Very good review! I want to figure out the best place for it before I bother to go to all that trouble. Braciola. You get knobs for Dry, Up, Sub, and Sub 2 and a three-way switch for Poly, TonePrint, and Classic. But I didn't really go to the trouble of re-ordering my pedal board with it just yet. TC Electronic states on their website that this is the “new leader in pitch-pack. We are going to talk about their Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver – a model which takes all the features found in some of the best octave pedals available at the moment , and adds a whole new dimension of awesome. Is the 'big' version worth it purely for the versatility of having the poly, mono, and TonePrint options? The organ sounds in the on-line demos remind me of my old EQD Organizer, but the Sub'n'up seems even more versatile. I'm in the market for a new octave pedal for a bass-and-drums project I'm starting up, and I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on TC Electronic's Sub 'n' Up against the mini version. It goes FIRST in line; before envelope, wah, comp, volume, fuzz, phaser, dirt, etc. The Sub N Up offers one octave up, one octave below, and two octaves below your input signal. My TC Sub n Up mini tracks just fine and sounds killer. I was recently on a gig with a band where they wanted a ‘little more’ on bass on a […] And the newest kid on the block is the Sub N Up from TC Electronic. I just got the new Sub 'N' Up from TC Electronic, and played around with it for a couple of hours last night. That extra low end really makes an impact! I use it on songs that start soft but have a big hit. The Poly setting, as the name implies, offers clean-tracking polyphonic octaves. I have to say that I agree. TC Sub 'N' Up Octaver! New Octave Pedal! TC Electronic definitely belongs to the latter category, and the pedal we are going to review today is all the proof your will ever need. Fits so nice in the lower right corner of my board. I see me picking one up later this year. If you’re looking for an octave pedal (and don’t care for a 2nd octave up) then the Sub n Up is more versatile because of the individually controllable octave volumes and the tone prints. One of the recent pedal entries for TC Electronic is the Sub ’N’ Up Octaver. It depends on if you’re looking for strictly an octave pedal or an all-in-one pitch shift type pedal. Again, that's an … Reactions: jimijimmyjeffy, Bluesbreaker99 and USMarine75. I grabbed a TC Electronic Sub 'N' Up when it was first released, and it has been an important part of my sound ever since. The Sub 'N' Up is more than a simple octaver too. … Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ... sub; tc electronic; ... That price point is fantastic and I agree with the OP that TC is really stepping up their game the tone print technology is really exceptional.

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