Topic: Toddler can't age up! Toddler Child Teenager Young Adult Adult Elder Short 1 day 2 days 2 days 4 days 6 days ... that once you've pressed the button you can't cancel the transition, and you can only age sims up - not back down ... and then change it back to how you had it before. The Sims 3 PlayStation 3 . I'm having the same problem but my sim that won't age is a child. Ive tried the aging off aging on cheat. So my family had their 10th kid named Farrah. 3DS Android BlackBerry DS iOS (iPhone/iPad) Macintosh PC Wii Windows Mobile Xbox 360. shes not frozen. Tried these suggestions and still not working . Can you age up the child with the birthday cake or do you not have the option on the cake ? Well she is supposed to be a child now, but she won't age up. Also, shes changed into childrens clothes, but in toddler sized. What I did was go on vacation (to france) with one sim, I stayed there for 3 days and when I got back to my neighborhood, after a day, sims were aging again. irreplaceablebecky. I have tried everything that means Triggering age transition (doesn't work), Blowing out candles on a birthday cake (doesn't work), When I try to edit her in create a sim the game freezes and it won't load create a sim, "resetsim Farrah Grande" (doesn't work). It's not fixed. For awhile, I had no problems. I can still add things to her que, like play with toy, but she wont move on to do it. 0. crinrict Posts: 18,734 Member. Her action box says 'aging up' but shes not. If you need them to age up right away then just set the age slider all the way to left then after they have their bd and are child either set it to epic (right) or turn age back off. On Babys i have no option. Neo-newbie total posts: 1 since: Jun 2016. She won't stand up to spin around. Jun 2, 16 at 3:05pm (PST) ^ ... Neoseeker Forums » PC Games » The Sims 3 » Toddler can't age up! I can't age up babies when aging is off. ive tried testingcheatsenabled true cheat, neither worked. Hair can be changed while the toddler is selected by clicking a mirror. I don't have any mods or cc. After I reinstalled the game. I did install some CC from mainly The Sims Resource, which I thought was supposed to be a safe site to download from. Make your Sims 3 babies look really cute (or really ugly). Growing From Toddler Sim to Child The Next Birthday Party When the toddler is ready to age up, you can again throw a birthday party for … Edit: Solved for me too. It started suddenly (not right after installing any expansion pack), and my sims simply didn't age. need help. Obviously, this won't work if you're already playing with Short lifespans. She did just have a baby, but the baby is now a child. « Reply #2 on: December 21, 2013, 12:08:02 AM » When I click my sim after 'testingcheatsenabled' the only thing that comes up is 'change outfit'. She is a toddler now. Her green age bar is full and says ready to age up but I keep getting the same 'not eligible' notice. Growing from Toddler to Child? I have to take aging on to age babies up. Re: child sim won't age up. In the family I'm playing, all the children have aged up automatically and I was able to use the birthday cake to age up the dad but the mother won't age up at all. July 2016. I just got a new laptop specifically for playing The Sims 3 and installed the base game, no expansions. Only children and older Sims can age up via the cake.

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