attached to a barge. [203][204], At the beginning of the investigation, the ROK Coast Guard thought that the cause was a collision with a reef, believing this likely because the area was foggy. Instead of taking the turns one at a time, the equally inexperienced Helmsman executed the orders as they came in and made a ten degree turn, immediately. It was the Third Mate's first time steering through the channel. [87], As Sewol began sinking, the ferry's intercom system started ordering the passengers to stay put, alleging that moving was dangerous. [67] Because the ship kept turning towards the right even as he was holding onto the wheel, he made two turns to the left amounting to a 5-degree turn. It's the same principal for a boat, which is why if you're in a small sailing boat, you should always sit down to make it more stable on the water. The government was also accused of having assisted and having financial interests in the company that owned the ferry and even to have helped them embezzle money. A three-judge panel would announce its verdicts in November. [296] The ship was lying on its port side, nearly 40 metres below the surface. Shin's warnings were also relayed through an official working for the Incheon Port Authority on 9 April 2014, which an official from Chonghaejin responded to by stating that he would deal with anyone making the claims. During the first 15 minutes after the ship began to tilt, a time during which immediate action should have been taken, not a lot of action was actually taken, and none of the action taken was right, according to standard safety measures. [292] The event continues to be memorialized by Korean students in school ceremonies. [111] The captain was rescued around 9:46 a.m.[112][113], As the ship capsized, some passengers followed the announcements to stay put, even as the water came in. Now I'm going to go under the assumption that many of you reading this aren't sailors or ship builders, so as a passionate sailor myself, I'm going to attempt to explain why this is so significant, with a very short physics lesson. [115] Some passengers who climbed to the top of the ship or jumped into the water were rescued. [174][175][176] The death toll stood at 294 as of 22 July 2014, with ten missing; the date marked the recovery of the last cabin crew member. As I said above: legally it's the captain's responsibility that his passengers get safely from port to port and in this instance the captain did not fill his responsibilities properly at any moment during this incident. [156] On 19 April, a Navy petty officer who was injured during rescue operations died. Blame was deflected by stating that the permission had been given because of falsified documents. [102] At 9:25 a.m., the VTS asked Captain Lee to decide quickly whether to evacuate the ship, stating that they did not have enough information to make the decision. This added 187 tons to the Ferry's total weight, but more importantly it shifted the gravitational point of the ship's weight. [118], Passengers made calls,[115] sent text messages,[120] or sent KakaoTalk mobile messages[121] during the capsizing. [241], On 16 November 2016, a report about the Sewol disaster, compiled by the National Intelligence Service and intended for President Park, was publicized. At this time, Sewol was heading at a course of about 165 degrees at a speed of about 20 knots, and was operating two radar devices. BTS kinda addressing whether "Spring Day" is about the Sewol ferry tragedy: Fair enough, but there is an undeniable allusion, in both the song’s video and its cover concept, to a specific incident in recent South Korean history. [29]:17 It had made the round trip a total of 241 times until the day of the incident. [65] Captain Lee was absent from the bridge at the time. According to Park's testimony, after she had used the radar to check that Sewol's course was changed and the current course was set to 140 degrees, she ordered Cho to change the course of the ship further to 145 degrees. The ROK Army sent units including 150 Special Warfare Command soldiers and eleven ambulances. "[76], As Cho sharply turned the wheel from 135 to 150 degrees, Sewol began to list to port and tilt towards the water. [196] South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo argued that the discharging of ballast water was a cause of the incident. The Incheon branch then talked with the first mate in five telephone calls over the next 35 minutes. Thanks for reading and caring :two_hearts: (Sorry for the late reply too, I dont often pop by anymore), I just heard of this incident yesterday and I can't stop thinking of the innocent people who drowned. 123 arrived at the scene near 9:30 a.m.[96] as the first ship to reach the site after the incident. Foreign response [25], On 15 May 2014, the captain and three crew members were charged with murder, while the other eleven members of the crew were indicted for abandoning the ship. The crew responded that their broadcasting equipment was out of order. A shallow channel known for severe underwater currents. Cho testified that Park gave an order to turn "in the opposite direction" at this point, which he followed by turning the ship further to the left by 10 degrees, so the total amount of the turn became 15 degrees to the left.

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