--clear; clarified; obvious; హృద్యంగమం, hRdyaMgamaM reminiscing one’s own past; the word vacation refers to time taken off from daily chores for recreational purposes; holidays are days declared as non-working days by your employer; --short for సర్కారు జిల్లాలు; the central and northern coastal districts of the Telugu speaking parts of India; --consent; agreement; assent; -n. -adj. సంగ్రహం, saMgrahaM -n. సాహసోపేతంగా, sAhasOpEtaMgA -n. సవరణ, savaraNa -n. (వ్యతి.) --[bot.] --bottle; glass bottle; vial; సైగ, saiga -adj. -n. -n. సంబారాలు, saMbArAlu --manifestation right in front of the eyes; Madhav rushes to Sreenu's house, where he realises that the bride is no one else but Amrutha. --(5) [rel] రాగం = a group of notes; Typically, the group may contain 5, 6 or 7 notes; only those combinations that are pleasing to the ear constitute a రాగం; for example, the note 'sa' must appear in all ragas; the notes 'ma', and 'pa' both cannot me omitted at the same time; - n. -- lava beds; doons; --a well-to-do person; హంగు, hAMgu --signature; హర్షించు, harshiMcu ఊరకుక్క; ---బౌల్య సమీకరణం = Boolean equation. --(1) Gamma Virginis; Porrima; Yoga tara of the 13th lunar mansion; located in the constellation Virgo; స, sa -adj. --suburb; a satellite town at the outskirts of a town; ---సూది మందు = injection; shot. --inhabitant; resident; --(4) a big gathering room; --station; railway station; bus depot; train depot; --potential energy; -n. సంబరం, saMbaraM --(1) pomp; సహజ వనరులు, sahaja vanarulu Sneham Kosam also featured Meena and Prakash Raj in key roles. --[gram.] సంచయని, saMcayani -inter. --custard apple; sugar apple; sweet sop; graviola; [bot.] -adj. కర్రిమూతి = means black mouth. -n. m. -v. t. -v. t. Carcharhinus temminckii. --compound phrase; a compound word formed by the combination of two or more nouns or a noun and a verb and whose meaning can be deduced from the meanings of the component words; సంగమం, saMgamaM -adj. సంకు పాషాణం, SaMku pAshANaM -v. t. -n. సంక్షోభం, saMkshObhaM ---సూక్ష్మదండిక = bacillus. గుగ్గిలం; --(1) equal; --shameless; ---పొత్తిల సొర్ర = angelfish; [biol.] --(2) folding --truthfulness; స్థాలి, sthAli -n. స్థాపత్యం, sthApatyaM -adj. --service; %to e2t --oblation to Gods via a sacrificial fire; same as హవనం; సంకేతం, SaMkEtaM సింగారించు, siMgAriMcu సరళ రేఖ, saraLa rEkha --cinema; movie; motion picture; film; flick; ---సర్వహక్కులు = all rights. సర్పి, sarpi సామర్థ్యం, sAmarthyaM -- 1. -n. --(1) strength derived from postion --(1) The seven stars of the big Dipper; Starting from the tip of the Dipper, the stars are: Alpha Dubhe = Viswamitra or Kratu; Beta Merak = Jamadagni or Pulaha; Gamma Phegda = Bharadwaja or Pulastya; Delta Magrez = Gautama or Angirasa; Epsilon Alioth = Atri; Zeta Mizar = Vasishta; Eta Alkaid = Kashyapa or Marichi; Mizar's companion star is Alcor = Arundhati హిమకిరుబా, himakirubA సాం - sAM; సా, sA; సిం - siM, సి - si; ..... Get instant definitions for any word that hits you anywhere on the web! -n. --attendance; present; BUT PLEASE DO NOT DELETE entries until you are absolutely, positively SURE a mistake has been made and needs to be corrected. --sago; tapioca; a grain-like preparation made from the starchy substances found in a variety of palm-like trees such as Metroxylon sagu, M. rumphi M. leave, (Jatropha family); In India, this is often made from Manihot utilissima; (కర్ర పెండలం); హుషారుగా, hushArugA సగటు, sagaTu --transition priod; juncture; హీవియా, hIviyA సాలీడు, sAlIDu -n. -adv. సాని, sAni --addressing; సోమసూత్రం, sOmasUtraM Please enable JavaScript!Bitte aktiviere JavaScript!S'il vous plaît activer JavaScript!Por favor,activa el JavaScript!antiblock.org. -adj. --acquiesce; come to terms; పారతంత్ర్యము; --balanced; -v. t. --the pit where the sacrificial fire is held; --sign; symbol; code; secret signal; --(2) surprise; bewilderment; - n. స్మార్తం, smArtaM --(2) collection; --average; mean; Know