She was close to starvation. The enemy must decide between surrender and, 10. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], Emergency aid could save millions threatened with, Half of the prisoners died after torture and, The pilot had lost consciousness because of oxygen, The enemy must decide between surrender and, The West's inaction has put millions of people at risk of, The workers lived in poor conditions and were paid, Once these latest rations run out the country will again face hunger and, million people are in immediate danger of death from, After three crop failures in a row the people face, D isruption to food production and supplies due to COVID-19 could cause more deaths from, The Holodomor's Death Toll. Grant retired hastily, for starvation was imminent, and Pemberton, thus freed, turned upon Sherman, and inflicted a severe defeat on that general at Chickasaw Bayou near Vicksburg (December 29). So great was the abhorrence of matter that some even thought it an act of religion to commit suicide by voluntary starvation, or to starve children to death (see article "Neu-Manichaer" by Otto Z, ckler in ed. . Provisions were scarce and dear, communication with the rest of the world was infrequent, and in 1807 the community was threatened with starvation, and flour was sold at £ 200 per ton. It is certain that the share per man was small, and that many of the buccaneers died of starvation while trying to return to Jamaica. Possibility of starvation. , It looked as if the skinny dog was suffering from starvation because his ribs were sticking out and his tongue was dragging the ground. The energy deficiency inherent in starvation causes fatigue and renders the victim more apathetic over time. His days of starvation were over. starvation sentence 29.10.2020 29.10.2020 0 Comments See the full definition for starvation in the English Language Learners Dictionary, Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for starvation, Nglish: Translation of starvation for Spanish Speakers, Britannica English: Translation of starvation for Arabic Speakers, Encyclopedia article about starvation. Grant, as he pushed Pemberton before him to Granada, lengthened day by day his line of communication, and when Van Dorn, ever enterprising, raided the great Federal depot of Holly Springs the game was up. A condition of severe suffering due to a lack of nutrition. 3. Sentence with the word starvation. , Instead of dying of starvation, the Donner Party decided to eat the dead bodies so they could provide nourishment for themselves. 130 69 He is said to have died of voluntary starvation, being threatened with total blindness. The destruction of the wild caribou has threatened to expose the Indians to wholesale starvation, hence the effort which the United States government has made to stock the country with domestic reindeer from Siberia. The first step is to open test works; and directly they show the necessity, regular relief works are established, in which the people may earn enough to keep them from starvation, until the time comes to sow the next crop. It was immediately faced with the acute danger of actual starvation. | (figuratively) Severe shortage of resources. Not only the workmen and the large class of idlers attracted to Paris by the system, but rentiers and government officials, whose incomes were paid in assignats on a scale arbitrarily fixed by the government, saw themselves threatened with actual starvation. Otto died shortly after his election, when Boniface VII., on the strength of the popular feeling against the new pope, returned from Constantinople and placed John in prison, where he died either by starvation or poison. The changes are also common in pernicious anaemia, advanced chlorosis, cachexias, and in the later stages of starvation. 2. The Ukrainian famine—known as the Holodomor, a combination of the Ukrainian words for “starvation” and “to inflict death”—by one estimate claimed the lives, Starvation, more exercise and the use of laxatives caused her to collapse on an elevator in route to meet with a top photographer. It saved the sailors from starvation. Partial starvation will sometimes effect this; hence the grafting of freegrowing fruit trees upon dwarfing stocks, as before alluded to, and also the " ringing " or girdling of fruit trees, i.e. This involved making the poor wear prison uniforms and only providing enough food to avoid starvation. 5. Upon a further demand, Motazz, having failed to procure money from his mother Qabiha, who was enormously rich, was seized upon and tortured, and died of starvation in prison (Shaaban 255, July 868). The West's inaction has put millions of people at risk of, 14. The famine, emigration and the new poor law nearly got rid of starvation, but the people never became frankly loyal, feeling that they owed more to their own importunity and to their own misfortunes than to the wisdom of their rulers. It looked as if the skinny dog was suffering from starvation because his ribs were sticking out and his tongue was dragging the ground. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Finding himself in danger of starvation, even his food and drink being changed by his touch, Midas entreated Dionysus to take back the gift. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The most frequent causes of death associated with anorexia are starvation, electrolyte imbalance, heart failure, and suicide. In order to obtain food, they venture naked in small canoes into the treacherous seas; their life is a constant battle with starvation and a rude climate, and their character has become rude and low in consequence. Examples of starvation in a Sentence. By eating this frequently, Cruise says, you keep the body from going into starvation mode, in which it retains fat and burns muscle. Over 50,000 have been compell 'd to die the death of starvation-- reader, did you ever try to realize what _ starvation _ actually is?. The poor squatted where they could, receiving starvation wages, and paying exorbitant rents for their cabins, partly with their own labour. Instead of dying of starvation, the Donner Party decided to eat the dead bodies so they could provide nourishment for … The position was then desperate, wholesale desertion and starvation had decimated the garrison, and three weeks later Ali Riza Pasha, the Turkish commander, was compelled to surrender. Starvation itself (see also Hunger And Thirst) is of the nature of a disease which may be prevented by diet; nevertheless there are connected with it a few peculiarities of scientific and practical interest. When the growth is at the cardiac end of the stomach, blocking the gullet and causing slow starvation, the abdomen may advisedly be opened, and, the stomach having been fixed to the surface-wound, a permanent opening may be arranged for the introduction of an adequate amount of food. Once these latest rations run out, the country will again face hunger and, 28. But starvation, that’s a possibility. The starvation rate was always. The response to the addition of nutrient broth, however, declined with the length of the starvation period. Emergency aid could save millions threatened with, 3. Two years ago, FAO warned that Iraq risked widespread starvation. Examples of threat of starvation in a sentence, how to use it. It was a race against time to stop people dying from, 7. 3. Some cats will eat any and all of the food that is readily available in an attempt to ward off a future chance of starvation. starvation rations once a day, with little time to eat. died of winter starvation, providing abundant carrion for eagles. This diet mimics starvation, which results in the body burning fats rather than carbohydrates for energy.

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