Historically it was strategically important as the “Gateway to the Highlands”, with its position near the Highland Boundary Fault between the Scottish Lowlands & Highlands & has been described as “the brooch which clasps the Highlands & the Lowlands together”, Its historical position as the nearest crossing of the Forth to the river mouth meant it attracted invaders. I walked it from east to west, so started by going under two of the Firth bridges and through a residential area before entering the grounds of the Hopetoun House estate, which deserves a side trip if you have time. Later, however, Rob was arrested & confined in Newgate Prison, London. Walk 141: Digbeth (Birmingham) Art Trail: It’s a (Peaky) Blinder! This route takes you along one of the finest cliff top paths in Central Scotland, above the North Third reservoir. Take this lovely scenic walk around Stirling Castle, the old town walls of Stirling, the Back Walk and the Gowan hill. At the end of the 20th century it became a museum. Turn to the right at the far corner of the park (D). Walk 26: Sulgrave Village Circular Walk…full of Stars & Stripes, Walk 27: King’s Sutton village walk…a must see southern Northants village, Walk 29: Raunds town centre…memories of times gone by, Walk 31: Wadenhoe Circular: Kingfishers & just a stunning walk. Keep going down Castle Wynd to reach the ruins of Mar’s Wark, Mar’s Wark is a ruined building built 1570–1572 by John Erskine, Regent of Scotland & Earl of Mar, & now in the care of Historic Scotland. The trail continues through the estate woods before turning onto a country lane that meanders through farmland and along a creek before reaching Linlithgow. Follow a circular route from Bridge of Allan, walking to Dunblane then retrace your route or catch a train back to Bridge of Allan. This is a beautiful little 400 yards or so with great views. Keep looking through the trees on the left as you climb as the views get more spectacular & on the right are some very unstable cliffs, Bear right at the fingerpost going up the track rather than down, 11. The large building next to Rob’s called the Albert Halls which is the city’s premier concert venue, The path we need to take is up the right side…, We’re now walking uphill & there’s glimpses of the castle on the right. Continue down the hill past Robert Spittal’s house who was tailor to James IV & left money to help the poor of Stirling, The building was originally erected about 1650 & was later divided into tenement flats, 22. Self guided walk is the SAFEST way to sightsee while observing SOCIAL DISTANCING! Take a walk down Stirling's streets and literally also take a walk through history. The Network also offers free short walks every Monday morning from Stirling community hospital and every Thursday morning from Bridge of Allan. Around Stirling there are lots of places to go for a day out in the surrounding countryside. Walk 9: Oundle Water Meadows Circular: Wonderful water, wildlife & willows, Walk 10: Stoke Bruerne Circular: A lovely walk for all the family around Northamptonshire’s jewel in the canal network, Walk 11: Salcey Forest Circular: We followed an Elephant looking for an Owl but saw neither today…, Walk 12: Abthorpe Circular: Picturesque South Northamptonshire villages (1) in the Tove valley, Walk 13: Weston Circular: Picturesque South Northamptonshire villages (2) in the Tove valley, Walk 14: Bugbrooke Circular: Back to the flats of the canals, but with fantastic views over our beautiful county, Walk 15: Northampton: A brief walk around the historic town centre, Walk 16: Wellingborough town centre heritage trail, Walk 17: Thrapston & Titchmarsh Nature Reserves Circular: A ‘twitchers’ paradise, Walk 18: Stony Stratford Circular: Crossing the border twice….a walk in the Great Ouse valley, Walk 20: The Bramptons & the Brampton Valley Way Circular, Walk 21: Harringworth Circular: Wonderful structures & wildlife in the Welland Valley, Walk 22: Summer Leys Circular: What a beautiful little nature reserve, Walk 23: Towcester town centre: A short walk back in history, Walk 24: Rothwell town centre…”the place of the red well”. The monument is open to the general public. This is an easy walk from the city centre. Walk 123: Market Harborough Town Walk: A wander around a lovely little gem. A large area of this scenic park is a golf course. Walk 90: Paddington & Marylebone Linear: Following in the steps of a Virgin, Walk 91: La Roche-Canillac Circular: A French beauty, Walk 92: Belgravia Linear: “Lucky or not…”, Walk 93: London Southwark & Bankside Linear. You can wild camp at start of the trail, the climb at the beginning is pretty steep and rocky but very pretty! The estate has a museum, church ruins, the ruins of a workshop used by the inventor James Watt, an orchard and a wee portion of a Roman fortlet