As you can see, I can’t live with this. I apologize for the delay in responding. Yanyali A, Horozoglu F, Macin A, Bozkurt KT, Aykut V, Acar BT, et al. During the same surgery, they have to insert a lens in my eye too, and also remove the stitches from my cornea (I don’t know why they were put there, nobody informed me, I found out that they exist accidentally!). Silicone oil was inserted as this was my 3rd detachment in same eye. he has this detachment from past 2-3 years(as said by the doc we consulted)our doctor said there is no treatment for his eye. The timing of surgery with respect to macular detachment is pretty important. Now at my 7 week post-op last Thursday had my 3rd surgery and they used silicone oil as scar tissue again caused the full detachment. You’ve obviously retained a lot of information (impressed with your use of terms correctly). Droopiness of the eyelid following any retinal surgery is not uncommon and may last weeks, but, of course, I must defer to your doctor if this is actually the case. In most cases, we (doctors) are able to tell if cataract surgery will be worthwhile. Have you seen cases like this where very blurry with oil and correct to functional vision? Almeida DR, Chin EK, Tarantola RM, Tegins EO, Lopez CA, Boldt HC, et al. Here lye the issue. He did 2 operation on 6th june and on 27th july. sir i m from india my left eye ratina has gone and the ratina becomes 2 much blunt vthe time has spend 3 years so sir can u do the operation plz mail sir it is my life que. First operation was fail as he told due to hole occured while screen(ratina layer? There may be no easy solution. I will ask my own surgeon too but I wonder if you might have an idea about when it is safe to apply eye makeup again on the operated eye. It could be reason why my son could not see any thru. A couple of years later, the oil starts to crystallize so that oil was taken out and more oil put in. If instant, say during the operation, your doctor can address it at that point. If your lens was removed, this might impact your vision, too. Thank you for your help. if you are able to advise us i am more happy to provide with his medical reports.i am hoping some kind of good news from your reply. Silicone oil is often used as a last resort to prevent further operations. I don’t want to happen the same in my right eye. doi:10.4103/0301-4738.123137. we have consulted many private & govt doctors and dint get any good advise yet. How will pregnancy and delivery of a child affect her eye…the pressure…possible redetachment? Find NCBI SARS-CoV-2 literature, sequence, and clinical content: They did laser to the 10 tears, inserted long acting gas and kept very close watch. Doctor suggest to wait 6 month for the removal of the oil Refractive error of SO-off was -1.88 ± 2.73D, and of SO-in was 2.02 ± 3.90. Filling an eye with silicone oil can be tricky. I am writing for my friends 21 year old son who lives in Central China. After 3 months Silicon Oil is removed, now it’s been 3 week after Silicon Oil remove. 2019 May;67(5):625-629. doi: 10.4103/ijo.IJO_1380_18. Silicon oil was especially used because she had an important travel planned. Both incisions were sutured after surgery. Thus, if the macula detached at any time, there may be some permanent loss of vision. Thank you for your comments. My son retina is attached and he fell really good right now except he could not see on that eye So the Dr. now gave us two choice to make Saw my optometrist immediately on an emergency visit to his office. After suregy we went to see the Dr.every month and he check my son eye pressure always stay the same about 7 so he said may be the oil blocked the fluid get in and out his eye that why his pressure always the same and the vision not improve over time. Thank you Randall, What could this be, and will it improve? There is really no way of my giving you a prognosis as I can’t examine you and don’t know much about the details of the previous detachments. My dr said it was a complex detachment with multiple tears and holes. I have had one operation on my detached retina and torn macula and then a second operation for two small cataracts. He is 23 years old…I am desperate for him not to lose his eye..I would really appreciate you advice and help. Are there any preventive measures to control the same situation in my right eye?? Is this a result of faulty equipment? After the oil was used and I had trouble he said he thought I probrably had a silicone IOL and asked me to find out. Added obstacle: Due to all this I also got laid off (And at 63 this is not going to be helping much) changing insurance (to Cobra and different company) So got to take care of a lot of other …. Regarding special tools. Remember, we (docs) are usually very successful at what we do….but we are not 100%. One major concern with every retinal detachment is whether or not the macula becomes detached. Please correct me if that sounds wrong. I found a place where I can see a pediatric ophthalmologist for my diplopia. Tq. PubMed Central  I am still wondering is there is any treatment to cure his eye condition or any other alternatives to treat his eye. Thank you for your time. National Center for Biotechnology Information, Unable to load your collection due to an error, Unable to load your delegates due to an error. Also, I wanted to add that I had my surgery July 2nd and it’s been almost 8 weeks since. Refraction change of silicone oil (SO) tamponade in phakic and aphakic eye has been studied thoroughly; however, it is rarely studied in pseudophakic eye. Could diplopia be due to the lack of lens in my operated eye? He was not able to see anything in the eye. My uncle had a retinal detach in 2000 and I am nearsighted and he has no lens in his eye. Bilateral enhanced cataract surgeries in October and November 2017 followed by YAG in January 2018. I would agree that the risk is likely less than 5% (perhaps 1%) at this time. Double vision seems unrelated to the silicon oil injection (the blurriness is a different issue and I understand it is due to the oil). Because if i sleep heads up, i cannot see far (just white). doi:10.1007/s10792-011-9453-9. From that day July 3,2012 up to now my son eye does not get any detachment at all and the Dr. happied with the result but the last time we saw him on Oct.12,2012 after check my son eye he not quite happy and he told me that my son eye pressure really good and stable could be the sillicone block the hole so the fluid could not get into his eye and the vision almost zero. This approach prevents the silicone oil from altering the refractive power of the posterior surface of the intraocular lens. Looking forward to hearing from you … and sorry for the inconvenience. But the doctors say there is nothing more that can be done for his vision. This site needs JavaScript to work properly. OOr should I take train? But I can see color, and shapes. Thank you for your info. It depends upon the health of the retina, the location of the oil, the surgeon and amount of oil. We had exchanged email couple of weeks ago. Previously emmetropic aphakic eyes that are filled with silicone oil have only 4-6 diopters of hyperopia, whereas the same eyes have 10-12 diopters of hyperopia before insertion or after removal of silicone oil. My wife is almost demanding that I get another opinion before we spend any more money on surgery. He got retina dettatch before so he will get more chance to get on the other eye. Thank you. Not looking for real-time responses of course! Or is it due to the silicone oil in the eye and will keep looking this way until the oil is removed? I had cloudy, distorted central sight but had sight around the peripheral of my left eye. All these scenerio are not guarante my son’s eye will able to see or improve his vision Eye (Lond). I had a cataract operation in the same eye to improve the vision february 2012 .My vision now is eight over ten ,but unfortunately I see hundreds of silicon oil bubbles in my vision ,some times very small and sometimes of medium size .I talked to my doctor about this issue ,and he says he flushed the silicone oil as much as it was humanly possible , and the only possible solution is to be operated on again to flush any remains .In addition to this he states that he is not sure what percentage of the silicone oil can be removed .

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