Merciful Jesus, I trust in you). No need to write checks or bring cash to Mass. Please bring your own hand sanitizer if you are able. I ask for your continued patience as we too prepare to enter into Phase 1 of reopening. (You can unsubscribe anytime), Address - St. Charles Borromeo Parish Welcome to St. Charles Borromeo Parish. They won’t be collected during mass. I miss you all! Our neighbor church, St.  Thomas Aquinas University Parish, has a Saturday Vigil Mass at 4:30PM and Sunday at 9, 10, and 11 am. Please come to the Church parking lot on the south side of the building and you will be directed where to go. God is guiding us each day and taking care of us. You will also receive information from your school that will address the specifics of each building. Here is the information for Religious Education classes this year. Sint-Carolus Borromeuskerk, Sodaliteit en Professenhuis. She taught me how to love and how to sacrifice for others. Please know that your Deacons, John, Paul, and Louis, and I are praying for you daily and are here for you. We see that it is not necessary to make a reservation for mass at this time. St. Charles Borromeo School Your support of St. Charles through this difficult time has been overwhelming. They will be drive-up confessions. No reservations are needed for weekday masses either. Here is a link where you can see the prayer for each day of the Novena. It was rededicated in 1779 to Saint Charles Borromeo. There will be someone directing you where to go. All office transactions can be done on Saturday or Sunday.   We pray for those of you that can not join us at this time and know you are with us in our hearts. If you are in your car there will be a sign with the radio station number you will need to tune into for the mass. If you wish to change your mass intention, please email. So sorry but we have quite a few people going to confession so it may take awhile to get to your car. We are so happy you clicked in! Also, my 22 year old godson, who we have been praying for and was diagnosed with cancer and tumors, was supposed to be on chemo for 4-6 months. We hope you will contact us and learn more about our community, programs, and services. The office and church will be closed during the week. Church occupancy has now increased to 75% of maximum capacity inside our two churches, but due to social distancing this will not affect occupancy limits in a signifant way. "); A partial indulgence, granted to the faithful who, at least with a contrite heart, pray to the merciful Lord Jesus a legitimately approved invocation. 11/22 10am mass in the parking lot Wed. 11/25 6pm in the church for the Thanksgiving Vigil Beginning Saturday, November 28 we will be resuming regular mass schedule in the church in person. is the foundation on which the nation was founded, and that He alone is the True Source of our cherished. We are very sorry if anyone has to be turned away. Admittance is by appointment only. Diocese of Springfield . For your safety the doors will be locked at the time mass starts. Below is a short summary of what the Church teaches on burial and cremation. We welcome you to join us for Mass, prayer or discussion. St. Charles is definitely “the little church with a big heart”. The quickest and easiest way for us to get information to you is via e-mail. The office will be open from 9am-1pm on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. A restoration campaign in the 1980s brought back the churches baroque splendor. Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Grand Coteau is accepting applications for the position of Director of Sacred Music (DSM). The same basic principles apply in Phase III as did in both Phases I and II:  Maintaning social distance (six feet), wearing masks, and proper hygiene/sanitizing. ~ 1 Peter 4:10. If you need to register your child and can’t come to church please contact Reina Goode at (505) 804-6939. If that happens, we will ask those that have been there more than 30 minutes to let someone else take their spot. Visit to make an appointment. We are grateful for Fr. My mom just turned 81 so they are in strict isolation and I’m their errand man and only visitor. If you have any questions or still need to reserve a seat, please call 242-3462 and leave a message or email We will keep you informed of our progress and as the guidance from these agencies evolves. Communion: Please step outside your car and stand near it and the priest or deacons will bring communion to you. Click below for full Job Description. March 25th, 2020 My dear family of St. Charles Borromeo. It is very clear that you are invested in this parish. Father is asking that at this time children under the age of 6 not come to mass. Office open: M-F, 9am-4:30pm Good afternoon St. Charles parishioners, The holidays are rapidly approaching and we pray that everyone is safe and healthy. Pray for our scientists and those who are working on a vaccine. Thank you for your generosity. There are also bins in the lobby of he church if you want to bring them to church. We miss each and every one of you. 937-434-6081 Pamela Wheeldon Parish Office Assistant. We will let you know, either by email or on the website, of the date and times of upcoming confessions during Holy Week. Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Grand Coteau is accepting applications for the position of Director of Sacred Music (DSM). I’d like to personally thank all of our Parishioners for their prayers, support, and contributions to the St. Charles Parish.

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