with a World Heritage Stone. It was also used in the past centuries as a tavern and a meeting place. As the track begins to bear right stop & look across the valley to the left…the views are pretty good, The tower in the above picture on the top of Abbey Craig is a significant part of Scotland’s history. Darnleys House is a unique building in Stirling as it features a barrel-vaulted ground floor unconnected to the upper floors. Walk 8: Old Village Circular: 8 miles across the fields with great views & big trees on a boiling hot day. a good walk. The Hermitage woods are a good spot for a short stroll or as part of a longer walk up to Sherrifmuir or Dumyat. Walk 55: Hastings Old Town Walk: Hang onto your Winkle! Beheading Stone. Walk 88: The Mumbles Circular: Surf’s Up! In 2009 he was chosen as the greatest Scot by the Scottish public in a vote run by Scottish television channel STV. Walk 87: Covent Garden Circular: Any ‘Venezuelan Beaver Cheese’ my good man? Once past the house, the trail goes through fields of sheep and deer before entering a dense forest that takes you all the way to Blackness Castle, another nice side trip. Walkit is an urban walking route planner that covers Stirling (including Bannockburn, Cambusbarron, Bridge of Allan and Cambuskenneth). Image by Finlay McWalter on Wikimedia under Creative Commons License. The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum – formerly The Smith Institute – has played a very special part in the history of Stirling since its foundation in 1874. Lovely loop for a run or a walk. Cambuskenneth Abbey. If you only have a an hour or two, there are plenty of short Stirling walks on your doorstep. my 1st "trail" walk in years but not too difficult for a beginner. Duration 90mins Start and meet point – The Black Boy Fountain, Stirling Walking Tour not suitable for children under 16 years Walk 139: Tintagel Circular: It’s a legend, Walk 140: London, Tower Hill to Canary Wharf. The number of visitors to Balquhidder Glen has increased in recent years, due to interest in the life of Rob Roy MacGregor. There isn't a path to follow and the burn is relatively narrow so, you will find it necessary to keep switching between the banks. The Arcade offers a wide variety of stores and original boutiques, many of them being quite specific to the region. Walk 5: Brackley Circular: Market towns, fields, ‘Snakes (nearly) on a Plane’ & frustration…”Get off my land!”. pretty dull walk on one side going through a housing estate pretty much. From the rocky outcrop Roman soldiers may have studied their routes north across the river to subdue the tribes of Caledonia. Thus, Stirling is a phenomenal place to visit and admire the sheer beauty of this interesting city. a relatively flat environment. Walk 146: Silverdale Circular Walk…a beautiful unknown corner of Britain, Walk 148: The Isle of Wight…A stroll around the Yarmouth estuary, Walk 1: Obelisk & Boughton Fields, Northampton, Walk 7: Pete’s stroll through the Pocket Parks of East Hunsbury, Walk 8: The Circle Line: Broughton – Great Cransley – Mawsley – Broughton Common – Broughton, Walk 9: Kathryn’s birdsong in Warmington churchyard, Walk 10: Broughton – Great Cransley – Cransley Wood – Mawsley – Hockley Lodge – Broughton, Walk 12: Spring / early summer colours around Abington Park, Walk 13: Rob & Karen’s stroll across the fields near Geddington, Walk 14: Old route to Walgrave via Mawsley, Walk 17: A Wollaston Loop (just watch out for the Headless Horseman! “Ise” hope so! Find the walk that is right for you. Aerial photographs taken in 1980 by the Royal Commission for Ancient & Historical The house itself is partial ruins, but the intact section is beautifully decorated with Renaissance wall paintings. The original Tolbooth has been for a very long time the heart of Stirling. Carry on along the path & take the right fork as it heads uphill towards a wall…, At the top turn left & then up the steps & over the wall, 13. The cemetery is divided into three distinct sections. It gives useful advice and guidance on how to act when faced with different situations. Its strategic location, guarding what was, until the 1890s, the farthest downstream crossing of the River Forth, has made it an important fortification from the earliest times. Three concentric ditches in a trapezoidal form beneath & around the King’s Knot mound suggested that an earthwork monument had preceded it. According to legend, when Stirling was under attack from Viking invaders, a wolf howled, alerting the people in time to save the town, One of the principal royal strongholds of the Kingdom of Scotland, Stirling was created a Royal Burgh by King David I in 1130, which it remained until 1975, when the burgh as an administrative unit was abolished.

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