Primate mice Animal dealers in Southeast Asia keep tanks of water nearby so that in case of a bite, they can submerge both their arm and the slow loris to make the animal let go. The hypothesis that low energy requirements are advantageous to deal with unpredictable periodic food shortages may explain why species from geographic regions experiencing climatic extremes brought about by El Nino Southern-Oscillation (ENSO) events tend to have lower BMRs than species from other geographic regions (Lovegrove 2000). The foramen magnum (hole through which the spinal cord enters) faces directly backward. com). If he is interested, he will respond by sniffing the female’s urine mark, and if he likes her scent, he will add his own urine mark on top. monkeys, but due to its nocturnal lifestyle, it does not have to compete invertebrate remains. of the as fed diet. [22], Slow lorises range in weight from the Bornean slow loris at 265 grams (9.3 oz) to as much as 2,100 grams (74 oz) for the Bengal slow loris. problem solving capabilities exhibited by most other primates. A male would also be part of this 1995; Illius and Jessop 1995). The sap of Gluta and Mangifera produce sores on the skin. The slow loris (Nycticebus coucang; Lorisidae) is a slow-moving, arboreal mammal with a very low metabolism relative to other eutherian species of its body mass.A slow pace of life has been causally linked to a low intake rate of usable energy due to a diet that is generally low in energy, is unpredictably periodically scarce, and contains high amounts of toxins or digestion inhibitors. as being mealworms, crickets or a combination of both. They indicate that this species relies mainly on animal food, of which ants and termites form a large part. given a choice. and secondary consumers. 2/6 had diets similar to their current diet or a Table 17: Daily diet of However, ants, termites, and lepidopteran larvae did not constitute a major proportion of these arthropods, contrary to what was found in the Calabar angwantibo (Arctocebus calabarensis—Charles-Dominique 1977; Jewell and Oates 1969). assist The earliest that slow loris infants are considered weaned is age 6 months, but mothers continue to nurse their infants until they reach sexual maturity. The maimed animals are then shoved into tiny cages for display at Indonesian markets, where the lorises are sold locally for as little as $20 (as reported by an article in. [83][100][130] The three newest species are yet to be evaluated by the IUCN, although each were once thought to be subpopulations of the Bornean slow loris—which was evaluated as "Vulnerable" in 2008. night. It tends to climb slowly and deliberately. Evolutionary biology, reproductive endocrinology, and virology, Modeling animal responses to plant toxicants, Ecological observations on the lorisoid primates of African lowland forest, Notes on ecological relationships of four species of lorisids in Rio Muni, West Africa, Association for the Conservation of Wildlife, Preliminary studies of small mammals collected from Penang Island, Malaysia, The zoogeography of mammalian basal metabolic rate, Energetics of arboreal folivores: physiological problems and ecological consequences of feeding on an ubiquitous food supply, Food habits, energetics, and the population biology of mammals, Ecological and behavioral consequences of adaptation to various food resources, Advances in the study of mammalian behavior, Physiological convergence amongst ant-eating and termite-eating mammals, The influence of food habits on the energetics of eutherian mammals, Food habits and the basal rate of metabolism in birds, The wild mammals of Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia) and Singapore, Metabolic rate and environmental productivity: well-provisioned animals evolved to run and idle fast, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Energy metabolism, thermoregulation and water budget in the slow loris (, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, A. [97], Due to their slow movement, all lorises, including the slow lorises, have a specially adapted mechanism for defense against predation. Love Wildlife Foundation of Thailand encourages the conservation of the slow loris through education programs, school talks, and Youth Ecological Network (YEN) as well as awareness campaigns to educate and inform the general public of their plight.

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