Then, you need to type your desired text and press the "Translate" button. lu�$���C�/>�� �5�c.N�L�7(��4�G�oQ�v| %%EOF Copying a word from the translated list for a reverse translation can be used to find synonyms and to understand the broader use of the Tamil word in the Sinhala language.

;���؛�J_��J�:S�L� Q�j{���WHKHp���n9�D�r�Ѯ���@��6�U�)9�/�e�Y�q� #����aN�&�-�&*���dl;�ݎ^��D��0�IF��mU��r�p>���Т�TsP�A�2/���C9��6.$a�P˓.D)��#-�øh���U��SPl,4_C툄��;��:�y��r��j���VgQB6*������x��Uf�R�N˒������fe�P�2YFbW���#g��SB��^l華5�����A�;��|��3k��&[I%�ڬ�H! ��G5Vu�hS�B$"A�F�^� #˵U�(���g6�MVn�*�KJ#b]H�c���jg4�f�/��ܨ����Z��sH����{}v]�MX�e��) ����:�����pY�~aD�t+x�B��] k�\�����ͻQ���٠X$�kԒz�@��t�ZG��� 8C��"�Y ��a�ń�8���@3��bA�D�������s�>�$�cq��]=���Oc�ܘ��3�祅��}��Y�h'����b��3�I�V^�[�\�7XBR9[��xX�ʥE>)�r� Tamil lessons, Preschool lessons, alphabet, numbers, colors, fruits, vegetables 66 precise hindi alphabets chart with tamil how are you in tamil some basic words i ilration of the evolution sinhala script why is the tamil alphabet system so diffe from rest lanka news Telugu Alphabet Unciation And LanguageSinhala Alphabet Unciation And LanguageIng S Peace Poem Translated Into Sinhalese IngpeaceSinhala… Continue Reading Tamil And Sinhala Alphabet Chart 16 0 obj <> endobj %PDF-1.3 %���� 0 *!A�N^@�`��/SU�> The dictionary also translates from Tamil to Sinhala. The translation tool support to translate the word, phrase or the paragraph in English to Sinhala and Sinhala to English. �ɛ�4#1 � Tamil to Sinhala Translation provides the most convenient access to online translation service powered by various machine translation engines. 32 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<1E78022FF55CC00A84CE0CF4D7D90D06><2F5BA11DD9E8E043B65D66138B6505A0>]/Index[16 32]/Info 15 0 R/Length 86/Prev 38069/Root 17 0 R/Size 48/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream hޔVms�8�+�x7���Ų�Ng�@�iI3@/�f�����"!���+c^�1FZ�jW��ٵ�b�����)�B�TȢ�)�$G!�J1Ө Language purists may not like it, but these words reflect the contemporary reality of Sinhala and Tamil usage. endstream endobj 17 0 obj <> endobj 18 0 obj <>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 19 0 obj <>stream Type an English word; සම්පූර්ණ වචන ගණන : 26249 Total Number of Sinhalese base words : 26249 சிங்களம் அடிப்படை சொற்கள் மொத்த எண் : 26249.

x��X TS׺>1$��*�ĔDۄ����� `T�U�_���������ɥ�m/���V�g�������^����S ��9�YGo~v��0�[ endstream endobj 20 0 obj <>stream
About Us; If you can't read the text, install Unicode support in your computer. In this paper, a SVM based technique is proposed for word-wise identification of Sinhala, Tamil and English scripts from a single document page. �2[��ɣ���4�Xx����x�! $�� �@�YD� qS�/��_� � �H�, �p#�|�y���}0 x , 47 0 obj <>stream �!�鎬�s�E�^\Lq Tamil to Sinhala translation service by ImTranslator will assist you in getting an instant translation of words, phrases and texts from Tamil to Sinhala and other languages. Sinhala Tamil Dictionary – travel dictionary to translate Sinhala to Tamil displaying a list of words in Tamil. h�bbd``b`�$��C � e�K�� �!v�HJR�b��|���:6u!�n���OrE{I�Z�L�U�@��+s��4Ůۇ66����}V�&D����5�m߱��ȯ�6��%�ޫ��Ȋ�P�EZKC��~���Kx��u�٩�f��'d5�X&H�:l�*�Ev=Β̟�s��_�dø��,��-����\ow������{�\ёb�װXIJӎ\

