Copyright Foodlovers. [3] The agriculture industry includes both sheep and dairy farming which both account for a significant proportion of the region's revenue and export receipts. 4 teaspoons onion soup powder. Where Robin notices all the boring stuff, Laura is spotting all sorts of witty chalkboards outside of stores and cafes! This recipe is from a pretty iconic Southlander too, Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt (recipe from Love Food Hate Waste). small handful parsley (optional) You’ll find it by the ‘long life’ milks in your local supermarket. [3] The first of these recipes developed as a spread in the 1920s, prior to the invention of cheese rolls, using a specific spicy Australia cheese, Rex Cheese. Lake Hauroko is the deepest lake in the country. The mean daily temperature varies from 5.2 Â°C in July to 14.9 Â°C in January. The largest lake in Southland is Lake Te Anau followed by Lake Manapouri which both lie within the boundaries of Fiordland National Park. Individuals: Babybels and Mature (kids and adults) $5, Groups: Platters (corporates and teams) $50. Artisan variations have now become a regional feature in various restaurants that incorporate alternate cheese and bread varieties. It is the only part of New Zealand which has a distinct regional accent (shared with neighboring parts of Otago), characterized in particular by a rolling 'r'. We head to the Tuatarium to find out! The highest peak in Southland is Mount Tutoko, which is part of the Darran mountains. Thin in texture but packing mighty flavour, it’s awesome on a grilled cheese toasty or dolloping into casseroles and stews. [5] Contact was established as early as 1813. Variants on this style of filling include the use of spicy or strong cheese with mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and even liqueurs such as Kahlúa. The mean maximum temperature in July is 9.5 Â°C and Southland's lowest recorded temperature was −18 Â°C in July 1946. Then it’s all aboard the General Grant, a mock-up of the ship that crashed into a subantarctic island leaving a handful of people to create a new life as castaways. [40] In July 2007 the New Zealand Government awarded oil and gas exploration permits for four areas of the Great South Basin. 1 onion along with the soup mix is plenty. It includes Southland District, Gore District and the city of Invercargill. A wander through Queens Park leads us to a large white pyramid. ... Buy a used slow cooker at a resale shop. [3], Southland Region and the Southland Regional Council were created in 1989, as part of the 1989 local government reforms.[16]. They saved lives!! The ship rocks from side to side as we walk across. Check out these articles: Until tomorrow’s blog post, give us a lovely like on Facebook and follow us on Instagram! Southland Museum, here we go! Food-wise, cheese rolls are a Southland specialty and swedes are a popular vegetable, prepared and eaten as are pumpkin and kumara (sweet potato) elsewhere in New Zealand. In 2001, three authorities (Invercargill City, Southland District and Gore District Councils) created the joint initiative agency Venture Southland[19] which is the agency responsible for the region's economic and community development initiatives and tourism promotion. The percentage of people born overseas was 12.2, compared with 27.1% nationally. The most striking of which is the light from a lighthouse complete with its wacky glass shell. [28] Most of Southland's population is concentrated on the eastern Southland Plains. Expecting a roll with cheese in it (think: long roll, bap etc), no – out comes a rolled up piece of grilled white sandwich bread with oozy cheese filling. [41], Coordinates: 45°42′S 168°06′E / 45.7°S 168.1°E / -45.7; 168.1, A winter scene in western Southland, at the edge to. By using this website you agree to our, Advertise your business on New Zealand's most popular travel guide, 7 Best Romantic Accommodation in The Catlins, 8 Romantic Activities in The Catlins for Couples. Early recipes for the dish date from the 1930s, with the earliest being in New Zealand newspaper New Zealand Truth from 1935. Much of the remaining area of Southland, including all of Stewart Island/Rakiura, falls within the Southland District, which is administered by its own Council, also based in Invercargill. The employment status of those at least 15 was that 40,965 (52.5%) people were employed full-time, 12,153 (15.6%) were part-time, and 2,427 (3.1%) were unemployed. Some teenagers crawl out of bed (we’ve all been there), a few ladies poke their heads out of the bushes. The Gore District Council administers the town of the same name and its rural hinterland. Although some people objected to giving their religion, 50.7% had no religion, 38.5% were Christian, and 3.3% had other religions. The mix will spread as you roll (hence the warning not to completely cover it in filling in the first place as it will otherwise ooze out). At first, you would have thought this many tuatara would be easy to spot. Southland also includes Stewart Island, 85% of which is covered by Rakiura National Park. It will create a rugby-team sized amount of rolls, and there’s no such thing as having just one, or two, or even three…, 1½ loaves white or brown toast-sliced bread [33] Food-wise, cheese rolls are a Southland specialty [34] and swedes are a popular vegetable, prepared and eaten as are pumpkin and kumara (sweet potato) elsewhere in New Zealand. The region is home to two national parks: Fiordland National Park and Rakiura National Park. Rainfall is the highest in the country and varies between 6,500 and 7,500 mm annually. [3] Eastern Southland has significant deposits of lignite which are considered to be New Zealand's biggest fossil fuel energy resource. Can you please give me the full recipe for what sounds extremely delicious? 500g cheese, grated. Of the total population, 19,467 people (20.0%) were aged up to 15 years, 17,394 (17.8%) were 15 to 29, 44,124 (45.3%) were 30 to 64, and 16,485 (16.9%) were 65 or older. As Lindsay goes into the enclosure with a grub in his hand a few more tuatara make themselves known. [30], In the 21st century the Asian-origin population of Southland increased owing to the recruitment of dairy workers, many of them from the Philippines. Even with, Dehydrating Leafy Greens – Powdered Greens, Restoring Painted Door Knobs to former Glory, DIY Bird Spikes – Deterring small birds from perching on ledges. HISTORY OF THE FAMOUS SOUTHLAND CHEESE ROLL Unfortunately the first batch of cheese rolls were terrible. A second basic recipe again used spicy cheese, but this time mixed with savoury ingredients such as onion, which was cooked in butter or milk, mixed with the cheese, then thickened with flour or cornflour. Photo by Linda Robertson. Whatever the tale, they’ve always been part of Southland’s fabric, much like supporting the Highlanders and rolling ‘r’s’. The Plains extend from the Waiau River in the west to the Mataura River to the east. However, they can be broken down into three types: the temperate oceanic climate of the coastal regions, the continental climate of the interior and the wetter mountain climate of Fiordland to the west. Lindsay shares an amazing amount of knowledge about the tuatara with us, telling us more about it’s “third eye”, how they store fat in their scales, how they survived the days that wiped out the dinosaurs, and so much more! 1 small onion finely grated. Southland is divided into two parliamentary electorates. Soft bread certainly helps when rolling your Cheese Roll without it cracking in odd places. Add cheese, worcetershire sauce and onion and stir until the cheese has melted into a gooey mess. There he is, the only tuatara out in the open and lapping up the limelight: Henry the tuatara! John Park Plus, we will soon be visiting Oamaru, which is the “Steampunk Capital of New Zealand”.

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