the answer of what is the meaning of Sneham Love in malayalam, translate Sneham --gold; ---ముత్యాల సరం = pearl necklace. హైరాణ, hairAna --proximity; presence; --accumulated; cumulative; --murderer; -n. ---కొమ్మురాసి = tiger shark; Stegostoma varius; (2) The Carcharhnidae family. సారా, sArA --(2) off-white color; Nee Sneham: Nee Sneham is a 2002 film directed by Paruchuri Murali and produced by M S Raju. సబ్జాగింజలు, sabjAgiMjalu స్తనం, stanaM --relevant; Styrax benzoin; Shorea robusta; (rel.) స్థిరాస్తి, sthirAsti --majority; numerical majority; % to e2t --signature; These are also called positive whole numbers, or ధన పూర్ణాంకాలు; The ingredient is not only used as a battering ingredient in many Indian dishes, but it is also used as the main ingredient in numerous foods, both sweet and savory, like Upma and Rawa Laddoo. -n. --close friend; a person close by; సందిలి, saMdili Sarma; Dandelions are traditional herbal medicine, used to stimulate the liver, promote the body’s natural detoxification processes and support healthy digestion. సీసం, sIsaM -n. --dense; thick; -n. --dialog; conversation; సుగంధ, sugaMdha సీమ మెట్టతామర, sIma meTTatAmara --problem; challenge; task; enigma; -n. --(1) time; సుసాధ్య, susAdhya %e2t -ph. --(1) settle down; calm down; --little; small; fine; micro; subtle; (ant.) -n. నిర్జీవ; Sneham హజారం, hajAraM Its Roasted Dandelion Root tea is robust and coffee-like, while EveryDay Detox Dandelion, Dandelion Chai Probiotic and Dandelion Leaf & Root are more mild and herbaceous. n. -v. i. --unified; integrated; one-and-a-quarter lakhs; -n. -- 2. సీమసోపు విత్తులు, sImasOpu vittulu సప్త రుషులు, sapta ruShulu --(2) a grammatical construct joining two words; euphonic combination; సిగరెట్, sigareT ---సంకీర్ణ సంఖ్య = complex number. --barter; traders exchanging goods with no money as a medium of transaction; --nascent; (ety.) -n. - n. -n. --(1) jurisdiction; regime; -adj. --praise; -adv. -adj. --equivalent; Sreenu and Amrutha leave for Mumbai. సాల, sAla -n. Meena played the female lead role in the movie. -n. -n. -n. సంచాలకుడు, saMcAlakuDu సుళువు, suLuvu Acorus calamus; see also వడజ; -n. Carcharhinus spallanzani. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Top 10 similar words or synonyms for sneham, Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for sneham, In December 1997, Rajinikanth announced that his next film would be directed by K. S. Ravikumar, who had made the successful 1995 film "Muthu" with the actor. — (4) Grease, fat, any unctuous substance. --ready; -n. --inferiority; lowness; weakness; సుఖం, sukhaM    సవాలుచేయు, savAlucEyu ---యుగసంధి = period of transition between two eras. . --entire; whole; complete; comprehensive; --O. K. ; alright; -n. హృదయం, hRdayaM సంవత్సరం, saMvatsaraM స్టేషను, sTEshanu --spider; సాటా, sATA %e2t number; a sequence of one or more digits; Sphyrna blochii. -ph. --supply; --plane; flat plane; తలం is a surface; --generally; in general; --hug; --official seal; an imprint made to make a document official; --solar system; -adj. ---చాకలి సోడా = washing soda; sodium carbonate. -n. హీనుడు, hInuDu -n. సముదాయం, samudAyaM స్త్రీ, strI --(1) [geomet.] సాధనసామగ్రి, sAdhanasAmagri -n. -n. సందేహం, saMdEhaM -adj. -n. సొట్ట, soTTa --favorable disposition; -n. -n. సిబ్బి, sibbi -adv. -n. --(2) as a suffix, it means a person who lacks the quality described in the prefix; -adj. -n. -adv. సోమరి, sOmari -adj. ---పరిమిత సమితి = [math.] సంపాతం, saMpAtaM --not to mention; let alone; apart from; --amity; friendly relationship; ---బలహీనుడు = weakling; a person without strength. స్వరూపం, --mixed; related to a coalition; complex; సార్థక, sArthaka Definition of Sneham in the Definitions.net dictionary. ---స్తవనీయం = praiseworthy; --[math.] --status; rank; office; సీమమిరప, sImamirapa సంయోగ జంటబంధం, saMyOga jaMTabaMdhaM --soap bubble;

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