You also may consider journaling. SWEDISH METHOD CONT'D AN ARISE MINISTRIES COLLECTIVE RESOURCE EXPAND CONT'D The list of ways you can expand your study will be based on your time and how deep you are able to get into the passage. • Pray that God would speak to you through His Word. Swedish Bible Study Method (Focus on good Observations) “Light Bulb” should be anything that “shines” through in the passage. What stuck out to you or seemed interesting? • Read a passage. The Swedish Bible Study Method1 What Bible passage are you going to study? Write down one to three in each category. the swedish method of bible study. Begin with prayer. One person reads the passage out loud. Instruct each person to go back over the passage on their own while being on the lookout for three things: A light bulb: This should be something that ‘shines’ from the passage—whatever impacts most, or draws attention. Then read a short Bible passage aloud (10-15 verses is ideal). Anything that shines out in the passage and draws attention. • Pray that God would “seal” in each heart what he wants people to remember and apply. The “Swedish method” of Bible Study. Read the passage on your own and look for three kinds of things. • Spend 10-15 minutes answering these questions (by yourself), if you are in a group, after that time, discuss what you have come up with. Begin by praying, asking God to speak through his word. This might be something significant (facts, details), it might be the way something is … _____ 1. Bible Study: The Swedish Method. If you are studying with someone use these guidelines to direct your discussion and reflection. 2.

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