{�����3��. i$0ZsI�����V0�1L!�$P"��PeI5�,�r��>�^AT.� ��Si�L�H�xF�� ���A��}�Y��7��O�z������(�J���a�DL#�5��48"�ZHD�I�5���F0cp+����*�IA6\��5B_=��J2�@���k�+JW�%�"� ��k:��M�֎��T�N/N�D��k\�+g�*�1�L��)R� x1�w���|P�t����贜�RX�� !��(t����V��*SX�8��c�I� �%b��x�!�%B���UīD��x�x��M����Fb1A� 6��L�A�&f���)�i‹�1�x���2›��g 1��Lx�8�X�����Ɯ��w=γ��ZX?����w�aʟjzB���3�f�ד�O���ux�˳�g������3���iϧ�^ۼ�9�8��N3�ίsg�]0�8�2�yn0��3� |��R�:�n��e�Jh�!p��? wS���/�{�?�`xR�Qsw�ܬ5z%��{�Yѽ�g���if���u���8�z�~G��GZ�9}̐߮4W>��H~�s5'j���s�g����Hњy�?��r�G�U�DX��0 0-��

��X�����P���C!��_��]�S_u�������9��d@�(]��9�&}�;A_��mL;��$7����u��$��oV`�F�(m��Х,)g�oׂ���k$X����uZ'�N��~��IX6y�U���X����aU���Y�a�� ����ő���U:���|�A��-t�^����7���u�G��b0�]ҚZ�^� {������67:���A������������(��lF끀y 4;�@f�b޻��T[��p�Ӂ�f�����!y!j�ڰ�%BL�A��`�o��\E�>˜�Q��Jqn8��� �WY�Y�f����O�l�|���g����6ze��X� ��}\���EH����^?� �s�d0.�I��H�'d�����E���?+���|�+�����(C����%[�,M��R2��l«���|�� >1���X�ea1ɢ$�-�dqj�4��M���\�|��c��YQ�t��8%N�"�T�Ĥ��씈�c|$1�"��qf��g�rq�߯�!�����:����O�O�(>+9&���!b]�Eʁ��7*����H�������[22Ż�e%����$K��.��������,]�|�J�믬z��f�[k,��x��$v����x��"��D��XC,$���� �{�C4W��r��/B�!�[���5 f�'r��?����3�#=�|�UC*��@!���*DŽ�e2�4J��߮�琖� h�b```f``Rg`a` `�g@ ~�rl�z��ac��+� $ @=e�@���"x����+�� ��,�9�B�0���m�� Sinhala/Tamil equivalent to these words, they are definitely here to stay. (An exception perhaps is shirt, for which there is a Sinhala equivalent, kamisaya – also a loan word from an earlier era! You need to select the option of whether English to Sinhala or Sinhala to English from the top main menu.
[���C'Y^�t6��s[k�0�˒Y���k����f�4�`2��Ϋzif%�>1~�*YX�����ލF]iZ�y'r�åK�t��g�e�iU�n҉�3�ꡳ�S�|с�t�r�+Z>�yF�&-+י'%&���,>'������Q�Q��>����X݆�bF"{t�B3� �:

)�Lv?�U��O�v:�=\˕�#�/��Tv$�)7��ME���� .%� �ݗrAU&۰�@�Sk�Ҽ=�HKa:��l��h��l����T3�3R_dM��������t? $��:�E{~�ukf=�樬�s\k�X�c��N&���`�Nh��$G����K4��W���M�a\���p!|j�ׯ�N��&���� �%����q�o���u�B������u܍� L�d�^}�Q���l�`_{�Yŀ���/����ӻ$}{v��G!�ٟ��0Z7ހ��[�!1,@w�bn坞��h��WQn���`�ס?W�K�-��H�V��G66�O��rL�HZ�ja[�Z�k\퇪?‡IcO�;�+F����EY�O�w��/�i6dxsj�\�I�Y7%�ɰ� )�K��3W�� �o$wBNo�1��s���"��}�`��-��I=��#>"�:�@@3��~kOxJ�v�h1��!��h���z��0gܛsN�k��G�{%�����E�-@^�����#�B�;l�B�O)����ʳ�a�s�~�#7�/� �@��˒'j�A2H���ڳ���(�#8����;� ,�/w1��yy�ms �>��h�֧� jҪ���r9�\}�-;�Kݛ&L�΋/^C�%}����F�v�[���Ϥ��(xz�:�=�qs���0�]�G�8�m)�-nw�)�HӇ]}�G`X=��~`tU�\�{�Vξ�gӃM��f��ӯ3L+��&U5����=pe��V8���F R�.

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