Selling products through the TCGplayer Buylist is limited to parties that can lawfully enter into a contract. It is your responsibility to review the changes and decide if you want to continue to use our service. Players are not allowed to drop ship or sell products they do not physically possess. All Sets Shop Now. TCGplayer reserves the right to reject any offer. In addition, to participate in the Buylist Program a Player must review the program documentation and opt-in to the Buylist Program along with its relevant Terms of Service and submit information such as address, phone number, and payment method details. Buylist prices on TCGP are quite a bit better than retailers like CardKingdom, but I don't want to send the cards and then get screwed because they grade everything down, etc. If you have a Pro Seller by TCGplayer account and are managing your buylist through TCGplayer, you can use the TCGplayer Quicklist Card Scanning Software to remove cards from your Store's Buylist. TCGplayer reserves the right to terminate a Player’s participation in the Buylist at any time for any reason at its sole discretion, with or without notice. In order to receive payments, you must open a "White Label" account provided by Dwolla, Inc. ("Dwolla") and you must accept the Dwolla, . A Player is assigned a Buylist Level, which is used to define the number of open Buylist Offers a Player may have, and place a limit on the number of products as well as value of products for a Buylist Offer. Ship your Buylist Offer to the following address: We’ll receive your Buylist Offer and begin processing it upon arrival at TCGplayer. By participating in the Buylist program, you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions of this agreement. The Player can then choose which products to sell through the Buylist. The employees are incredibly rude and not the brightest bulbs. They should have just binned them. A customer service representative will review this shortly. When a Player's Buylist offer arrives at TCGplayer, it is processed for content and condition integrity. First, you'll need to scan the list of the cards you want to remove. After a Buylist Offer is accepted through our approval process, TCGplayer credits the net proceeds from the Buylist Offer to your payment method. They have a 72 hours rule. Select the Remove From Buylist button on the Manage My Product List page. Typically, you should expect about 60% of the value of the cards you're selling to them back. Minors are not allowed to participate in the Buylist program. and Pokémon so you can keep your inventory up-to-date and offer your customers more from their favorite TCGs. I had about an 80% rate based on condition. Jerrard of the Closed Fist from Legends for . The Site is operated by TCGplayer, Inc. (“TCGplayer”), which reserves the right to make changes to this Player Buylist Agreement at any time. 2. invest in stocks, property, or other ventures in the hope of gain but with the risk of loss. Use the Add Tracking button within the Buylist Offer Details section of your account panel to upload the tracking number for your Buylist Offer as soon as it is available. I recently sent in cards to them it was small like 12 cards, but no issues. Latest Set Shop Now. We will not be liable to Player if we act in accordance with the provisions of this Section. I shipped the cards with Tracking via USPS. The cards are in 100% pristine perfect condition right here in front of me. The only thing that sorta stinks is not every card you want is available, and the prices are sometimes a little off. Use CK instead, I've had nothing but good experience with CK. I'm a big fan of the TCGplayer buylist. Failure to enforce any section of this agreement by TCGplayer does not constitute a waiver of TCGplayer’s right to enforce such section or any other section in the future. Press J to jump to the feed. Once you create your list and push the Submit List button, you'll automatically be redirected to a Manage My Product List page where you can review the list and delete specific items. This must be included with the items you are sending to TCGplayer, so visit your account panel and select the TCGplayer Buylist link, then My Buylist Offers. Should you not have a printer to print the packing slip you may include a hand written note with your name, email address and Buylist Offer number. So I have some old Innistrad/Scars block Magic cards I'm looking to sell that have just been sitting around forever. Question. Use the Print Packing Slip button and make sure you package your cards in the same order they appear on the printed slip. Can anyone share what their experience was like? Once this process is complete, you can then pay the customer for their cards. A customer service representative will review this shortly. How to Export Your Buylist Purchase Orders; How do I set up my store's TCGplayer Buylist? They only ask that your package be postmarked within a week (maybe its 5 days) of your order submission. The Player authorizes that TCGplayer can access their payment method to pay for any return shipping costs. The next day I get an email saying my buylist is past due... like wtf mate. If you are doing TCG buyback just take the cash. Click the Continue button. I liked the bonus store credit value. If you need additional help, refer to Managing Your Lists. Archived. I'm noticing that a few of the buylist offers are quite close to what I could sell on eBay for. I did it Saturday around 11pm and shipped Monday at lunch. You authorize us to share your identity and account data with Dwolla for the purposes of opening and supporting your Dwolla account, and you are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of that data. I wasn't unhappy with my transactions with them but every order they reported several cards missing (even after I took photos of me packing them up) and I did receive only around 60-70% of expected each time. Any funds held in the Dwolla account are held by Dwolla's financial institution partners as set out in the Dwolla, . Can only imagine if you're out of country. Payments will be made in U.S. dollars. Overall it is an incredibly convenient way to offload some cards. 500+ Stores in One Package . I liked the bonus store credit value. It made it there on time this time. Card Kingdom so much easier in that regard. Should the Player's Buylist offer arrive later than 6 days from when it was created, TCGplayer will reprice the offer based on available Buylist market prices and proceed with the process outlined above.

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