Sprint offers a smaller nationwide coverage area than, It depends where you live. This site is a U.S. Consumer site. All Content © 2020 CompareCellular.com. If you live in an area where Sprint’s coverage is strong (remember, Sprint tends to have better coverage in metropolitan areas) and you’re looking for a deal on your cell phone plan, Sprint could be the right carrier for you. Tello voice & text, plus 3G & 4G LTE coverage is provided on Nationwide Sprint® Network. Note: Read why this site appears to be in plain text. These tower maps are NOT coverage maps and are not in any way intended as a guarantee of coverage or service availability. Subscribe to our newsletter and get our latest reports and analyses delivered right to your inbox every 2 weeks. That only about "25%" of the 4G LTE coverage is available, and it's very "spotty". You can learn more about our site and privacy policy here. Verizon has the best overall coverage of all major carriers in the nation. Wireless Tower Locations from Sprint Business Solutions. These tower maps are NOT coverage maps and are not in any way intended as a guarantee of coverage or service availability. There, of course, is more to the Sprint story and it’s not all bad. Sprint Coverage Map Reviews Mobile App AT&T - Verizon - T-Mobile - Sprint - Tracfone Tower maps sets forth the approximate location of some, but not all of our towers. The map shows the state of cellphone coverage both before and after the merger by visualizing the predominant wireless service provider at the tract and county level. Have tower questions or feedback? Can't see the maps? Verizon’s 4G coverage reaches 70% of the country as opposed to Sprint’s 30% coverage. Sprint is one of the 4 major networks we have identified operating in the USA.Read our latest analysis on how the major operators compare in mobile network experience at USA: Mobile Network Experience. T-Mobile, Sprint’s closest rival, covers more than double the country (62%) with its 4G network. Sprint wireless coverage map reviews & reception problems. While they do have the worst coverage in the country, Sprint offers some of the most competitive prices of the major carriers. T-Mobile has the third best network coverage in the nation and outshines Sprint in 4G coverage with about 62% of the nation covered. Sprint does have the upper hand when it comes to pricing. From the city view you can also use the zoom controls and in some instances the compass buttons to navigate deeper. A purple dot is not clickable, as exact tower locations cannot be displayed at this time. Sprint has a wide range of mobile plans, starting at just $35/month for unlimited data. This really isn’t much of a comparison. Your Privacy Rights  |  Acceptable Use Policy and Visitor Agreement  |  Copyright Notices  |  Find a Store  |  Contact Us  |  Email Sign Up, http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp, Acceptable Use Policy and Visitor Agreement. Although Sprint does have strong coverage in some areas, many rural locations won't have great signal. While Sprint’s coverage leaves much to be desired, their plans are among the cheapest in the industry, and include tons of great features and perks. Sprint plans—particularly their unlimited ones—come chocked full of excellent features and perks. When I use the Sprint coverage maps to check data service for Houston, TX it shows solid 4G LTE coverage everywhere. Report cell phone coverage problem areas - dropped calls, no data, dead zones, no signal. Sprint does have strong coverage in highly populated metropolitan areas, Sprint plans are perk heavy and relatively low in price (compared to the other major carriers), Overall, Sprint has the worst coverage of all four major carriers, Sprint’s 4G network reaches only 30% of the country, Sprint coverage is especially bad in rural areas, Along with having the worst network coverage, Sprint also falls behind its competitors when it comes to network speed. Sprint mobile app to report cell phone reception problems - no data, dead zones, dropped calls, network congestion. Sprint will add big areas in Iowa, Wisconsin, Vermont, Nebraska and West Virginia to the New T-Mobile's coverage map; The combined network licenses will make New T-Mobile the largest spectrum holder in the US; The new T-Mobile will end up with ~30% market share, against 31% for AT&T, and 38% for Verizon, but 50%+ in prepaid; Click here to view Sprint wireless coverage maps. The cost of Sprint's plans differ depending on a number of factors, including perks, high-speed data included, and number of lines. A red dot is clickable and will allow you to take a closer look at actual tower locations. In fact, Sprint has just around 95% of the following states covered: Unfortunately, there are many more states that have less than 50% coverage from Sprint. The pros and cons of Sprint’s coverage are pretty simple. This is another comparison where Sprint doesn’t fare too well. Check out the. All Rights Reserved. Sprint’s 4G network only reaches about 30% of the entire nation while AT&T’s reaches about 68% – that’s more than double Sprint’s coverage. and receive Opensignal reports in your email. Both Sprint and T-Mobile have room to improve when it comes to coverage in rural areas, but even these areas, T-Mobile tends to have better coverage. However, today at the Sprint store, the guy told me that's not true. No contract cell phone plans from TextNow Wireless. Download the OpenSignal app, available on Android or iOS, to: All of the data used in our coverage maps is crowdsourced from our global community of app users, ensuring that the findings we publish reflect the real-world state of mobile network coverage as everyday user typically experience it. Sprint’s network isn’t bad news for all states. Detailed coverage maps for all major networks around the globe are available for free in the OpenSignal app. This includes huge hotspot data allowances, Hulu and Tidal subscriptions, and even Amazon Prime (depending on the plan). The launch of future towers and the location of these towers is subject to change. Sprint’s network coverage is the fourth best of all the major US cellular networks. The launch of future towers and the location of these towers is subject to change. To get a better idea about just how far behind Sprint network is, consider that Sprint covers just 30% of the country with its 4G coverage.

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