Remember, the shorter your study abroad packing list is, the better it is. Hi Admit, firstly, you need to decide the country you want to study in because every country has different rules and regulations. You would have to make your way to your respective city/ area of the university through public transport. assume your admission letter has arrived and you are super excited to join your compartment to another to secure a place for my companions. International Student Statistics in UK 2020, The cheapest places to live in UK for students, What You Should Know as an Intl’ Student Starting University in UK in 2020, 4 Main Reasons Why Studying in UK Is Still Worth It Even After Brexit, GCSE, AS and A-Level Exams Will Be Available in Autumn, Ofqual Confirms, How Are UK Graduates Handling the Labour Market 15 Months After Graduation Statistics. Packing light saves you from so much trouble. Read below to find my downloadable practical study abroad packing list “Please mind the gap between the train and the platform”. It must be so daunting to move overseas to study – I left the UK to move to New Zealand when I was in my late twenties, with my now-husband, and that was a challenge, let alone doing it on your own. Packing more is indeed very tempting but becomes a pain eventually. Studying on your tablet may not be enough when you need to write an actual essay or work on some websites that may not work as well on tablets. The less, number of utensils, less time it will require to clean. Be sure to tell your bank when and where you are flying so that you will be able to withdraw money from UK ATMs. Packing for study abroad in the UK | The best packing... We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Be sure to check the Home Office’s website before you fly. Maybe I exaggerated a little, but I did pack a lot. Remember that other countries will have different power outlets so you’ll need adapters. You should double-check whether your electronics are equipped to deal with British voltage. It is best to order British cash or traveller’s cheques before you leave your home country. That was actually the first trip where I was tempted to pack more than a carry on bag, and regretted it every day. You can always choose to buy an umbrella when you come to London too of course. Don’t forget to check one in your city. You can buy them from Amazon or any travel or luggage store. Don’t forget to pack a few pairs of comfortable pants and black jeans. While packing, keep in mind that the rooms provided in dorms are small. I need to master that art as well. Moving to study and work in the UK is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming and scary. Unless your university/ college is in a remote destination of the world, remember first week rule. I was a Commonwealth scholarship student in the UK. station at Heathrow and arrive there, the bus I booked online had already a journey I anticipated since long. With multiple journeys after landing, it is not easy to move around with all the luggage unless you have a car picking you up right from the airport and dropping you off at your accommodation. I really felt we need to have a “Practical” one for students based on personal experience rather than all those fancy ones you find on the Internet. All Rights Reserved. The UK uses type G plugs and 230 volts at 50 hertz. Maybe you're creating a Europe packing list or Southeast Asia packing list. Also, you will need your phone if you’re going to look for directions when you’re exploring London or just as safety in case you need to make an emergency call. We’ll break our list down into categories that you can mark off as you go. Even I was allured to pack every bit of my wardrobe. If you think, you have to take more stuff to University, than you can contact these people on Don’t forget to get a nice protective case for it to carry it on the plane. Having the perfectly packed bag is essential for when arriving to a new place jetlagged! gathered my nerves together after a chaotic day, I recalled the tussle I went UK has Pound land or Pound Shop whereas the USA has Dollar Stores. through carrying all the stuff. Then come the courses and univs. Perhaps as I was in distress, that was the perfect time to get the honest list rather than being tempted to add every additional stuff. Twitter. With a change of the train at the main London station, I repeated As you would be needing the clothes according to the current climate, pack only those. Do consider how you would manage all these pieces of luggage in public transport. “Please mind the gap between the train and the platform”. The ability to pack right kind and right amount of clothes is a myth. It’s especially important if you’re studying abroad as you will need it to complete assignments, book flights, and hotels and even to Skype your friends & family.

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